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Dental Implant in Bangalore:

A dental implant is the ultimate and notable thing to be done when it comes to your beauty sense.
No matter how handsome and beautiful you are, if your teeth is broken or missing from the gum you will look weird in front of others and it will in turn will affect your personality. Dental implant aids you to replace your missing or broken teeth. It offers solutions which are loftier than bridges, dentures etc. in terms of stability, functionality, longevity and aesthetics. Being the IT hub of India and one of the largest cities in India – Bangalore has seen a surge in people searching for dental implants.

Trend is not different among elsewhere in India and to your fortune even cost of dental implant in Bangalore is affordable.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are tooth reproduction process used to cure tooth loss. Like the roots hold natural teeth hair implants also hold a crown, bridge or denture. 

Dental implants are anchored into your jaw while that is not the case with traditional plate or bridge. The crown, bridge or dentures are attached to the implants after integrating with the jaw bone. So it provides much better stability. This procedure is regarded as a form of prosthetic dentistry, prosthetic here means artificial replacement. This procedure is better than traditional bridgework since dental implants are not dependent on neighboring teeth. 

As per the research the biting pressure of natural teeth is 540 lbs/sq. inch. Dentures cannot absorb more than 10 per cent of this pressure while dental implant can withstand 450 lbs/sq. inch. Dental implants are prepared from surgical-grade titanium alloy which is absolutely well-suited for human body tissues.

Are you the right candidate for Dental Implants?

Not everyone can undergo dental implants. There are certain prerequisites for a person who need to undergo dental implants. Let us run down through the requirements:

  1. Patient should be in good oral and physical health
  2. Your jaw bone should support the dental implant
  3. Should have healthy gum tissues which are free of periodontal disease

A comprehensive medical examination will be done under the guidance of an expert dentist to understand whether the person is fit enough to undergo dental implants. Modern medical procedures will be used to do the examination.

  1. X-rays
  2. Computerized axial tomography scans (CT scan)
  3. Radio-graphic imaging

X-rays and CRT scan are carried out to examine the condition of jawbones counting the texture and quality of bone which is necessary for dental implant placement. Radio graphing imaging is used to assess the location of adjacent nerves and sinuses.

Advantages of Dental Implants:

Everything comes at a price and definitely there will be benefits also. In the case of dental implants story is not different. Certainly there are many benefits of doing a dental implant.

  1. More strong and durable when compared to their restorative equivalents of bridges and dentures
  2. The solution is permanent, not temporary. So once it is done then you don’t require any other alternate solutions in future
  3. Effectiveness is very high since implants are used in conjunction, where it is used to support a dental bridge entirely helping in replacement of multiple teeth’s
  4. Advanced procedures which is fit for more number of people
  5. It yields natural benefit – No one will ever know that you had undergone a dental implant since dental implants integrates into the structure of your bone
  6. It prevents bone loss and gum recession
  7. Neighboring teeth’s are not affected by dental implant
  8. It will boost your confidence when you find out that you have a perfect teeth structure
  9. The success rate of dental implant is at its peak thus making it as the most reliable method

The mechanism of Dental Implant:

Under local anesthesia Dental implants are surgically placed directly into the jawbone

  1. Small abutments are then attached, which bulge through the gums.
  2. The abutments will deliver steady anchors for artificial replacement of teeth.

There are two different phases for implant procedure

  1. Surgical procedure for placement of the implant
  2. Prosthetic procedure to load the implants with missing teeth

Quantity and quality of the bones are very crucial for dental implant or else some bone strengthening procedures are required before dental implant. The procedures are:

  • Bone grafting
  • Bone substitute grafting
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration(GTR)
  • Sinus lift
  • Ridge modification procedures

Compare Dental Implants cost & clinics in Mumbai:

First of all the cost of dental implant cannot be standardized. It varies for each person based on his/her requirement. Usually the cost of dental implant in Bangalore range from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 60,000. The various methods also are a deciding factor in estimating cost. 

  • Adin Implant – Rs. 20,000
  • Alpha Bio Implant – Rs. 25,000
  • Equinox Myriad Implant – Rs. 25,000
  • Nobel Biocare Implant – Rs. 40,000

The overall price of dental implant in Bangalore varies on several factors:

  1. The locale (Geography) where you are getting your treatment done.
  2. The implant manufacturer
  3. The type of prosthesis (straight/angulated abutment; PFM/All ceramic crown)
  4. Additional procedure like bone grafting is required or not.

Key points to be noted if your are considering Dental Implants:

Dental implants are the main standard to replace missing teeth nowadays

  1. The success rate amplified to 96% from 50% in last 3 decades
  2. But the success rate remains lower in people who have the habit of smoking
  3. It is one of the medical procedure which results in minimum side effects.

Problems arise from Dental Implants:

  1. Poor alignment
  2. Poor aesthetics or inadequate strength
  3. Infections
  4. After pain
  5. Pains are common if the jaw needs graft
  6. Bite issues
  7. Loosing of Dental implants

So from the above points we can conclude one thing – Getting the dental implant done from the most expert dentist and well reputed clinics are very important. For more expert opinions regarding your dental implants, dental health and other related health information, take the help of WebMD.

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