Colon Cancer Treatment in India

Colon is the lower part of the large intestine which is an integral part of the human’s digestive system. The Large intestine is the combination of cecum, colon, rectum and anal canal. You can see that parts in the diagram given.

  • Cecum is the first section of colon, at first digested food comes from small intestine to this part.
  • Colon is last part of the human digestive system which extracts salt and water from the human waste at the end of the whole digestive process.
  • Rectum is last part of intestine as this will hold digested waste.
  • Canal is the way waste go out of the body.

Cost of Colon Cancer treatment in India

Any cancer treatment cost depends on its type and its stage. Basically, it depends on the complication of the case. But generally, cancer treatment in India is very much affordable in comparison with other developed countries.

Cancer treatment in India is famous for the quality and its affordability. So middle-class patients from the developed countries & patients from africa and south america look india for cancer their cancer treatment.

Cancer treatment cost in India depends on the facility of treatment.

Normally the total cost of colon cancer range between Rupee 400000 to 600000 but the cost can rise up to Rupee 1000000 as per the requirement of treatment.

The number is the estimated cost. In cancer treatment, there are many factors which plays important role for cancer treatment cost.

  • Consultation cost: Oncologist in India charge Rupee 1800 for one consultation but this highly depends on the oncologist you are consulting.
  • Chemotherapy cost: One chemotherapy cycle cost in India cost around Rupee 30000-40000 but here also chemotherapy cost depends on the type and stage of cancer.
  • Radiotherapy: Radiotherapy cost around Rupee 100000-200000 per cycle but this is the cost of private hospital treatment but you can get this treatment at very less cost in government hospital.
  • Surgery: Surgery in India for colon cancer treatment costs around Rupees 2,50,000 to 3,00,000. This cost highly depends on the facility you choose and surgeon who is operating.
  • There is supportive medicinal cost also get included in treatment as now there is an integrative approch used to tackle cancer.
  • Hospitals general expenses like food, stay, staff pay etc.
  • Expense of Caregiving

Early detection is most important factor for cancer treatment and checking for symptoms are the most important thing to do.

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Why is India a preferred destination for Colon cancer treatment?

Medical tourism in India is growing 20 to 25% every year and India is becoming the hub for cancer treatment. Let me discuss some of the most important reasons why people from around the globe are preferring India for their treatment.

  • Cancer treatment in India is known for their world class facility and continuous improvement as per the requirement.
  • As per cancer treatment is concerned in India Dr Suresh Advani is one of the renowned oncologist in Mumbai.
  • The overall cost of cancer treatment is very low compared to other developed countries. Cancer treatment in India costs almost one-fifth of the total cost occurs in developed countries for example: Cancer hospitals in Mumbai.
  • India is privilaged to have best cancer research centers. They are constantly working for making new advancement to cure cancer. Indian hospitals also do not shy away from implementing new advancement.
  • India has highly-renowned and experienced oncologist. Indian doctors carry a very good reputation in the mind of patients from US and UK. You can find the best at Cancer hospitals in Chennai
  • In India, the annual incident rate for colon and rectum cancer are 4.4 and 4.1 for 10000 respectively. In 2014 Colon cancer ranks 8th and rectal cancer ranks 9th among men and for women, rectal cancer does not figure in the top 10 cancers, whereas colon cancer ranks 9th. Many metro city hospitals from Cancer hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore have a high tech diagnose facility.
  • Like Cancer hospitals in Delhi ,Cancer hospitals in Mumbai are well known for its advanced treatment and Mumbai is considered as a major city for cancer treatment.
  • Bangalore is primarily becoming a popular city for cancer treatment due to it being popular as a city using latest technology. Cancer hospitals in Bangalore is popular for being a pioneer in treating all types of cancer with accurate treatment.
  • Hyderabad is also known for providing world-class treatment to cancer patients. American Oncology Institute is one among the best Cancer hospitals in Hyderabad that provide quality treatment at affordable costs.

What is Colon cancer?

colon cancer

Colon Cancer

In simple language let me tell you what cancer is, Cancer is the unnatural growth of cell which ultimately disrupts the functioning of cell development and growth. Colon cancer is simply out of control growth of the cell in the large intestine. In simple form cancer in colon and rectum together is called colorectal cancer(in general they call it colon cancer).

Most of the time growth of colon cancer starts from the inner wall of the large intestine, this is called adenomatous polyps. This tumor is not malignant at first but this transforms into cancer tumor and as we all know tumors are dangerous as they counter normal working of the other cells around. 95% of the time this is the cause of colon cancer.

Global colon cancer statistics: Colon cancer is the 3rd most common cancer in the world. Globally colon cancer accounts for 9% of all cancer. It affects equally both to men and women. People in developed countries are at higher risk.

Colon Cancer Causes

  • Polyps: Colon cancer develops from precancerous polyps most of the time.
  • Hereditary: This cancer highly depend on genetic predisposition of the family
  • Genes – The DNA type: Damaged or DNA mutation can be a cause of colon cancer.
  • Race: Black people also have the highest rate of colon cancer.
  • Physical Inactivity or obesity
  • Nutrition: New research finding shows direct relation between red or processed meat and occurrence of colon cancer
  • Smoking: Smokers are more likely to die than non-smoker because of colon cancer.
  • Data shows that 90% of the patient of colon cancer are over 50.

How is Colon Cancer Diagnosed?

  • If you are concerned about your health, it becomes necessary to consult a physician. If the cancer is suspected, he will prescribe you with lower GI (i.e. lower gastrointestinal series) with the barium enema. It is a kind of X-ray, of colon and rectum, that is given after enema containing barium dye Your doctor may also suggest you go for the colonoscopy. Colonoscopy is a test that confirms the presence of colon cancer and locates any polyps or tumors present in the colon or rectum.
  • At the time of lower GI, any kind of abnormalities will be seen as dark shadow in the X-ray.
  • So colonoscopy is often used to confirm its presence and to remove polyps.

Tests that examine the colon and rectum

  • Physical exam and history: Physical exam of body that checks the sign of health, which includes signs of disease such as lumps. Past history of patient’s health habits and illness.
  • Digital rectal exam: Rectum exam, in this test the staff or the doctor, inserts lubricated, finger glove in the rectum to feel for lumps or anything that seems unusual.
  • Fecal occult blood test: It is a test to check the stool for blood that can be seen only under a microscope. Samples of a small stool are taken on special cards and are taken to the laboratory for further test.
  • Sigmoidoscopy: It is a procedure, in which we can look inside the rectum and sigmoid. Sigmoidoscope is a thin; tube-like instrument with a light and its lens is used for viewing. It is inserted through the rectum in the sigmoid colon. It also has a tool that removes the tissue samples and polyps, that gets checked under the microscope for any leading sign of cancer.

Colon cancer Treatment Procedure

There is mostly 3 types of cancer treatment available for colon cancer

  • Chemotherapy: This is basically medication witch stops and kills the growth of cancer cells. But this therapy has high side effects. Doctor decides the amount and power of chemotherapy depending upon the complication of the case
  • Radiotherapy : In this high-density X-RAYs are imparted over cancer affected area. This is basically used to cure initial stage of cancer. This therapy does not have high side effects.
  • Surgery: Surgery is the removal of cancer tumor from the body. This is the most common treatment for colon cancer, in this the surgen extract tumor out of the body. In this healthy part of colon and rectum also been removed along with cancer affected tumor.

Colon cancer survival rate

5 year survival rate

Stage Survival percentage
Stage 1 92%
Stage 2A 82%
Stage 3A 59%
Stage 4 9%

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