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Best Heart Hospital in India

Heart diseases amount for the most number of deaths in India making it necessary for the patient to reach the best heart hospital in India on time. As you may be aware that heart is the most important organ of our body and any issue with it can be critical and may prove fatal for you. Getting timely treatment at the best heart hospital in India can save your loved ones.

Over the years the heart hospitals in India have become highly popular among international patients looking for cardiac treatments as they are sure to find the best possible treatment at an affordable price.

You will be obviously wondering why a heart hospital in India? It's no secret that India is one of the best countries for all kind of medical treatments. It has several multispecialty and super specialty hospitals which cater to all your heart problems.

So, national and international patients prefer opting for heart hospital in India for several reasons such as:

  • You are assured of getting treatment from the best cardiologist in India who is highly experienced and world-acclaimed.
  • The heart hospitals in India have an excellent infrastructure with the latest and advanced technology.
  • The cost of the treatment in India is reasonable and cost-effective when compared to other countries.
  • There is hardly any waiting period for consultation and treatment.
  • Language is not a barrier in India as English is widely spoken.
  • Indians are basically very hospitable by nature due to which patients feel comfortable and welcomed when coming here for treatment
  • Highest success rate of bypass surgery in India

Also, you have the option of getting your treatment done from private or the best government heart hospital in India. These government hospitals are equipped with the state of art medical equipment and have the best cardiologists in India practicing there.

Luckily, all the metro cities have a great medical infrastructure and you can find some of the best heart hospital in the world here. They provide a wide spectrum of treatments related to the heart with the help of the best cardiologist in India.

To help you decide and choose the best heart hospital in India according to your need, preference and location.

We have listed some of the 20 Best Heart Hospitals in India

1. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Center

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Center

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Center (FEHI) is a pioneer in cardiac care and is considered as one of the best heart hospital in Delhi and has earned a name for itself around the world.

The hospital is renowned for its clinical expertise and state of art medical technology for its services in the field of Cardiac Bypass Surgery, Paediatric Cardiology, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Paediatric Cardiac Surgery, Non-invasive Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Electrophysiology and Preventive Cardiology. FEHI has a team of a highly experienced cardiologist in Delhi, dedicated support staff and hi-tech world-class laboratories which together handle over 14500 admission and 7200 emergency cases every year. Dr. Ashok Seth, the chairman of cardiac sciences at Fortis Escorts is considered the no.1 cardiologist in India.

Address: Okhla Road, Opp Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi 110025, India

Prominent features :

  1. JCI and NABH accredited hospital having 285 beds.
  2. Has the latest technology such as X-Matrix Transducers, Doppler Tissue Imaging, 2D Strain Imaging, Automated Endocardial Border Detection, etc.
  3. Have performed several thoracic organ transplants.

Doctors :

  1. Dr. Aparna Jaswal, Cardiologist (specialist in Electrophysiology)
  2. Dr. Ashok Seth, Cardiologist
  3. Dr. Praveer Agarwal, Cardiologist (Interventional)
  4. Dr. Ashok Kumar Omar, Cardiologist (Non-Invasive)
  5. Dr. Surender Nath Khanna, Cardiovascular Surgeon
  6. Dr. Z. S. Meharwal, Cardiac Surgeon

2. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi

Apollo hospitals are one of the largest integrated healthcare groups in India having hospitals all over the sub-continent. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, the flagship hospital of this group is JCI accredited having around 710 beds.

This hospital provides services for 52 specialties but is most famous for its heart institutes due to which it is considered as the best cardiac hospital in India. It has some of the best cardiologist in India practicing here and providing excellent treatment with unmatched records for heart surgeries such as complicated coronary artery bypass operations, infant and neonatal heart surgery and surgery for all types of valvular heart disease. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is considered as one of the sixth best heart hospital in the world for its excellence in providing healthcare of international standards with human touch at affordable prices.

Address: Sarita Vihar, Mathura Road, New Delhi, Delhi, 110076, India

Prominent features :

  1. Beating heart surgeries are provided in more than 95% of cases as it ensures quicker post operative recovery and is less taxing on the body.
  2. Apollo which has the top cardiologist in Delhi has pioneered Laser Angioplasty and Coronary Artery Stenting.
  3. They excel in advanced techniques like Percutaneous Transluminal Septal Myocardial Ablation.

Doctors :

  1. Dr. Anoop K. Ganjoo, Cardiologist (Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery)
  2. Dr. Amit Mittal, Cardiologist (Interventional)
  3. Dr. K.K. Kapoor, Cardiologist (Non-Invasive)
  4. Dr. Arif Wahab, Cardiologist (Interventional)
  5. Dr. Bhaba Nanda Das, Cardio Thoracic Surgeon
  6. Dr. K. K. Saxena, Cardiologist (Interventional)

3. Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket is a 500 bed leading hospital offering excellent healthcare at fraction of international price. Max Institute of Heart and Vascular Sciences attract people from far and wide as it is considered the best heart hospital in Delhi by many.

It is a one stop destination for all kinds of heart ailments such as pulmonary heart failure, congenital heart disease, heart defects and coronary artery diseases.Max has a team of the best cardiac surgeon in India who are expert in providing treatments such as heart transplant, ECMO, LVAD to end-stage heart-failure patients. You can find some of the top 10 cardiologist in Delhi at Max.

Address: Press Enclave Road, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017, India

Prominent features :

  1. Advanced diagnostic services such as 256Slice Phillips Brilliance CT scanner, 3 Tesla
  2. Air evacuation service and advanced cardiac life support ambulances
  3. Heart transplant patients are given assistance in all legal and medical facilities.

Doctors :

  1. Dr. K. K. Talwar, Cardiologist
  2. Dr. Rajiv Agarwal, Cardiologist
  3. Dr. Vanita Arora, Cardiologist (Electrophysiologist & Interventional)
  4. Dr. Arvind Das, Cardiolodist (Coronary/ Non Coronary Intervention)
  5. Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar, Cardiologist (Paediatric Cardiac Surgery)
  6. Dr. Ripen Gupta, Cardiologist

4. BLK Super Speciality Hospital

BLK Super Speciality Hospital

BLK Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi is a 650 bed private hospital having 125 bed exclusively dedicated to critical care.

It provides comprehensive treatment for all cardiac problems making it the best heart hospital for proper management of patients with cardiovascular diseases, the hospital has adopted the Heart Team approach wherein the cardiologist, physician, intensivists, intensive care experts and the best heart surgeon in India work together to provide a positive outcome. BLK Hospital is recognized the world over for its work in the field of Coronary Bypass Surgery, Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery, Total Arterial Grafting, Interventional Cardiac procedures,Complex Congenital Cardiac Surgery, Surgery for Aneurysm including Endovascular and Hybrid procedures, etc.

Address: Pusa Road, Rajinder Nagar, Prasad Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110005, India

Prominent features :

  1. Heart Failure Clinic at BLK Hospital educates and counsel patients with heart failure on how to improve their quality of life and stabilize their symptoms.
  2. Have the latest machines and instruments like 2D/3D TEE (Transesophageal Echocardiography), contrast 2D Echo/TEE, 2D/3D Echo, Color Doppler, etc.
  3. Critical Care Cardiology is equipped to provide 24/7 emergency services to critical heart patients.

Doctors :

  1. Dr. Ajay Kaul, Cardiologist (Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery)
  2. Dr. Subhash Chandra, Cardiologist
  3. Dr. Neeraj Bhalla, Cardiologist (Complex Interventional)
  4. Dr. Shahid Mandi, Cardiologist
  5. Dr. Sanjeev Gera, Cardiologist (Non-Invasive)
  6. Dr. Sushant Srivastava, Cardiologist (Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery)

5. Artemis Hospital, Delhi

Artemis Hospital, Delhi

Artemis Hospital situated in Gurgaon is a 380 bed multi specialty hospital. This ultra modern hospital provides the latest research oriented procedures at affordable prices making it a preferred destination for healthcare for people in and around Delhi NCR.

The Artemis Heart Centre is renowned for comprehensive cardiac care under the guidance of the best heart specialist in India and sophisticated technology. This heart hospital in Delhi NCR provides treatment for coronary artery bypass grafting, valvular heart disease, correction of congenital heart disease, etc.

Address: Sector 51, Gurgaon 122001, India

Prominent features :

  1. JCI and NABH accreditation
  2. State of art cardiac catheterization lab
  3. Separate department for treatment of babies with congenital cardiac disorder

Doctors :

  1. Dr. (Col) Manjinder Sandhu, Cardiologist
  2. Dr. Akhil Govil, Cardiologist (Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery)
  3. Dr. Amit Bhushan Sharma, Cardiologist
  4. Dr. Viresh Mahajan, Cardiologist (Paediatric)
  5. Dr. Raja Joshi, Cardiologist (Paediatric Cardiac Surgery)
  6. Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Cardiologist (Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery)

6. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi

AIIMS is a premier government medical institute providing treatment for several clinical departments.

The hospital has 200 beds exclusively for cardiology and cardiovascular surgery with seven fully equipped operating rooms dedicated for the cardiovascular surgical procedure. Some of the best cardiologist in India is available here for treatment making it the best government heart hospital in India.

Address: Ansasri Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110029, India

Prominent features :

  1. Two ICU units are exclusively assigned for cardiology patients
  2. This centre has various departments like cardiac biochemistry, ORBO and stem cell, radiology, nuclear medicine, etc.
  3. The hospital has excellent diagnostic equipment like 3-D and fetal echocardiography, transesophageal, Holter recording, echocardiography, etc.

Doctors :

  1. Dr. Vinay Kumar Bahl, Cardiologist
  2. Dr. Shyam Sunder Kothari, Cardiologist
  3. Dr. Anita Saxena, Cardiologist
  4. Dr. Kewal Chand Goswami, Cardiologist
  5. Dr. Nitish Naik, Cardiologist
  6. Dr. RajnishJuneja, Cardiologist

7. Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai

Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai

Asian Heart Institute, the best heart hospital in India provides top-notch cardiac care having an overall success rate of 99.4% in cardiac surgeries and 99.83% in bypass surgeries.

It is counted among the best cardiologist hospital in India by medical tourist as well as domestic patients for ethical practice, quality care, experienced medical professionals and competitive prices. The hospital excels in providing cardiac surgery like bypass surgery using arterial grafts, valve surgery, heart transplant, pediatric cardiac surgery, pacemaker and device implant, etc.

Address: G/N Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai 400051, India

Prominent features :

  1. It is JCI, NIAHO and ISO accredited hospital
  2. Has the best cardiologist in India practicing here supported with advanced medical technology and dedicated and experienced technicians and staff.
  3. They are pioneers in Robotic Surgery in Western India.

Doctors :

  1. Dr. Ramakanta Panda, Cardiologist (Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgeon)
  2. Dr. Pradyot Kumar Rath, Cardiologist (Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgeon)
  3. Dr. Tilak Suvarna, Cardiologist (Interventional)
  4. Dr. Nilesh Gautam, Cardiologist (Interventional)
  5. Dr. Santosh Kumar Dora, Cardiologist (Cardiac Electro Physiologist)
  6. Dr. Vijay D'Silva, Cardiologist (Intensivist)

8. The Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central

The Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central

The Wockhardt Hospital at Mumbai Central, Mumbai is a JCI accredited hospital that is centrally located and easily accessible by patients from in and around Mumbai.

Since its inception in 1990, it has successfully treated thousands of heart patients and is considered the most preferred destination for national and international patients. The hospital has a team of best heart doctors who with their skill, precision and proficiency provide excellent cardiac care making it the best heart hospital in Mumbai.

Address: Dr. Anand Rao Nair Road, Near Agripada Police Station, Mumbai Central East, Mumbai 400011, India

Prominent features :

  1. Specializes in procedures such as cardiac pacemaker, heart valve surgery, vascular surgery, coronary artery bypass grafting surgery, pediatric surgery, etc.
  2. ICCA system for patient data retrieval by doctor's anywhere in Mumbai
  3. Fully wireless hospital

Doctors :

  1. Dr. ChirantanMangukia, Cardiologist (Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery)
  2. Dr. AchyutKhandekar, Cardiologist (Interventional Cardiology)
  3. Dr. Abhijeet Naik, Cardiologist (Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon)
  4. Dr. Prasanna Ratnakar Salvi, Cardiologist (Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiology and Intensivist)
  5. Dr. Tilak K. Lall, Cardiologist
  6. Dr. Manish Garg, Cardiologist (Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery)

9. Fortis Hospital, Mulund

Fortis Hospital, Mulund

Fortis Hospital, Mulund is a JCI and NABH accredited multi-specialty tertiary care hospital providing a range of treatment services. The hospital is a part of the chain of hospitals which falls under the Fortis Healthcare Limited which specializes in cardiology and cardiac surgery.

The cardiology department is manned by the best cardiologist in India who with the help of advanced technology provides Interventional Cardiology, Non-invasive cardiology, Pediatric Cardiology and Electrophysiology. The Fortis Hospital, Mulund is counted among the best heart hospital in India due to excellent infrastructure, the team of best heart surgeon in India and patient-centric approach.

Address: Mulund Goregaon Link Road, Mulund West, Mumbai 400078, India

Prominent features :

  1. Pediatric division of the hospital treats cardiac issues in new-born and fetuses.
  2. Range of treatment like balloon angioplasty, stent grafts, open surgical reconstructions, by-pass surgery, etc are offered to patients
  3. They offer treatments and therapies like defibrillators, ablations for supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), pacemakers, amongst others.

Doctors :

  1. Dr. AmeyaUdyavar, Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist
  2. Dr. Atul Limaye, Cardiologist
  3. Dr. HasmukhRavat, Cardiologist (Interventional)
  4. Dr. Purushottam Kale, Cardiologist (Interventional)
  5. Dr. AnvayMulay, Cardiologist (Cardio Thoracic and Vascular surgery)
  6. Dr. Harin Vyas, Cardiologist

10. Bombay Hospital

Bombay Hospital

In 1950 Bombay Hospital was established by Shri Rameshwardasji Birla who was the Founder Chairman of Bombay Hospital Trust. The hospital has 725 beds which include 141 beds in critical care and recovery area.

The department of cardiology has been in service since 1950 and the first open heart surgery in non-government was performed in 1962 and over the year it has grown to be the best cardiologist hospital in India. The department has some of the top cardiac-surgeons in Mumbai many of them being eminent in the field of cardiology. Dr. B. K. Goyal, one of the top 10 heart doctors in India also practices here.

Address: AnandilalPodar Marg, Marine Lines, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020, India

Prominent features :

  1. Most advanced echo machine, color Doppler, Holter monitoring and treadmill.
  2. For final diagnosis of cardiac status PET Scan and Thallium Stress Test is available
  3. Four ultra-modern operation theatres exclusively dedicated for Cardiac surgeries.

Doctors :

  1. Dr. B. K. Goyal, Cardiologist (Interventional)
  2. Dr. E. D. Borges, Cardiologist (Interventional)
  3. Dr. R. G. Goyal, Cardiologist (Non-Invasive)
  4. Dr. S. Bhattacharyya, Cardiologist (Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgery)
  5. Dr. D. S. Saksena, Cardiologist (Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgery)
  6. Dr. A. C. Pereira, Cardiologist (Interventional)

11. Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, the iconic healthcare institution since 1950 offers services in 55 specialty department. This 350 bed hospital houses technologically latest systems, and ultra-modern departments.

The hospital offers state of art treatment for heart conditions and the well-equipped, sophisticated Catheterization Lab manned by highly experienced faculty provides round the clock Interventional Cardiac Services. The hospital is recognized as the leading heart hospital in India for its perfect blend of aesthetic ambiance and clinical excellence. The Heart Institute has a team of best cardiologist in India who offer plethora cardiac services such as Interventional, Non-Invasive and diagnostic services.

Address: S. V. Road, Vile Parle West, Mumbai 400056, India

Prominent features :

  1. PET CT - 64 slice Positron Emission Tomography Computed Tomography with cardiac capability.
  2. AlluraXper FD 10 System having excellent features like swing camera, big screen and dose reduction.
  3. Complex cardiac procedures routinely performed by the best cardiologist in worldsuch as Permanent Pacemaker Implantation, Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (AICD), Cardiac Resynchronization, Mitral-Valvuloplasties, etc.

Doctors :

  1. Dr. Abhishek Laxman Wadkar, Cardiologist
  2. Dr. Brian Pinto, Cardiologist
  3. Dr. Hemant Pathare, Cardiologist (Surgeon)
  4. Dr. PrarthaSarathi, Cardiologist (Surgeon)
  5. Dr. Akshay Mehta, Cardiologist
  6. Dr. Nand Kumar, Cardiologist (Surgeon)

12. Sir J. J. Group of Hospital

Sir J. J. Group of Hospital

Sir J. J. Group of Hospital in Mumbai is the largest referral hospital in Maharashtra which attracts patients from all over the country. It being a government hospital provides free services to all the patients making it one of the busiest hospitals in Mumbai.

The super specialty department of Cardiology and Cardiothoracic surgery strives to provide the best treatment with a positive outcome to patients with heart ailments. For many, it is considered the best government heart hospital in India having the most advanced medical equipment and top heart doctors in Mumbai practicing here.

Address: J J Marg, Nagpada-Mumbai Central, Off Jijabhoy Road, Mumbai 400008, India

Prominent features :

  1. Four ultra-modern Echocardiography units with specialized transesophageal probes for complete ECHO evaluation.
  2. The ICU works round the clock free of cost
  3. BPL category patients undergo expensive treatments free of cost under the various government scheme especially Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayi Yojana.

Doctors :

  1. Dr. N. O. Bansal, Cardiologist
  2. Dr. Anil Kumar, Cardiologist
  3. Dr. Rajesh Rajani, Cardiologist
  4. Dr. Mayur Jain, Cardiologist
  5. Dr. Bhanu Kapoor, Cardiologist
  6. Dr. Kalyan Munde, Cardiologist

13. Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

Manipal Hospital on HAL Airport Road is a top quaternary care multi super specialty centre with 56 specialties. Manipal Hospitals are a group of 15 hospitals across the country which deliver quality healthcare at affordable cost.

Manipal Heart Institute is a comprehensive cardiac center having the best cardiologist in India representing all the sub-specialty related to heart and vascular medicine. It is one of the largest heart institutes in Asia catering to domestic and international clientele. The success rate is on par with the leading hospitals in the world thus making it the best heart hospital in India.

Address: HAL Airport Road, Kodihalli, Bangalore, Karnataka 560017, India

Prominent features :

  1. Four ultra modern cardiac operation theatres
  2. Advanced digital Light speed CT scan which can scan the heart in five seconds.
  3. Separate division for nuclear cardiology

Doctors :

  1. Dr. Anand R. Shenoy, Cardiologist
  2. Dr. Chakrapani B. S, Cardiologist
  3. Dr. Devananda N. S, Cardiologist
  4. Dr. Gangadhar T. B, Cardiologist
  5. Dr. Maitri Chaudhuri, Cardiologist
  6. Dr. K. S. S. Bhat, Cardiologist

14. Fortis Hospital, Banerghatta Road Bangalore

Fortis Hospital, Banerghatta Road Bangalore

The Fortis Hospital located at Banerghatta Road is a leading 276 bed multi specialty hospital which specializes in superior medical technology and excellent patient care services.

The hospital is ranked as the best heart hospital in Bangalore for its cutting edge treatment and procedures and dedicated and experienced support staff and technicians. The hospital has some of the best cardiologist in Bangalore practicing here and even India's no 1 cardiovascular surgeon and his team provides solution with a positive outcome for cardiac tamponade, coronary aneurysm, haemothorax, etc.

Address: Bannerghatta Road, Opposite IIM-B, Bangalore, Karnataka 560076, India

Prominent features :

  1. The best cardiologist in India provides trans-abdominal cardiac surgery, trans-radial angioplasty and computerized TKR navigation surgery.
  2. Cardiac rehabilitation program for patients recovering from cardiac disorders.
  3. Has the latest diagnostic and investigation facility available like Stress test, 2D-Echo, echocardiography, etc.

Doctors :

  1. Dr. Joseph Xavier, Cardiologist (Adult and Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon)
  2. Dr. KN Srinivasan, Cardiologist (Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon)
  3. Dr. Rajpal Singh RL, Cardiologist (Interventional Cardiologist)
  4. Dr. Satish Govind, Cardiologist (Non-Invasive Cardiology)
  5. Dr. VivekJawali, Cardiologist (Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgeon)
  6. Dr. Shashidhar, Cardiologist (interventional and Electrophysiologist)

15. Sri Jayadeva Institute Of Cardiovascular Sciences And Research, Bangalore

Sri Jayadeva Institute Of Cardiovascular Sciences And Research, Bangalore

Greenview Medical Center is a unit of Greenview Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. It is a 55 bedded multi-speciality hospital with all the required medical facilities. All modern amenities are available to make a patient feel comfortable.

The hospital is backed by a line of well qualified, experienced and reputed consultants and other professionals. Patient care is delivered all round-the-clock by well trained nurses and doctors. The Center is very well furnished & well positioned to deliver a sustainable end-to-end & 24/7 medical service.

Address: Jayanagar 9th Block, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560069, India

Prominent features :

  1. The faculty consists of best cardiologist in India, cardiothoracic surgeon with qualified ancillary staff.
  2. The hospital has 7operation theatres, 7 Cath labs and non-invasive laboratories.
  3. This NABH accredited hospital provides treatment to 1200-1400 patients everyday and around 40000 in-patients are treated annually.

Doctors :

  1. Dr. C. N Manjunath, Cardiologist
  2. Dr. S. Shankar, Cardiologist
  3. Dr. GiridharKamalapurkar, Cardiologist (Cardio Thoracic Surgeon)
  4. Dr. Jayaranganath M, Cardiologist (Pediatric Cardiology)
  5. Dr. K. H. Srinivas, Cardiologist
  6. Dr. P. S Seetharma Bhat, Cardiologist (Cardio Thoracic Surgeon)

16. Fortis Malar, Chennai

Fortis Malar, Chennai

Fortis Malar, a multi super specialty hospital provides comprehensive medical care in various specialties such as cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, nephrology, neurology, gynecology, etc.

For their exemplary work in the cardiac care, they are considered one of the leading heart hospitals in India. The clinical team includes the best cardiologist in Chennai, cardiothoracic surgeons, anesthetists and electro physiologists who strive to offer innovative and advance treatment.

Address: 1st Main Road,Gandhi Nagar, Adyar,Chennai 600 020, India

Prominent features :

  1. 64 slice CT scan, 3D- ECHO cardiography with Color Doppler
  2. Separate units for Heart Failure and Heart and Lung Transplant
  3. 24/7 Cardiac Ambulance Services

Doctors :

  1. Dr. K R Balakrishnan, Cardiologist (Cardiothoracic and Transplant Surgeon)
  2. Dr. Srinath Vijayashekaran, Cardiologist (Cardiothoracic Surgeon)
  3. Dr. G. Manohar, Cardiologist (Interventional)
  4. Dr. Sanjay Agrawal, Cardiologist (Interventional)
  5. Dr. V K Swamy, Cardiologist (Pediatric Cardiologist)
  6. Dr. Arun Narayanan, Cardiologist (Pediatric Interventional)

17. Apollo Hospital, Greams Lane

Apollo Hospital, Greams Lane

Apollo Hospital at Greams Lane is the flagship hospital of the Apollo Groups of Hospitals which is regarded as one of the most reputed hospitals in the world for its superior technology and high clinical success rates.

It is highly popular among patients with heart ailments making it the best heart hospital in India. The Centres of Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery at the hospital is a pioneer in providing open heart surgeries and cardiac catheterization. The hospital has a team of the best cardiologist in India who constantly upgrade contemporary expertise with continual education, training and clinical practice. Some of the doctors in the team are among the top 10 cardiac surgeons in India.

Address: Greams Lane, Off Greams Road, Chennai 600006, India

Prominent features :

  1. A minimally invasive procedure, TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement) is available for patients having moderate to high surgical risks.
  2. Sophisticated and advanced equipment used
  3. JCI accredited hospital having more than 60 departments

Doctors :

  1. Dr. Abraham Oomman, Cardiologist
  2. Dr. Dillip Kumar Mishra, Cardiologist (Cardio Thoracic Surgeon)
  3. Dr. Asha Mahilmaran, Cardiologist
  4. Dr. Girinath M R, Cardiologist (Cardio Thoracic Surgeon)
  5. Dr. Karthigesan A M, Cardiologist (Cardiac Electrophysiologist)
  6. Dr. Y. Vijaychandra Reddy, Cardiologist (Interventional)

18. Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai

Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai

Gleneagles Global Health City in Chennai is spread over 21 acres making it the largest facility of Gleneagles Hospitals in the country with 1000 beds. Excellent infrastructure, advanced healthcare and dedicated staff are the USP of the hospital.

The department of Cardiology offers superior cardiac services for all type of cardiac diseases. This hospital is one of the most reputed heart hospitals in India visited by patient all over the globe. The hospital has a team of doctors which include the best cardiac surgeon in India, cardiologists and physicians who relentlessly strive to provide a successful outcome for cardiology procedure.

Address: Cheran Nagar, Perumbakkam, Chennai 600100, Tamil Nadu, India

Prominent features :

  1. Provides various treatments for cardiac diseases such as Heart Arrhythmia, Acute Coronary Syndrome, Aortic Valve, Coronary Artery Disease, etc.
  2. High success rate in minimally invasive cardiac surgery, beating heart surgery, thoracoscopic surgery etc.
  3. Compassionate and collaborative care and transparency help patient in decision making.

Doctors :

  1. Dr.Ravi Kumar, Cardiologist
  2. Dr. Sunil Kumar, Cardiac Surgeon
  3. Dr. Susan George, Cardiologist
  4. Dr. Akshay Sharma, Cardiac Surgeon
  5. Dr. Prabhat Dutta, Cardiologist
  6. Dr. Govini Balasubramani, Cardiac Surgeon

19. Apollo Health City, Hyderabad

Apollo Health City, Hyderabad

Apollo Health City, the 350 bed multi specialty hospital covers an entire spectrum of diseases from illness to wellness.

The Institute for Heart at the hospital is equipped to perform all the critical surgical cardiac procedures and provide comprehensive cardiac care with a human touch making it the best heart hospital in India. All types of heart surgeries from a heart transplant to neonatal open heart surgeries are performed by the best cardiac surgeon in India with excellent results. The hospital is in demand among international patients as it is counted among the best heart hospital in the world.

Address: Road No 72, Opp. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School, Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500033, India

Prominent features :

  1. Pediatric cardiology department offers treatment such as Permembranous VSD Device Closure, Arterial switch operation in children with TGA, unifocalization in children with VSD pulmonary atresia, etcfor premature babies and neonatal.
  2. The success rate for non-surgical and surgical procedures is 98.5%
  3. The hospital has the best cardiologist in Hyderabad who was the first to offer mammary artery grafts in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Doctors :

  1. Dr. P. S. Rao, Cardiologist
  2. Dr. Vijay Dikshit, Cardiologist (Cardio Thoracic Surgery)
  3. Dr. Sanjeev. K. Khulbey, Cardiologist (Cardio Thoracic Surgery)
  4. Dr. Girish Warrier, Cardiologist (Pediatric Cardiac Surgery)
  5. Dr. Kavitha Chintala, Cardiologist (Pediatric Cardiologist)
  6. Dr. P. C. Rath, Cardiologist

20. Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Kolkata

Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Kolkata

Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences is one of the best heart hospitals in India having a team of the best cardiologist in India and cardio thoracic surgeons who are dedicated to providing the most advanced cardiac services to patients at affordable cost.

The hospital is NABH accredited having an excellent infrastructure with world-class operation theatres, cath labs and some of the renowned cardiologist listed among the top 10 heart doctors in India.

Address: Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Premises No: 1489, Mukundapur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700099, India

Prominent features :

  1. Most amounts of complex adult and pediatric cardiac surgeries in Eastern India are performed here.
  2. Pioneer in providing IVUs guided Angioplasty

  3. Provides various procedures such as ROSS, Aneurysm Repairs, Endovascular Interventions, Valve Repairs, etc.

Doctors :

  1. Dr. Abhijit Chatterjee, Cardiologist
  2. Dr. Arup Kumar Ghosh, Cardiac Surgery
  3. Dr. AtanuSaha, Cardiac Surgery
  4. Dr. Amitabha Chattopadhyay, Pediatric Cardiologist
  5. Dr. Debasis Das, Cardiologist (Pediatric Cardiac Surgery)
  6. Dr. Kumar Niranjan, Cardiologist (Pediatric Cardiac Surgery)

21. Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital (ABMH), Pune

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital (ABMH), Pune

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital (ABMH) is a multi-specialty hospital with JCI accreditation and the first hospital in India to be HACCP and ISO: 22000:2005 certified.

This 500 bed hospital offers excellent cost-effective cardiac treatment and is known as the best heart hospital in India having 152 ICU beds, flat panel Cath lab, sophisticated medical technology and the best cardiologist in India practicing here.

Address: Aditya Birla Marg, Chinchwad, Pune 411033, India

Prominent features :

  1. For complex arrhythmias 3D mapping and RF ablation is available

  2. Holter monitoring and Ambulatory BP monitoring systems are available

  3. Interventional pediatric cardiology offers ASD/VSD and PDA treatment

Doctors :

  1. Dr. Annapurna Kalia, Cardiologist
  2. Dr. M. S. Hiremath, Cardiologist
  3. Dr. SamithChouta, Cardiologist
  4. Dr. Pankaj Sugaonkar, Cardiologist
  5. Dr. Rajendra V. Patil, Cardiologist
  6. Dr. Rajesh Badani, Cardiologist

Heart Surgery Cost in India

Heart surgery cost in India is comparatively highly affordable and economical when compared to other countries. It is considered as one of the most affordable destinations for Heart or cardiovascular diseases. Heart surgery cost in India is approximately 80% less than what is being offered in the USA for the same quality of treatment.

Normally, the cost of heart surgery in India is around $1500 - $3000 whereas in the US, normal heart surgery ranges from $30,000 – $1,00,000 & more. According to the American Heart Association, plaque removal from an artery costs as less as $30,588, heart bypass surgery costs around $117,094 and heart valve replacement cost around of $164,238.

Actually, the cost of heart surgery in India depends upon various factors like:

  • Age of the patient
  • Type of surgery
  • Cost of implants
  • Technique used
  • Surgeon's fee
  • Typical Cost of living of the geographical areas
  • Other Hospital charges and medical tests
  • Insurance coverage

If you are covered with health insurance then you don’t need to think about the heart surgery cost in India, as it is totally depended upon your health insurance contract. You need to make if your health insurance provide coverage in India sure how much are they going to pay & for which surgery your health Insurance covers.

Generally, the heart surgery cost in India is provided in the form of packages. These packages include hospital charges, doctor's fee, medication, etc and the final cost may vary depending on how critical is the condition of the patient.

There are many cities in India that provide heart treatments: cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata etc are some of the most preferred cities for Best Heart Treatment in India.

Obviously, you may want to know the approximate heart surgery cost in India. However, there are various treatments which fall under cardiovascular diseases and the costing for each surgery is different.

Heart surgery cost in India for different cardiac problems are given below:

Procedure The USA ($) The UK ($) India ($)
Angioplasty $25,000 - $30,000 $20,000 - $30,000 $2500 - $3000
Open Heart surgery $90,000 - $2,00,000 $55,000 - $70,000 $7500 - $10,000
Bypass surgery $70,000 - $2,00,000 $30,000 - $50,000 $2500 - $7000
Aneurysm Repair $25,000 - $30,000 $26,000 - $35,000 $7000 - $10,000
Heart Transplant $1.2 Million $12,00,000 - $15,00,000 $25,000 - $40,000

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Types Of Heart Surgery In India

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) CABG is the most common type of heart surgery which is used to improve the blood flow to the heart. Cardiac heart disease (CHD) is a disease in which waxy and oily substance sticks to the inner walls of the arteries, these are the arteries which supply blood rich in oxygen to the heart from the lungs and then the heart pumps it to other parts of the body. Overa period of timethe wax gets harden inside and may rupture the arteries. Also, the harden wax narrows your veins diameter and puts pressure on your heart which leads to chest pain. And in case harden wax (plaque) ruptures the vein then a blood clot can form near the ruptured area. If the clot is too large then it could partially or completely block the vein or artery. In Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting, a healthy artery or vein is grafted in the place of the blocked vein or artery, ultimately creating a new path for the oxygen rich blood to flow through the heart.
  • Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization (TMR) TMR is another type of heart surgery in India which is used to treat angina. TMR procedure is often used as the heart surgery when no other treatment provides result. If you have undergone some other treatment in the past and can't have another one then in that case TMR might be the option.The TMR heart surgery in India may help the heart to grow new tiny blood vessels through which blood rich in oxygen may flow into the heart muscle, which may help in relieving the angina.
  • Heart Valve Repair or Replacement For the heart to function well, blood must stream in just a single way. And this task is done by the heart valves. Healthy valves of the heart systematically open and closes to pump the blood. There is prearrangement of flaps in each valve called leaflets. The flaps open to enable blood to go from one heart chamber into another or into the courses. At that point, the leaflets close firmly to prevent blood from streaming in reverse. Heart surgery is utilized to settle flaps/ leaflets that don't open as wide as they should. This can happen in the event that they turn out to be thick or hardened or intertwine. Due to which insufficient blood moves through the valve. Heart surgery is additionally utilized to correct leaflets that don't close firmly. This issue can make blood flow backward into the heart chambers, as opposed to just pushing ahead into the veins as it should. To settle these issues, specialists either repair the valve or change it with a man-made or natural valve. Natural valves are produced using pig, cow, or human heart tissue and may have man-made parts too.
  • Arrhythmia Treatment An arrhythmia (ah-RITH-me-ah) is an issue with the rate of the pulse. In arrhythmia, thumping of the heart can be too fast, too moderate, or with an irregular beat. There are many types of arrhythmias, most of them are safe, yet some can be dangerous. When the heart rate is irregular, the heart will be unable to pump enough blood to the body. The absence or low blood stream can affect the mind, heart, and different organs. Generally, medicines are used first to treat this kind of problem, it might happen that medicines don't give you the needed results, then, in that case your doctor may advise you for the surgery. Surgery may include implantation of pacemaker or an ICB which helps to regulate irregular heart beat. A pacemaker is a tiny electrical device that is placed under the skin of your chest or abdomen. Your heart is connected to the pacemaker through wires. Whenever your heart beats get irregular,the pacemaker automatically gives low-energy electrical pulses which helps to get the heart pulse in a rhythm.
  • Aneurysm Repair An aneurysm is an inflatable lump on the inner liningof the artery or the heart muscle. This lump can happen if the artery wall weakens. Pressure of the blood travelling through the artery or the heart causes the weak area to swell. After some time, an aneurysm can develop and burst, causing hazardous results, and may lead to internal bleeding. Aneurysms can build up and split in more than one layers. The splitting of aneurysm can lead to bleeding into and along the layers of the artery. Generally, aneurysm happens in the left chamber of the heart.Repairing an aneurysm includes surgery to remove the weak part of the arteryor the weak part of the heart wall with the graft.
  • Heart Transplant A heart transplant is a surgery to replace a man's ailing heart with a healthy heart from adeceased donor.Generally,the recipient are patients who are on their last stage of heart failure. Heart breakdown is a condition in which the heart is harmed or weak. Subsequently, it can't sufficiently direct blood to address the body's issues. "End-stage" implies the condition is severe to the point that all medications, other than heart transplant, are futile. Patients who waits for a heart donor get continuous treatment for heart failure and other medical conditions. Ventricular Assisted Devices (VADs) or Total Artificial Hearts(TAHs) may be utilized to treat these patients.

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What Are The Risks Of Heart Surgery In India?

Heart surgery has risks, despite the fact that its outcomes are amazing. Following are the risks involved in heart surgery:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection, temperature, inflammation, and some other signs of inflammation.
  • A reaction to the medicine used to make you sleep during the surgery.
  • Damage to tissues in the heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs.
  • Stroke, which may cause short-term or permanent damage.
  • Death. (Heart surgery is more likely to be life threatening in people who are very sick before the surgery.)
  • Arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats).

Memory loss, and other issues like problem in concentratingmay happen in a few people.

These issues will probably influence old-age patients and ladies. These issues become more visible after 6 to 12 months of surgery.

All in all, the danger of intricacies is higher if heart surgery is done in a crisis circumstance (for instance, amid a heart assault). The hazard likewise is higher in the event that you have different ailments or conditions, for example, diabetes, kidney illness, lung sickness, or Peripheral Artery Disease (P.A.D.)
To know more about heart sugery visit: Wikipedia

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Questions & Answers (6)

Verified User (posted anonymously)

28th July, 2019 at 12:57 pm

My father has heart artery blockage. Doctors recommend to do angioplasty and put a stent in his artery. We live in Bangalore. Can you recommend one cost efficient but good hospital in Bangalore? Thanks in advance

Verified User (posted anonymously)

19th July, 2019 at 09:27 am

Ek open heart surgery ho chuki hai jismein valve ko rings daalkar repair kiya gaya hai but patient ko bahut problem ho rahi hai abhi jisse lagta hai valve transplant karwaana padega ..so please guide me for this situation

Team ClinicSpots replied

4th September, 2019 at 04:01 pm

Hello, It seems your patient has undergone a valve repair but is now symptomatic again. You must consult a cardiologist and then decide on further treatment. Hope our answer helps you.

Verified User (posted anonymously)

17th July, 2019 at 09:32 pm

My BP is very high 155/103. I'm very very scared. What do I need to do? Do I need to come over for a permanent solution. I'm just 35 years old.

Team ClinicSpots replied

13th August, 2019 at 11:03 am

Hello, Normal blood pressure is 120 systolic and 90 diastolic. Your recording of blood pressure is quite high at the age of 35. You must immediately evaluate this with the Cardiologist. High blood pressure can lead to various medical emergencies like stroke, CVA. It may also affect kidneys. Kindly consult a cardiologist and get evaluated. Also, take regular medication and follow a healthy lifestyle like doing exercises, eating healthy food and cutting down on salt stress management. Hope our answer helps you.

Verified User (posted anonymously)

30th June, 2019 at 01:28 pm

Heart specialist suggested me to angiography. what is the India best center for heart care.

Team ClinicSpots replied

3rd July, 2019 at 01:44 pm

Hello, The top 3 Heart Hospitals in India who have the best cardiologists and best technology for heart care are 1) Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai Address: G/N Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai 400051, India 2) Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Center Address: Okhla Road, Opp Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi 110025, India 3) Fortis Hospital, Mulund Address: Mulund Goregaon Link Road, Mulund West, Mumbai 400078, India Hope this answer's your query.

Verified User (posted anonymously)

2nd June, 2019 at 09:56 am

My mother has been advised for mitral valve replacement surgery?? I want to know the best hospital with affordable price in Mumbai Iif possible can u mention the cost of the same Thank you


21st May, 2019 at 10:37 am

My father is a cardiac patient. He had done CABG by Dr. Jahangir kobir 15 years ago. He had done this operation very nicely. Now he has some problem like chest pain, jaw pain. After this we do angiogram. In this report there are 3 block in the graft which was 100%. So they advisedus to do redo CABG. So my questionis where should i take my father to do redo CABG in india? Which one is the best?. Please sent me the answer soon.

Team ClinicSpots replied

28th May, 2019 at 04:03 pm

Hello JannatulNayeem, We would recommend you to take your father to the best heart hospital in India which has the 1) Best cardiologist 2) Advanced technologies to treat heart related problems. If you want to have a look at the detailed list of heart hospitals in India, you can refer to the list above on the page. Following are the top 3 heart hospitals in India. 1)Asian Heart Hospital Address- G/N Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai 400051, India 2)Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Center Okhla Road, Opp Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi 110025 3)Fortis Hospital, Mulund Mulund Goregaon Link Road, Mulund West, Mumbai 400078, India Hope this answers your query.

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