Blood cancer hospitals in India

When it comes to blood cancer treatment, we only think of the best cancer hospitals in India for immediate action to be taken. So, we at Clinicspots, ensure that you get the best and authentic knowledge of the best cancer hospitals in India.

We understand your struggle and we are happy to help you fight in the battle against cancer. Getting you through the best hospitals and their excellent services to make your decision-making process easy is our motto. To further assist you, we also want you to know more about the blood cancer treatment cost in India.

According to your needs, requirements, budget and convenience, here is the list of some blood cancer hospitals in India.

Blood Cancer Hospitals in Mumbai

Mumbai is a fast-paced city. There are many things to talk about Mumbai, but if we focus on the medical services, then Mumbai is a place where you can get high end to low end treatment cost.

There are hospitals that even provide free treatment to those who can’t afford them. Following is the list of blood cancer hospitals in Mumbai -

1. Fortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital -  cancer hospitals in India

  • Leading cancer treatment hospital in Mumbai.
  • A 300 bed multi-speciality tertiary care hospital that holds JCI accreditation.
  • Has a cutting-edge technology over other hospitals.
  • Focusses on patient-centric approach and provides with the best oncologists in town.
  • Provides comprehensive cancer support to the patients and their families.
  • Fortis chain of hospitals include the best blood cancer hospital in India.

Various blood cancer treatments provided:
  • Bone marrow and stem cell transplantation
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation treatment

Location : Mulund Goregaon Link Road, Mulund-West, Mumbai, 400078

2. Tata Memorial Hospital

Tata Memorial Hospital

  • Founded in 1941, it is one of the best blood cancer hospitals in Mumbai.
  • One of the best government hospital in Mumbai that specialises in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
  • 600 in-patient beds, with 37 ICU beds and 25 operation theatres.
  • First cancer centre in India to initiate Bone Marrow Transplant with PET-CT scanner for better treatment.
  • Has a Department of Preventive Oncology that ensures early diagnosis and screening of cancer to avoid the suffering of patients.
  • Almost 30,000 new patients visit the hospital from India and neighbouring countries every year.
  • About 60% patients get the primary care, of which 70% patients are not charged for the services.

Location : Dr. E Borges Road, Parel, Mumbai - 400 012

3. Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre

Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre

  • One of the oldest multi-speciality, tertiary care trust hospital having 364 beds.
  • Holds NABH and AHPI accreditation.
  • Top class clinical expertise, cutting edge technology and personalized care at the Oncology department, ranking it among the best blood cancer hospitals in Mumbai.
  • Successful transplants for various types of leukaemia at the bone marrow and stem cell transplant unit in the hospital.
  • Attracts a significant number of patients from abroad.
  • Out of 364 beds, 75 are ICU beds and 72 beds are offered for free for the weaker sections.
  • Provides well developed facilities and services for radiation therapy along with PET scan.

Location : Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Pedder Road, Mumbai - 400026

4. Sevenhills Hospital

Sevenhills Hospital

  • One of the oldest multi-speciality, tertiary care trust hospital having 364 beds.
  • Holds NABH and AHPI accreditation.
  • Top class clinical expertise, cutting edge technology and personalized care at the Oncology department, ranking it among the best blood cancer hospitals in Mumbai.
  • Modern infrastructure and facilities that match international standards, makes it one of the top blood cancer hospital in India.
  • One of the finest healthcare service hospital for all domestic and international patients at the most affordable prices.
  • Departments that offer various treatments for blood cancer:
    1. Medical Oncology for chemotherapy
    2. Radiation Oncology and
    3. Surgical Oncology

Location : Sevenhills Hospital, Andheri East, Mumbai 400059

5. P. D. Hinduja Hospital and Medical research centre

P. D. Hinduja Hospital and Medical research centre

  • Being one of the best cancer hospitals in India, this is an ultra-modern, multi-speciality tertiary care hospital.
  • Receives both domestic and international patients every year.
  • Holds HACCP, NABH, CAP accreditation and ISO certification.
  • First in India to perform peripheral blood stem cell transplant.
  • Specialises in cancer chemotherapy, radiation therapy and cancer surgery.
  • Radiation unit is equipped with the latest technology like 3D-CRT system, brachytherapy equipment etc.

Location : P. D. Hinduja National Hospital, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400016

Blood Cancer Hospitals in Delhi

Talking about Delhi, the treatment cost here in hospitals is a bit expensive but the service is incomparable. There are also many government aided hospitals that provide with free of cost treatment.

You will find good practitioners and oncologists serving in hospitals here. Here is the list of some blood cancer hospitals in Delhi -

1. All India Institute of Medical Sciences

All India Institute of Medical Sciences -  cancer hospitals in India

  • AIIMS has a separate cancer treatment centre named Dr. B.R.A. institute rotary cancer hospital.
  • Founded in 1956, it is a renowned government hospital in Delhi that offers the best facilities and services by the best team of dedicated and experienced oncologists.
  • Provides comprehensive treatment for blood cancer through radiodiagnostics and radiotherapy machines.
  • One of the best cancer hospitals in India that provides holistic healthcare in over 50 areas.
  • Being a government hospital, it facilitates treatments at low cost.

Location : IRCH, AIIMS Campus, New Delhi, Delhi - 110029

2. Max Healthcare

Max Healthcare

  • Max Healthcare is a group of multi-speciality hospitals that offer world-class treatment at best prices, thus making it a top blood cancer hospital in India.
  • Provides holistic integrated healthcare and consolidated views of expert doctors in radiation, medical and surgical oncology.
  • First centre in North India to incorporate advanced technologies like Novalis Tx for IGRT/IMRT, Radiosurgery, HIPEC, SRS/SRT and advanced Da Vinci XI Robotic System for treating complex conditions of cancer.
  • Specialises in bone marrow transplant, blood cancer treatment and other cancers.
  • Provides comprehensive cancer treatment and support to the patients.

Location : Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, Delhi 1100179

3. Delhi State Cancer Institute (DSCI)

Delhi State Cancer Institute

  • One of the recognized names in patient care and a renowned hospital in Delhi.
  • Established by the government of NCT of Delhi for providing comprehensive treatment and management facilities to the cancer patients.
  • Offers best healthcare services and advanced technologies along with a team of skilled, experienced medical staff, non-medical staff and clinical experts including best oncologists.
  • This makes it the most sought-after cancer hospitals in India.
  • The infrastructure at DSCI matches the standards of the international hospitals having cutting edge surgical facilities and the latest diagnostic facilities such as 128-slice CT scanner, ultra-modern Linear Accelerators with IGRT & IMRT facilities, fully digital X-Ray unit, etc.

Location : Delhi State Cancer Institute (DSCI), Dilshad Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110095

4. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre

  • One of the best cancer hospitals in India, that has proven to provide good blood cancer treatment and personalised care to its patients.
  • Holds NABH, NABL accreditations and ISO certifications.
  • World-class cancer centre catering patients from India, neighbouring SAARC countries and other nations.
  • One of the largest tertiary cancer care centres in the continent having 300 beds and out-patient services providing 57 consultation rooms and well-designed radiation therapy areas.
  • Has a separate leukaemia ward and provides with the cutting-edge technology like PET CT scanner, True Beam (the next generation Image Guided Radiation Therapy), nucleic acid testing for safest possible blood etc.
  • Specialises in various fields of medical, surgical and radiation oncology.

Location : Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Rohini, Delhi, 110085

5. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

  • A branch of Apollo group of hospitals and regarded as one of the best blood cancer hospitals in Delhi.
  • Provides with the most competent and multi-disciplinary team of doctors and modern, well equipped facilities.
  • Robotic surgery using the Da Vinci Robotic Surgical system is a special feature of the hospital.
  • Provides comprehensive treatment facilities for paediatric oncological and haematological disorders.
  • Offers state-of-the-art facilities for radiological and surgical oncology.
  • Leukaemia, lymphoma etc are among the routinely treated diseases here.

Location : Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi-Mathura Road, New Delhi 110076

Blood Cancer Hospitals in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is blessed with the best cancer hospitals in India. You can get every sort of treatment in Hyderabad coupled with the international standard of medical service.

Latest technology has played an important role in bringing quality to the service. Let’s take you through some blood cancer hospitals in Hyderabad.

1. Apollo Health City

Apollo Health City -  cancer hospitals in India

  • Apollo is a renowned brand in healthcare sector, widely known for its quality service and clinical expertise.
  • World class infrastructure, UK based treatment approach, comprehensive cancer care, dedicated department for haemato-oncology ranks it among the best blood cancer hospitals in Hyderabad.
  • Special features include separate leukaemia ward, chemotherapy day case area with good nurse patient ratio, etc.
  • Cutting edge technology with first PET CT scanner in India.
  • Provides the best medical, radiation and surgical oncological treatment.

Location : Apollo Health City, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500033

2. American Oncological Institute

American oncological institute

  • A flagship centre of the Cancer Treatment Services International that is based in the US and one of the leading cancer hospitals in India.
  • Integrated cancer care powered by clinical expertise and world-class technological support.
  • Most advanced imaging and therapy systems in Hyderabad.
  • Provides with excellent technology and latest equipments for diagnosing and treating cancer like 4D PET-CT scanner, MRI system, 3D Mammogram, Truebeam, Calypso, Rapid Arc, HDR Brachytherapy etc.
  • Provides radiation therapy along with other cancer treatments that involve less pain.

Location : American Oncology Institute, Nallagandla, Serilingampally, Hyderabad 530019

3. MNJ Institute of Oncology

MNJ Institute of oncology

  • A 450-bed cancer hospital that has been accorded the status of ‘Regional Cancer Centre’ by the Government of India in 1996.
  • The one and only tertiary public referral cancer centre in entire Hyderabad with domestic and international patients from Nigeria as well.
  • Out of 1,20,000 patients, 10,000 are newly registered while 1,10,000 come for follow up every year.
  • Around 600 patients are given chemotherapy and radiotherapy annually.
  • Provides free cancer treatment to the below poverty line and weaker sections of the society.
  • Paediatric medical oncology ward has been set up with the support from the NATCO trust for cancer suffering children.
  • All these factors are involved in making the hospital a top blood cancer hospital in India.

Location : MNJ Institute of Oncology & Regional Cancer Centre, Lakadikapul, Hyderabad 500004

4. Care Hospital

Care Hospital

  • A multi-speciality hospital with 435 beds, out of which 120 are critical care beds with over 1,50,000 in-patients and out-patients every year.
  • Holds NABH and NABL accreditation.
  • Provides a team of highly skilled and globally experienced oncologists, state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-trained staff for cancer patients.
  • Treatment cost for medical, radiation and surgical oncology is quite less than other hospitals, making it one of the best hospitals in Hyderabad.
  • Has latest equipments for radiation therapy, PET CT scan, MRI, imaging techniques etc.
  • Care hospital in Hyderabad is thus, counted among the best cancer hospitals in India.

Location : Care Hospitals, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500034

Blood Cancer Hospitals in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city of opportunities and startups. It is a place where you can get comprehensive treatment at affordable prices. There are best leading hospitals here like Kidwai Memorial institute of oncology, Apollo hospital etc which add core value to the healthcare centres in Bangalore. Have a look at the blood cancer hospitals in Bangalore -

1. Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology

Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology -  cancer hospitals in India

  • An exclusive tertiary cancer centre cum research centre, that delivers modern healthcare by trained professionals and clinical experts.
  • A member of union of International cancer control (UICC) and recognised by world health organization (WHO) and Indian council of medical research (ICMR).
  • It ranks second after Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and is regarded as one of the top cancer hospitals in India.
  • Offers state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment facilities like radiotherapy, chemotherapy etc for blood cancer.
  • Kidwai is committed to offer free and low-cost treatment to the poor people. If the treatment cost is too high, the patients are given free medicines and financial assistance by various schemes like Poor patients welfare fund, Kidwai cancer drug foundation etc.
  • Here the anti-cancer drugs are sold at 40 to 60% cheaper prices.

Location : Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore - 560029, Karnataka

2. Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals

  • A multi-modality, state-of-the-art cancer care facility with co-ordinated multidisciplinary approach and one of the best cancer hospitals in India.
  • Over 125 radiation and surgical oncology specialists that provide comprehensive cancer care.
  • Offers a team of committed and dedicated clinical experts along with the best infrastructure.
  • Specialises in medical, radiation and surgical oncology.
  • Latest diagnostic and treatment technology include the 64 slice PET CT, Truebeam STX (latest in radiation therapy), skilled robotic surgeons for minimal invasive surgeries and soon to be launched Proton therapy.

Location : 154/11, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore-560076, Karnataka

3. Fortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital

  • A 276 bedded multi-speciality tertiary care hospital and one of the best blood cancer hospitals in Bangalore.
  • Specialised in cutting edge technology and dedicated to patient care.
  • Hosts both domestic and international patients.
  • The Department of Oncology has a comprehensive cancer care programme that follows trans-disciplinary and multi-modality approach in the field of adult and paediatric oncology.
  • The department has a vast medical programme employing super-sub-specialists in the field of Medical Oncology, Haematology – adult & paediatric, Radiation Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant services etc.

Location : Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore - 560076, Karnataka

Blood Cancer Hospitals in Chennai

Chennai is the medical hub in India. Indian as well as overseas patients travel down to Chennai, for better medical advice and assistance. The beauty and peace of Chennai attracts the patients for their treatment over here. Following is the list of blood cancer hospitals in Chennai -

1. Adyar Cancer Institute (WIA)

Adyar Cancer Institute

  • Established in 1954, it is ranked among the top cancer hospitals in the country by world health organization (WHO).
  • The institute has been awarded with the prestigious title “Centre of Excellence” by Ministry of health and Family Welfare for its remarkably skilled doctors and affordable treatment.
  • A 535-bedded comprehensive cancer care centre that has both national and international stature.
  • Provides free boarding and lodging to 60% patients. 40% patients are provided free treatment while others pay a nominal amount.
  • One of the best blood cancer hospitals in Chennai that is renowned for its cancer treatment including blood cancer.
  • Over 15,672 new patients register and 1,40,935 follow-ups are recorded every year.

Location : East Canal Bank Road, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020

2. Apollo Cancer Speciality Hospital

Apollo Cancer Speciality Hospital

  • A 300-bed facility that holds NABH accreditation and India’s first ISO certification.
  • Ranked among the top super speciality hospitals in the country, it provides that extra care to its patients they need the most.
  • A passionate team of skilled medical and paramedical professionals along with cancer specialists ascertain that the hospital matches the international standards.
  • It has an exclusive ‘Tumour Board’, a panel of medical, radiation and surgical oncologists along with medical counsellors, speech therapists, dieticians and other professionals that plans the cancer treatment effectively.
  • Diagnostics and treatment methods for cancer include Gallium 68 PET CT scan, molecular and gene profiling in chemotherapy, robotic surgery, etc.
  • Provides a separate ward for chemotherapy.
  • All these factors certainly make this hospital rank among the top cancer hospitals in India.

Location : Cenotaph Road, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600035

3. Fortis Malar Hospital

Fortis Malar Hospital

  • Malar Hospital is a distinguished multi-speciality hospital that provides excellent treatment and care for its cancer patients.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with 180-bedded facility, out of which 60 are ICU beds and hosts over 10,000 patients every year.
  • Provides with cutting edge technology and world class experienced team of doctors and medical experts.
  • Accessible to both domestic as well as international patients.
  • Best haematologists diagnose and treat all types of blood cancers and blood related disorders.
  • Specialises in radiation oncology, medical oncology, haematology, onco-surgery, bone marrow transplant etc.
  • It is the best blood cancer hospital in India so far.

Location : Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020

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