Blood cancer treatment in India

Let me tell you a personal experience, I had an Aunt who was bald, when I asked her about it, she never answered me but only smiled at me in a sad manner. Later one day, my Mom told me that my Aunt was a blood cancer patient and due to the treatment process involved, she lost all of her hair. I could not understand it then, but I am now a medical consultant myself and I think I can confidently say that I know all about it.The personal experience only made it that much more relevent to me

Also known as Leukemia , blood cancer is killing approximately three individuals every minute. In 2016 alone, over 9 million people around the world died of leukemia.
This starts at the bone marrow where blood cells are produced. Blood cancer leads to production of abnormal cells which stop the blood from performing its normal functions. As we have the best bone marrow transplant in India they made the blood cancer treatment simple.

Families like us come across one question "where can we find the best treatment?". I am proud to say that blood cancer treatment in India with its largest research base can offer the best treatment for blood cancer. also, Cancer Treatment Cost In India is well known for its affordability. cancer hospitals in Delhi and cancer hospitals in Mumbai are very effective and efficient for blood cancer treatment in India

Now that I have your attention, let me try to provide you ALL the necessary information about blood cancer treatment in India.

Blood cancer treatment:

Cancer hospitals in India are capable of taking every step to counter blood cancer.
Treatment is highly depended on stage and the type of cancer but mostly there are three blood cancer treatments available:

  • Chemotherapy: It uses specialize drugs to kill cancer cells. It slows down the growth of blood cancer cells in our body. It is also been used with the combination with radiation therapy.
  • Radiation: High-intensity X-rays been used to counter cancer cells. In this x-rays are directed towards to the cancer cells to kill them. This destroys the cancer cells persist.
  • Stem cell transplantation: In this process damaged blood cell are being replaced with the new fresh blood-forming cell which can be extracted from the healthy bone marrow. Now a days stem cell therapy in India is curing many chronic diseases and one of them is blood cancer. Here high dose of chemotherapy is given & because of this stem cells are killed as a result of which bone marrow stops working and this is where new stem cells are transplanted into the patients body.

Blood cancer treatment cost in India

The blood cancer treatment cost in India is around INR 4,00000 ($5,908.00) - 6,00000 ($8,862.00) but if you need to transplant bone marrow for blood cancer treatment than cost can raise up to INR 10,00000 ($14770.00) .As any cancer treatment is highly expensive cost is one of is the very important factors for choosing Cancer facility for blood treatment. So hospitals which offer blood cancer treatment in India are renowned for providing the best cancer treatment in affordable costs in comparison to the western countries. So, middle-class patients of the western countries and patients from the African countries prefer cancer hospitals in India for their treatment. In India, there are many hospitals like Adyar Cancer Institute which specialise in cancer treatment cancer hospital in Chennai providing excellent treatment at affordable costs.

Talking about the blood cancer treatment cost in India, it varies from facility to facility. If you choose and compare same segment hospitals from India and US/UK, Blood cancer treatment in India proves that same treatment at one-fifth of the cost is possible.The cost also varies as per how advanced a city is in medical sector. If you are looking for a cancer treatment facility in the southern region of India, then cancer hospital in Hyderabad is a preferred place.

That number is not the final estimate cost. There are lot more factors which need to be considered for the cost calculation.

  1. Consultation cost: Oncologist in India takes at least INR 1000 for one consultation but this is highly depended upon the doctors and the hospitals. You get free consultation in public hospitals for blood cancer treatment.
  2. Chemotherapy cost: Usually one chemotherapy cost around INR 30,000-40,000 but in blood cancer treatment doctors recommend cycles of chemotherapy depends upon the type and stage of your cancer. This cost multiplies to the number of cycles.
  3. Radiotherapy: Radiation treatment cost around INR 150000-250000 for one cycle and like chemotherapy doctors recommends number of radiotherapy cycle.
  4. Medication: This includes payments for specific drugs prescribed during your treatment period, such as chemotherapy and drugs to help manage side effects.
  5. Surgery: Cancer surgery in India can cost at least around 2.5 lakh and but it can go as high as around 20lakh. It depends on the stage and facility you are using.
  6. Transportation and travel:The transportation cost in India is very affordable. It has the largest Railways system in the World making travelling easy as well as affordable. Even domestic airlines are coming with very affordable prices to all the major cities and The Top Clinics for Blood Cancer Treatment In India are located in those top cities.
  7. Hospital's general expenses like room, food, staff pay etc.:Hospitals in India charge very minimal amount of money for providing these services.You can get Premium services at Affordable Prices when compared to Western Nations where hospitals are very costly

Top blood cancer hospitals in India

Talking about India, it is a country of scholars, renowned medical experts and the best engineers in the entire world. Won’t you like to get your treatment done from a country, where you can get the right treatment under the guidance of the best doctors in the world and avail the top-class facilities and services needed for the treatment at affordable prices? Be assured that we are here to help you fight your battle against cancer. You would agree with us on these lines and certainly come to India for your blood cancer treatment after reading the following list of best cancer hospitals in India for blood cancer –

1. Fortis Hospital, Mumbai

Fortis Hospital, Mumbai
  • One of the best blood cancer hospitals in India, that is a part of the big chain of Fortis Hospitals spread across India.
  • A multi-speciality tertiary care hospital that provides 300-bed facility to the patients.
  • The hospital holds JCI accreditation and is more focussed on quality patient care.
  • It provides comprehensive support to the patients and their families along with the best facilities, oncologists and good infrastructure.
  • Also provides blood cancer treatment like stem cell transplantation, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

2. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
  • Tata Hospital was established in 1941 and currently ranks among the best government blood cancer hospitals in India.
  • It is a 600-bed facility and specialises in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
  • First ever cancer hospital to start bone marrow transplant in India with PET scanner.
  • Hosts over 30,000 domestic and international patients each year.
  • Has a separate department for ‘Preventive Oncology’ and about 70% patients are given free treatment for cancer.

3. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi
  • AIIMS was established in 1956 and is a renowned name in healthcare sector.
  • It is one of the best government cancer hospitals in India that provides the patients with a dedicated and experienced team of oncologists and state-of-the-art facilities.
  • The hospital has a separate centre for cancer treatment, Dr. B.R.A. Institute Rotary Cancer hospital that provides radio-diagnostic and radiotherapy machines for treatment purpose.
  • It provides treatment at comparatively lower costs as it is a government hospital.
  • Best blood cancer hospital in India that provides treatment for surgical, medical and radiation oncology.

4. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi
  • The hospital is a part of the Apollo Hospital Chain across India and provides good treatment to the patients.
  • A multi-disciplinary and competent team of doctors and clinical experts along with advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities for radiation and surgical oncology adds to the functionality of the hospital.
  • The special feature of this hospital is the Da Vinci robotic surgical system to perform robotic surgeries for cancer.
  • This is one among the best blood cancer hospital in India,Delhi that offers comprehensive care and treatment for paediatric oncology and blood related disorders.
  • Commonly treated diseases include leukaemia, lymphoma etc.

5. Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore

Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore
  • Kidwai is a research cum cancer treatment government aided hospital that stands second to Tata Memorial Hospital.
  • It has recognition from WHO and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and is a member of Union of International Cancer Control.
  • It provides excellent diagnostic facilities and treatment for blood cancer via radiation therapy, chemotherapy etc.
  • The hospital offers treatment to the poor people in minimal amount or free of cost.
  • It surely is one of the best blood cancer hospitals in India that also provides free medicines, anti-cancer drugs at comparatively cheaper rates and financial assistance to the poor people through various schemes like Kidwai cancer drug foundation, Poor patients welfare fund etc.

6. Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore

Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore
  • A super-speciality hospital with multi-disciplinary approach and a part of the Apollo chain across India
  • Best-in-class cancer care facilities and over 125 surgical and radiation oncologists that help heal blood cancer in an effective way.
  • Comprehensive care provided by a dedicated team of clinical experts and supported by world class infrastructure.
  • The hospital is equipped with modern technology like 64 slice PET CT, Truebeam STX (latest in radiation therapy), Robotic surgeons for minimal invasive surgery and awaited launch of ‘Proton Therapy’.
  • All these factors certainly make this hospital, the best blood cancer hospital in India.

7. Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai

Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai
  • The hospital was established back in 1954 and is a 535-bed comprehensive cancer care facility.
  • It is ranked among the best cancer hospitals in India by WHO and has both national and international stature.
  • It is also bestowed upon with the title, “Centre of Excellence” by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for its high-end clinical expertise and inexpensive treatment.
  • Approximately 15,000 new patients register here while 1,50,000 patients come for follow-up annually.
  • The hospital is a best blood cancer hospitals in India that offers free boarding and lodging to 60% patients, free treatment to 40% patients while others pay minimal amount.

8. Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai

Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai
  • Fortis Malar is an exclusive 180-bed multi-speciality hospital that has state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • The hospital hosts over 10,000 domestic and international patients every year.
  • It specialises in medical and radiation oncology, onco-surgery, haematology, etc.
  • So far, it ranks among the best blood cancer hospitals in India for blood cancer, for it comprises the best haematologists and oncologists across the country that diagnose and heal all the blood related disorders and blood cancers.
  • Also provides with cutting-edge technology and facilities.

9. American Oncological Institute, Hyderabad

American Oncological Institute, Hyderabad
  • A U.S. based Cancer Treatment Services International Institute which has its flagship centre in Hyderabad.
  • The cancer centre provides with integrated cancer care along with highly skilled clinical experts and infrastructure that matches international standards.
  • Ultra-modern imaging and therapy systems in the entire Hyderabad that involve less pain.
  • Well-equipped with latest diagnostic and treatment technologies like 4D PET scanner, MRI, 3D Mammogram, Truebeam, Calypso, Rapid Arc, etc.
  • One of the best cancer hospitals in India for blood cancer treatment.

10. MNJ Institute of Oncology, Hyderabad

MNJ Institute of Oncology, Hyderabad
  • In 1996, the government of India accorded the status of “Regional Cancer Centre” to this hospital.
  • The only tertiary public referral cancer centre in the entire state, making it a best blood cancer hospital in India that provides with 450 beds.
  • Accessible to both domestic as well as international patients.
  • Approximately 600 patients are treated with radiation and chemotherapy every year and poor people are treated for free.
  • With the help of NATCO trust, a ward for paediatric medical oncology has been set up for children suffering from cancer.

Why should you choose India for your blood cancer treatment?

Dr Suresh Advani , one of the best medical oncologists of the world says Cancer hospitals in India provide the same treatment which provided by hospitals abroad. Leukemia statistics in India speak for themselves however there are many testimonials given by doctors, consultants and patients stating that the quality of blood cancer treatment in India is topnotch.

There are many advantages if you choose cancer hospitals of India for your blood cancer treatment.

  • World class facilities: Cancer hospitals in India have world class infrastructure. They are constantly improvising upon their facilities to become more effective. Cancer healing facilities in India grab utmost attention as they are providing all the top notch facilities that the world class hospitals offer.
  • Affordability of the treatment : Overall cost of Blood cancer treatment in India is very less in comparison with the western countries. As the hospitals are highly expenive and the doctors charging huge amounts made the same treatment cost 5 times more in US and Uk.
  • Availability of latest technology: India has one of the oldest and reputed research centres for cancer. They are constantly working to provide better treatment to human beings. Cancer hospitals in India also have their own private research centres. They ensure latest technological advancements for the blood cancer treatment in India.
  • Treatment given by highly experienced doctors: Patients from US and UK say that they see professionalism in the Indian origin doctors. Indian doctors carry good reputation all over the world. They have a lot of experience and knowledge under their umbrella.
  • Only the best quality: In india you get the best blood cancer treatment as Indian hospitals emphasise on providing top quality. You need not worry that its affordability has any side effects upon the quality cause the success rate speaks for itself when it comes to quality

Blood Cancer Survival Rate

Actually speaking, the survival rate depends upon the type and stage of the cancer, age and health of the cancer patient. The death rate or mortality rate in adults is more than in children and young adults. Particularly, the survival rate is seen to be very high, almost 5 years more, in children suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). However, modern technology has played a major role in increasing the survival rates in blood cancer patients significantly.

Relative survival rate is basically, the comparison of survival rate of diseased person with that of person without disease. Here are the most recent survival findings from the year 1960 to 2012 for blood cancers in general and this may not represent the actual outcomes of all the treatment therapies.

Blood cancer survival rate:

5 years survival rate

Men 53.7
Women 49.6
Overall 51.8

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