Millions of people are affected with heart attack in every year.

There are surgeries done as precaution for heart attack when blocks are detected in heart arteries. Heart Surgery Cost in India is very efficient & is very advanced when compared to other countries.

Fortis, Apollo and AIIMS are some of the internationally renowned hospitals in India for heart attack treatment.

This site gives you information about heart attack treatment in India, cost and helps to select best hospital in India for heart surgery.

Let’s know what Heart attack is, it is also known as myocardial infraction. Myocardial means forever damage to heart muscle and infraction means death of tissues due to lack of blood supply.

Let’s discuss how heart attack occurs

heart attack

The continuous supply of oxygen rich blood is more essential for heart muscle to nourish. The coronary arteries supply oxygen rich blood. If the coronary arteries are blocked or affected by disease then the arteries don’t supply blood in sufficient amount.

Plaque are formed inside arteries in different sizes with composition of fatty matter, calcium, proteins and inflammatory cells. Plaque are hard on outside and soft on inside. When harder plaques get ruptures, platelets appear and help the blood to clot. If blood clot blocks the artery then the heart muscle lacks the oxygenated blood. Due to this the heart muscle dies, forever. This leads to heart attack.

Symptoms of heart attack:

heart attack

  • Feeling uncomfortable, pain in arm and chest, and pressure
  • Indigestion, heart burn sensation
  • Sweating
  • Feeling extremely weak
  • Irregular heart beats

Some people have heart attack without any symptoms then it is called silent heart attack, which is very common in diabetes patients.

Immediate action after heart attack

After heart attack, immediate treatment is essential for unblocking the arteries. It is best to take treatment whenever you feel the symptoms mentioned above. Waiting for longer time without taking treatment may lead to death.

As soon as you notice the first sight of heart attack, it’s better to call emergency number.

It’s worth knowing that there are tests for diagnosing heart attack. They are:

ECG is also known as electrocardiogram which helps in measuring the amount of damage to the heart muscles.

Blood tests: Blood have some cardiac enzymes that shows or predict the damage of heart muscle. There is an enzyme called troponin, this enzyme detection in blood may indicate heart attack.

Echocardiography: Echocardiography is an imaging test to make note of how heart is pumping blood and the damaged area of the heart.

Cardiac Catheterization: It is also known as cardiac cath. It is used in first hour of the heart attack. It helps doctors in determining which process is needed to unblock the blocked artery.

What are the surgeries for heart attack:

Coronary angioplasty and stenting

Doctors insert a long, thin tube (catheter) that's passed through an artery, usually in your leg, to a blocked artery in your heart. If you have suffered with heart attack, this process is often done immediately after a cardiac catheterization, a procedure used to detect blockages.
This catheter is armed with a special balloon that, once in position, for a short time overblown to open a blocked coronary artery. A metal mesh stent will be implanted into the artery to keep it open for long term, allowing blood flow to the heart.

Coronary artery bypass surgery.

At emergency time doctor prefer for bypass surgery at the time of a heart attack.
Bypass surgery involves injecting needle point into veins in place where a blocked or narrowed coronary artery, allowing blood flow to the heart to bypass the blocked or narrowed section.

Now we see what drugs are used in treatment of heart attack: The drugs are used to avoid blood clots and to stabilize the plaque. Medications should be taken immediately to lessen the damage to the heart.

Normally the drugs used during heart attack are:

  • Intake of Aspirin avoid blood clotting. There are many other antiplatelet drugs like Brilinta, Effient or Plavix.
  • Thrombolytic therapy to dissolve blood clots in heart’s arteries.
  • Some medicines are given after heart attack to lessen the heart working.

Treatment never promises of not having heart attack again. It only lessens the chances of occurring again. There are some steps to be followed personally to avoid further heart attack. Proper medication, changing lifestyle and regular check-ups help in avoiding heart attack.

Here the question rises what type of change in lifestyle?

Here is the solution, we know there is no cure but we can take precautions to avoid next heart attack. The following are:

  • Follow the doctor’s advice and make changes.
  • Quit smoking, control you blood cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure.
  • Do daily exercise, maintain proper body weight and control stress.
heart attack

When again we need to meet the doctor after treatment?
It is the common question everyone has, take doctor appointment for four to six weeks after treatment for heart attack. Doctor will check the progress of recovery.
Call doctor immediately if there are symptoms of chest pain frequently or for long time.

heart attack

Above we have gain lots of information on heart attack. Now we will see selection of hospitals.
Choosing best hospital and country for treatment is the main issue. There are best surgeons and best hospitals all over the world, but hospitals in India are most preferable as they provide world class treatment at affordable cost.

Why India

heart attack

There are many reasons for selecting India for medical treatment like:

  • Cost
  • Amenities
  • Latest technology
  • No waiting time
  • Well trained doctors

Here is the list of top hospitals in India who have best cardiology department:

  • Asian heart hospitals
  • It is one of the best hospitals in Mumbai exclusively for cardiology. It has highly qualified and well trained doctors in cardiology.

  • Fortis Escorts heart institute and research centre
  • It is best hospital in Delhi for heart surgery. It has state of art infrastructure with latest equipment. It has JCI and NABH accreditation. It is world renowned for its excellence in cardiology.

  • M.S. Ramaiah Narayana Heart centre
  • It is a cardiac speciality hospital in Bangalore providing impressive infrastructure and world renowned medical specialist. It provides comprehensive medical solutions to all type of cardiac illness.

    There are many other hospitals in India at major metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Some of them are:
  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Center
  • Address: Rao Saheb Achutrao, Patwardhan Marg, Four Bunglows, Mumbai - 400053, India

  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
  • Address:Delhi Mathura Road, Near Jasola Apollo Metro Station, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi-110076, India

  • Manipal Hospital
  • Address: 98, HAL Airport Road, Bangalore – 560017, India

  • Care Hospitals
  • Address: Road no. 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034, India.

  • Fortis Malar Hospital
  • Address: Fortis Malar Hospital, No. 52, 1st Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600020, India.

The cost of the treatment differs from country to country. Comparing to US and Thailand, India charges very affordable cost. Indian doctors follow effective costing without lessening the quality.

Here is the cost comparison of heart surgeries in between US, India and Thailand.

  • Heart Bypass
    • Thailand: $15,000 (Rs. 960000.00)
    • India: $5,100 (Rs. 326400.00)
    • United States: $1,44,000 (Rs. 9216000.00)
  • Angioplasty
    • Thailand: $4,000 (Rs. 256000.00)
    • India: $3,500 (Rs. 224000.00)
    • United States: $58,000 (Rs. 3712000.00)