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Looking good and presentable at all times has become a compulsion in today’s fast-paced life especially for residents of Gurgaon, the financial and technological hub of the north and laser hair removal in Gurgaon is a boon for them as it gives them the freedom from unwanted hair permanently. Lately, people are constantly looking for ways to simplify their life by searching for permanent solutions for all their problems. Having to constantly shave, wax or thread off unwanted hair is a tedious job for many who find it taxing to visit the parlor or salon on regular basis to get rid of this hair. Laser hair removal is an effective noninvasive procedure that uses concentrated beams of light to destroy the hair follicles.

How does laser hair removal work?

During the procedure, an intense light beam is focused on the hair follicles which are absorbed by the pigments present in them. The high heat generated by the laser damages the follicles due to which future hair growth is restricted.

As this is a quick and safe treatment more and more people are opting for it. Obviously, this treatment is more popular with the womenfolk but nowadays even men are warming up to this procedure as it assures long-lasting results. This is a common cosmetic procedure available all over India but for the best results, the clinics and centres offering laser hair removal in Gurgaon are highly popular. They use the latest equipment and have extremely experienced doctors who are expert in this procedure.

Other than this, the laser hair removal cost in Gurgaon is highly competitive when compared to other places.

Laser Hair Removal Cost in Gurgaon

Cost is an important factor that is taken into consideration when opting for this treatment as it requires multiple sessions. Generally, the laser hair removal cost in Gurgaon is highly reasonable and each session ranges from around Rs.1800.00 to Rs.3800.00 depending on the area of treatment.

Usually, around 4 to 6 sessions may be required for the best results which can stretch up to six months as an interval of around 4 to 6 weeks is required between the sessions. However, as each individual’s hair growth pattern is different sometimes a few added sessions may be required.

The cost of this treatment varies from place to place and it is not unusual to find the laser hair removal cost in Gurgaon being different from the cost in Delhi.

Given below is the average laser hair removal cost in Gurgaon:

Treatment Area Cost per Session
Chin Rs.2500.00
Upper Lip Rs.1800.00
Eyebrows Rs.3000.00
Under Arms Rs.3000.00
Full Hands Rs.7000.00
Full Legs (from ankle to bikini) Rs.10000.00
Full Back (male) Rs.11000.00
Full Face Rs.5000.0

*The cost may vary from clinic to clinic and is subjected to change without prior notice.

The laser hair removal cost in Gurgaon depends on various factors such as:

The area of treatment:

Obviously, the size of the treatment area plays a major role in deciding the laser hair removal cost in Gurgaon or as a matter of fact any other place as larger areas will naturally be more expensive to treat than smaller areas. Like laser hair removal for the chin will be less expensive than removing the hair from the legs.

The total number of sessions:

As mentioned earlier, several sessions are required for this treatment and many clinics charge as per the session whereas some clinics charge according to packages. These clinics have a set price for each area of treatment.

The color of the skin and hair:

The laser works best on a light colored skin with dark hair. But in case of people with dark skin, smaller areas have to be targeted per session as higher laser setting is required. It is risky to use a large amount of anesthetic cream due to which small areas are treated. Thus the total number of sessions may increase which will affect your final laser hair removal cost in Gurgaon.

Also, pale color hair requires more sessions for satisfactory results which will increase your overall cost.

Reputation of the clinic:

Ultimately, the choice of the clinic will also have an impact on your laser hair removal cost in Gurgaon. Indeed, it is necessary that you opt for a reputed clinic with an experienced doctor for your treatment but getting your treatment done from a popular or high-end clinic will obviously cost you more.

Surely, you may be eager to know the benefits of laser hair removal.

Listed here are some of the advantages of this treatment:

  • Precise and safe treatment :
  • Laser hair removal is one of the best treatments that safely remove unwanted hair with precision.

  • Permanent treatment :
  • This treatment provides a permanent solution so it not only saves you the hassle of repeatedly waxing or shaving but also saves a lot of time.

  • Treatment time is short :
  • The sessions for laser hair removal last for a short period of time and it takes just a few minutes for the upper lip session or around 20 minutes to complete your underarm treatment.

  • Say goodbye to razor burns and in-grown hair :
  • With laser hair removal you no longer have to worry about ingrown hair or razor burns which occur due to waxing and shaving.

  • Saves money :
  • Though you may feel this treatment to be expensive initially, in the long run, you end up saving money as you no longer have to go in for waxing or buy razors and shaving cream.

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Types of Lasers Used By Laser Hair Removal in Gurgaon

Laser hair removal helps to permanently stop or slow down hair growth by up to 75-90%. Also, further treatment may be required in future for maintenance. Since laser treatment is only effective on hair which is in the growing phase (anagen phase) multiple sessions are needed for the treatment to be successful.

Moreover, different laser devices are used for treating the different type of skin tones and hair color. The doctor will take all this matter into consideration before choosing the best device that is suitable for your treatment in order to minimize the risk and boost the outcome.

And if any such damage occurs in your heart then your heart's primary pump gets.

1. Diode Laser:

Diode Laser

Though Diode Laser is used for all skins, it is most effective on darker skin tone. It is best used to treat larger areas as it has quick repetition rates so it can cover larger area in a short time. The long wave-length allows deeper penetration and is safe for people with dark skin.

It may cause burns, redness, scars, discoloration and swelling which subside within few days. Many clinics providing laser hair removal in Gurgaon use this device.

2. Alexandrite Laser:

Alexandrite Laser

This device is suitable for treating people with light skin tone and is highly effective on thin fine hair. It is great for treating large body area as it is the fastest of all lasers and has good penetration. However, it is not recommended for dark skin tone. It may cause changes in the skin pigment.

3. Nd: Yag Laser:

Nd: Yag Laser

This laser is used for all skin type especially on tanned or dark skin. It can rapidly cover a large area of the body; nevertheless, it is not effective on fine light colored hair. Another drawback is it is more painful than other lasers and there is a potential risk of causing scars, redness, burns, discoloration and swelling.

4. Ruby Laser:

Ruby Laser

This laser is suitable to treat light skin tone and is the best option for light fine hair. As it has slow repetition rate it is used to treat smaller areas. It causes minimum discomfort and provides long-term results.

How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal?

Before the initial treatment, it is necessary to consult the doctor who will analyze your medical history and discuss the pros and cons of this procedure with you. The doctor will provide you information regarding the treatment and how to prepare for it.

According to a reputed doctor providing laser hair removal in Gurgaon, it is best to stay out of the sun a month prior to the treatment as tanning can cause complications. Apart from this, do not wax or thread off the hair around a couple of weeks before the treatment.

On the contrary, shaving is recommended before the treatment as the hair follicle and shaft are not disturbed and it saves you from potential burns as the laser does not target the hair above the skin.

What To Expect During The Laser Hair Removal in Gurgaon?

At the beginning of the treatment, the hair in the area of the treatment will be trimmed and the laser machine will be set according to your skin type and color and thickness of your hair.

You will be provided with an eye gear for protection and an anesthetic or cold gel will be applied to protect your skin and to facilitate better penetration of the laser light.

Before commencing the treatment, the laser will be tried on a small patch of skin to check for side effects and complications. This will also help the doctor to adjust the settings.

After the completion of the procedure, you will be provided with an ice-pack or anti-inflammatory cream to soothe any discomfort.

Post-procedure care

For a couple of days after the treatment, your skin will feel and look like sun burnt. Applying ice-packs and moisturizers will help comfort the treated skin and using sunscreen will protect the skin color from changes.

There may be some temporary side-effects such as redness, blisters and swelling. Permanent side-effects such as scarring and discoloration are quite rare.

Success rate of laser hair removal

Indeed, laser hair removal is a permanent treatment but a lot depends on your bodily traits such as hair color, thickness and skin tone.

Sometimes after the treatment, a few hair might grow back as these hair may be in the resting phase during the duration of the treatment.

This can easily be rectified by going in for added sessions. But on the whole, this is a great procedure which gives you fabulous smooth skin.

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There are several clinics that offer the best laser hair removal in Gurgaon which are listed below for your reference:

1. Dr anwesha poddar Skin, Laser & Hair Clinic

Dr. Anwesha Poddar is a Cosmetologist, Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon in Gurgaon. She practices at her Skin, Laser & Hair Clinic in Sushant Lok phase-1, Sector -43, Gurgaon. She has an experience of 7+ years in these fields.

Address: 1304/43, GF, St Thomas Marg, Sector 43, Gurugram, 122002

2. Delight Clinic –Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Surgery Centre

At Delight Clinic the customers are assured of comprehensive treatment for all their cosmetic issues. The clinic has years of experience in providing the best laser hair removal in Gurgaon using the most advanced Italian Diode Technology for laser hair reduction, having scores of satisfied customers.

Address: Supermart-1, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002

3. Kaya Skin Clinic

Kaya Skin Clinic is the first choice of many looking for skin treatment and procedures. The customized services provided by the experienced doctors keeping in mind individual requirement make them one of the top clinics for laser hair removal in Gurgaon. They have their branches all over India.

Address: DLF Galleria, Galleria Market, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon 122009

4. La Skinnovita

La Skinnovita is a state of art skin clinic led by the leading cosmetologist in Gurgaon Dr. Anuj Pall. He and his team of experienced skin specialists and trichologists strive hard to provide outstanding specialized services for a range of skin treatment. It offers competitive laser hair removal cost in Gurgaon, making it one of the most sought-after clinics for this treatment.

Address: Opp. DLF Summit, DLF City V, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002

5. Dr. Meenu Sethi’s Skin Clinic

Dr. Meenu Sethi’s Skin Clinic is a sophisticated clinic for all your skin problems. It is headed by Dr. Meenu Sethi a renowned dermatologist who has a special interest in all laser treatments especially laser hair reduction. She uses the latest laser devices that are safe for Indian skin type.

Address: SF, DLF Qutub Plaza, DLF Phase I, Gurgaon 122002

6. AKS Clinic

AKS Clinic has carved a name for itself in hair transplant and laser treatment. All the laser treatment is done by experienced professionals under doctor’s supervision using US FDA approved Gold Standard Diode technology with FHR advantage. You are assured of top-notch treatment at affordable laser hair removal cost in Gurgaon.

Address: Sushant Lok 1, Near Vyapar Kendra, Gurgaon 122002

7. ACLACS – Centre for Skin Laser and Cosmetic Surgery

CLACS – Centre for Skin Laser and Cosmetic Surgery is renowned for its specialization in Laser Therapy and Cosmetic procedures. The team of doctors is expert in the use of different skin lasers such as Diode Laser for hair removal, Q-Switch for tattoo removal and CO2 Fractional Laser for scar removal.

Address: MG Road, Opp. Govt. Girls College, Sector-14, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001

8. Garekars M.D. Dermatology Clinic

Garekars M.D. Dermatology Clinic is a state of art clinic providing ultimate skin and hair treatment in a serene ambiance. They are renowned for providing the best laser hair removal in Gurgaon using the latest Soprano Pro lasers for effectively dealing with the stubborn hair.

Address: Arjun Marg, Block F, DLF Phase 1, Sector 26A, Gurgaon 122002

9. Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic

Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic is the master of skin and hair treatment having the experience of 20 plus years. They provide multiple treatment choices and guide the patient with their honest opinion. They assure top quality treatment at best price for laser hair removal in Gurgaon.

Address: Bougainvillea Marg (BVM), DLF City Phase-II, Gurgaon 122002

10. Estique Clinic

Estique Clinic is a popular centre for all your skin issues and Dr. Neha Sharma the director of the clinic is a renowned dermatologist providing personalized world-class services in a patient-friendly environment. She is highly trained in laser hair removal and has the experience of using various laser devices.

Address: Sector-15, Part II, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001

11. Square Root Hair Transplant & Skin Clinic

Square Root is a one-stop destination for all your skin and hair problems. It is committed to delivering the highest level of medical treatment for issues ranging from hair transplant to laser hair removal in Gurgaon. It offers innovative treatment options using the most advanced technology and equipment.

Address: Ambedkar Chowk, Near Amity International School, Sector 46, Gurgaon 122002

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