Blood cancer treatment in India

Let me tell you a real life story, I live in Delhi, when I was in my teenage I was used to linger around here and there as every kid do. One day my eyes got stuck to an old lady and the reason was her look. The old lady had no hair on her head, after seeing this mind had started to find answers to the question "Why she has no hair on her head?" So not being aware of any other reason, the obvious answer was the fashion trend. But I was not much convinced by the answer and I was very worried as she used to sit on the same bench and cry all day long. I felt very bad for her so one day with a strong intention I went and talked with her.

I asked her why she continuously kept on crying. She answered, “I am suffering from blood cancer”. I did not understand what that disease is? She has also added that it is just because of cancer treatment she is completely bald.

Then I started to meet her on daily basis for the longer period of time and I was curious to know more about her to understand how does she manage all this? I kept on asking more and more question. In one of the answer She told me that cancer hospitals in Delhi are very effective and efficient for blood cancer treatment but as she had to choose the best option which should be economically viable for her she choose cancer hospital granted by government of India, I was happy to know that Indian government is providing such facility to the poor.

As this incident has touched my heart and now I have received a platform, let me try to provide you all the necessary information about blood cancer and its treatment.

Blood cancer is also called as Leukemia.

1300 people in India die because of cancer every day and number is increasing every year. Among 20 cancers affecting Indian population, Leukemia ranked 9th.

Why should you choose India for your blood cancer treatment?

Mr.R Bidwe, one of the best cancer surgeon of the world says Cancer hospitals in India provides the same treatment which is provided abroad and we have many more testimonials repeating the same thing by the renowned cancer specialist surgeon, consultant, patients etc

There are many advantages if you choose cancer hospitals of India for your blood cancer treatment.

  • World class facility: Cancer hospital in India has world class infrastructure. They are constantly expanding their reach and facility to become more effective. Cancer healing facilities in India grabs utmost attention as they are providing this facility at very affordable cost.
  • Affordable treatment cost: Overall cost of Blood cancer treatment in India is very less in comparison with the western developed countries. As the doctors and the facility equipment cost is very less, the same treatment cost 5 times more in US and Uk.
  • Availability of latest technology: India has one of the oldest and reputed research centres for cancer. They are constantly working to provide healthy life to human beings. Cancer hospitals in India also have their private research centres. They do use latest technology advancements for the blood cancer treatments.
  • Treatment delivered by highly experienced doctors: Patients from US and UK sees professionalism into the Indian origin doctors. Indian doctors carry good reputation. They have high experience and knowledge under their umbrella.
  • Best treatment quality: In india you get the best blood cancer treatment as quality of delivering the treatment is high and its economical.

Blood cancer treatment cost in India?

As any cancer treatment is highly expensive so costing of cancer treatment is the very important factor for choosing Cancer facility for blood treatment. So cancer hospital in India is renowned for providing the best cancer treatment in affordable cost in comparison with the western countries. So, middle-class patients of the western countries and patients from the African countries choose cancer hospitals in India for their treatments.

Talking about the costing of blood cancer treatment in India, it varies facility to facility. If you choose and compare same segment hospitals from India and US/UK, India provides same treatment at one-fifth of the cost. The cost of blood cancer treatment in India is around INR 400000 - 600000 but if you need to transplant bone marrow for blood cancer treatment than cost can raise up to INR 1000000.

That number is not the final estimate cost. There is lot more factors which can be added for the cost calculation.

  1. Consultation cost: Oncologist in India takes at least INR 1000 for one consultation but this is highly depended upon the doctors and the hospitals. You get free consultation in public hospitals for blood cancer treatment.
  2. Chemotherapy cost: Usually one chemotherapy cost around INR 30,000-40,000 but in blood cancer treatment doctors recommend cycles of chemotherapy depends upon the type and stage of your cancer. This cost multiplies to the number of cycles.
  3. Radiotherapy: Radiation treatment cost around INR 150000-250000 for one cycle and like chemotherapy doctors recommends number of radiotherapy cycle.
  4. Medication: This includes payments for specific drugs prescribed during your treatment period, such as chemotherapy and drugs to help manage side effects.
  5. Surgery: Cancer surgery in India can cost at least around 2.5 lakh and but it can go as high as around 20lakh. It depends on the stage and facility you are using.
  6. Transportation and travel
  7. Caregiving
  8. Hospital's general expenses like room, food, staff pay etc.

What is blood cancer?

Leukemia or blood cancer is a sub term used to separate the cancer of the lymphatic system (blood and bone marrow).

Highly technical terms, Right? Don’t worry and keep on reading you will get all the answers

To answer the bigger question let me break the question into two parts to understand it in the better way.

Part 1: How blood produce in our body?

Bone marrow is responsible for producing blood in human body. Bone marrow produces all the components Red blood cell/RBC (carries oxygen), white blood cell/WBC (responsible for the immune system) and platelets (form clots to stop blood flow from cut/bruise).
Everyday bone marrow produces billions of blood cells and that much blood cell dies every day. So our body organically maintains supply demand of blood cell in our body.

Part 2: How blood cancer takes place from regular blood formation and circulation?

Blood cancer means abnormal growth in blood-forming tissues (RBV, WBC, platelets) and in actual blood cells.
In leukemia, many White blood cells do not mature normally. These abnormal cells called leukemic cells which are also been called as cancer blood cell. These cause two affects on our body

  • These immature cells are not able to fight infection as the regular one do
  • The other one is they interfere with the production of new blood cell

So, ultimately our body is out of sufficient healthy blood cell for our body’s regular operation, because of this you will patient suffering from bruising, bleeding and infection.

Types of Blood cancer:

  • Leukemia:

    It is a type of cancer that originates in the tissue that forms blood which is bone marrow. Basically, a cell undergoes change and obtains abnormal growth and the normal cell becomes leukemic cell this crowd out or suppresses the normal growth of the normal cell.

    There is different type of leukemia are there

    • Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia
      • It is cancer of bone marrow and blood
      • It is acute so progress rapidly
      • No clear idea about the cause
    • Acute Myeloid Leukemia(AML)
      • It is cancer of bone marrow and blood
      • Basically, it affects mostly to the cells which are not fully developed
      • This type of cancer is still new for the doctors as well as for the researchers so there are much research are going on AML.
    • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
      • It is cancer of bone marrow
      • Mostly found in adults
      • This can grow fast rate as well as slow
  • Lymphoma:

    Lymphoma develops in lymphatic system which is very important part of our immune system. The lymphatic system is consist of the tissues and organ which are responsible for getting rid of waste and other unwanted materials. This basically takes out waste of your body like lymph or used white blood cell.

    Types of lymphoma are as below

    • Hodgkin Lymphoma(HL)
      • One of the most curable cancer
      • This cell crowd normal white cell and our immune system breaks down
    • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL)
      • Generally develops lymph nodes and tissues
      • Abnormal growth of white blood cell at both the place
      • Immune system breaks down
  • Myeloma:

    It is cancer of plasma cells. Plasma cell are responsible for making antibody (antibody is responsible for contracting antigene means alien particles in our body which are responsible for making us sick)

    There are no subtypes for Myeloma.

    • Cancer originates in bone marrow
    • It spread by white blood cell
    • This affects many parts of body as it spreads out with blood
    • It progress slowly and it does not any symptoms

Reasons for Blood Cancer:

  • Leukemia in genes
  • Smocking: this has direct relation with AML
  • Disorders of genes like Down syndrome
  • Blood disorders
  • Exposer of high level of Radiation
  • Exposer to harsh chemicals like benzene
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Chemotherapy drugs

Symptoms of Blood Cancer:

  • Unnatural weight loss
  • Feeling weak
  • Easy bruising and bleed
  • Pain in joints
  • Painless lymph nodes
  • Fever
  • Frequent and repeated Infection
  • Itchy skin
  • Pain in bone
  • Weakness that don't go away with time
  • Swollen stomach

Blood cancer treatment:

Cancer hospitals in India are capable of taking every step to counter blood cancer.

Treatment is highly depended on stage and the type of cancer but mostly there are three blood cancer treatments available:

  • Chemotherapy: It uses specialize drugs to kill cancer cells. It slows down the growth of blood cancer cells in our body. It is also been used with the combination with radiation therapy.
  • Radiation: High-intensity X-rays been used to counter cancer cells. In this x-rays are directed towards to the cancer cells to kill them. This destroys the cancer cells persist.
  • Stem cell transplantation: In this process damaged blood cell are being replaced with the new fresh blood-forming cell which can be extracted from the healthy bone marrow.

Blood cancer survival rate:

5 years survival rate

Men 53.7
Women 49.6
Overall 51.8