Best Dental Implant in India

Are you looking for best dental implant in India?

A good set of teeth not only enhances beauty of a person but also helps you to chew and digest the food. But nowadays due to life style, eating and drinking pattern people face early teeth decay problem. Since long, people are trying to deal with the natural teeth replacement, to deal with teeth issue. And, where to go if you are looking for the best dental treatment in India? That is what we will be discussing below.

Before we talk about best dental implant in India, let us brief you what exactly is dental implant?

Dental implant is a surgical interface. In this procedure denture, crown and bridge is connected to the jaw bone for support. In an advanced, dental implants in India the bond for bone is formed with titanium and this process is called as Osseo integrate. After this bond of bone, the crown, denture or a bridge is placed into the jawbone below the gum line. Implant does not look like dentures and gives a natural looks and it is also good for overall oral health.

Dental implants are nothing but a different way to replace the lost teeth. Moreover, they are fixed in your jaw bone so they can function more like your natural tooth. Implants can be use for replacing single tooth; they can replace several teeth to hold the fixed bridge or they can be use to secure removable dentures. Dental implants are ideal for replacing lost teeth.

But we would like to mention the alternatives; this includes fixed bridges, removable dentures, root canal therapy. In removable fitting dentures can be re-made for better fit or to re-line to keep the gum and jawbone healthy and in root canal therapy, root treated teeth can be fully restored with a post and crown. Missing teeth should always be replaced, otherwise the remaining teeth may move causing the bite to collapse and correcting this can be costly and difficult.

When you going for a dental implant treatment in India, dentist will take a complete medical and dental evaluation and develop a plan. This to ensure that you do not have any health condition that makes surgery difficult.

A number of different diagnostic tools such as CT scans or dental X-rays are used for best dental implant In India. So your implants can be placed with precision and with minimum risk. There are two stages involved in Dental implant procedure.

There are mainly 3 types of dental implants in India.

  1. Endosteal implant:

  2. This implant is very similar to subperiosteal implant. In this, the tooth is molded or shaped to fix in the cavity of the jaw directly and once the gum tissues are healed, second surgery is performed to connect the original implant. There are mainly 2 types of Endosteal Dental implants.

    • Plate Form Implant:Plate form implant is mainly recommended to the people whose jaw bones are very narrow for root form implant. This implant is made up of metal.

    • Root Form Implant: Basically in this dental implant in India the root of the missing tooth is replaced with the crown. They are made up of titanium, which actually looks like natural tooth or the other teeth in your mouth.

  3. Subperiosteal implant:
  4. This implant consists of metal framework, which is attached to the gum above your jawbone and once the gum tissue is healed, the frame is fixed to the jaw bone. These frames are use as anchors for the replacement teeth, which will be attached to the implant by dentist. This implant covers the large surface area; this is mostly recommended to the people those who have lost bone tissue from their jawbone.

  5. Transosseous implant:
  6. This implant is quite similar to Endosteal implant, this implant is inserted to the entire width of jawbone. This implant is secured with nut and bolt.
    All the above are the basic types of dental implants, there are various other procedure for the implants such as Ramus frame implant, Root form titanium implant, blade form implants, two stage dental implants etc.

    Dental implants may vary from cases to cases considering the medical history of the patient and the amount to the teeth. There is not a perfect definition of implants; it depends upon the dental medical need of the patient. Similarly, the dental implant price in India also varies, depending upon the implant brand selected.

Here, we have 16 best dental hospital in India:

As we have mentioned earlier, India is occupied with best team of dentist and world class technology to serve you the best dental service. And, following are some of the top centres for Dental implants:

1. Lilavati Hospital

Lilavati Hospital

The hospital was established by Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Trust in year 1978. The trust believes to deliver best and affordable healthcare system to people. The hospital is fully fitted with dentistry, cardiovascular medicine, nephrology and neurology, infertility, obstetrics and gynecology, radiology, general medicine, nuclear medicine and general surgery departments. The hospital has expert and experienced doctors with highly trained
Hospital is occupied with 314 beds with 12 operating theaters, more than 300 consultants with 1800 staff to provide healthcare services. Lilavati hospital is considered as one of the reputed hospital of India, it is known to serve quality treatment to patients. Every year more than 750 international patients get treated in this hospital. Hospital has fully dedicated 9 doctors team to provide dental care to patients.
Address: Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Hospital has expert team to serve best dental implant in India care such as:

Dr. Darshan Parulkar: MSD, ISOI, ICOI (USA)

Dr. Darshan Parulkar

Dr. Darshan Parulkar has done MSD in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He has completed his diplomate in ISOI and ICOI. Doctor Parulkar has more than 18 years of experience in dental care. His area of interest is oral surgery, bone grafting, wisdom tooth surgery, and maxillofacial trauma. Currently, he is offering his services in Lilavati hospital.

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Dr. Arun R. Nayak: MSD, Diplomate of Indian Board of Orthodontics

Dr. Arun R. Nayak

Dr. Arun has completed his MSD in dental surgery and has done Diplomate of Indian Board of Orthodontics. He has more than 12 years experience in the dental field. He has provided his dental service for more than 1200 cases. He has released 4 national and 1 international publications. Nowadays, Dr. Arun R. Nayak is serving dental service in Lilavati hospital for best dental implant in India

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Dr. Arun S. Khatavkar: BDS(BOM), MDS(BOM)

Dr. Arun S. Khatavkar

In 1976, Dr. Arun completed his BDS and has done MDS from Mumbai in 1979. He is one of the experienced dentist in India, with 37 years of experience he has treated approx 10,000 patients in dental care. His area of interest is restorative dentistry, endodontics surgery and microscope based dental procedure.

2. Wockhardt Hospital- Mumbai

wockhardt hospital

Wockhardt was established by Dr Habil Khorakiwala in 1960. This was the first heart institute in Mumbai and one of the early healthcare hospitals in Mumbai. The hospital believes in teamwork, integrity and they develop the best human resource to give quality treatment to their patients. They are enhanced with an advanced infrastructure to match International benchmark. The hospital is mainly specialized in dentistry, cardiology, brain and spine, bone and joints, eye and general surgery.
And, the dentistry department serve oral medicine and radiology, preventive and pediatric dentistry, conservative dentistry and endodontic, priodontology and dental implants. This is considered as one of the best dental hospital in India. With the well developed technologies, hospital serves their treatment all over South East Asia, South Asia and Middle East Africa. Hospital is globally tied up with many other countries for best dental implant in India.
Address: Near Agripada Police Station, Mumbai Central East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011
Below, we have mentioned doctors that provide their services in Wockhardt Hospital:

Dr. Chirag Desai: MDS (oral and maxillofacial surgery)

Dr. Chirag Desai

Dr. Desai has completed his MDS in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He has done his Nobel Fellow Programme at Rural Dental College. He has a membership of Indian Dental Association and Indian Society of Oral Implantologist. He is expert in Dental Implant and Related Procedure, Maxillofacial trauma surgery and cleft lip palate surgery. However, his area of interest is dental implants and minor oral surgery.

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Dr. Vineet Avadhani: BDS, MDS (BLS)

Dr. Vineet Avadhani

Dr. Vineet Avadhani has completed his BDS and his MDS in oral and maxillofacial surgery, Basic life support (BLS). Doctor vineet has more than 10 years experience in dentistry. He is well established oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He is mainly dealing in maxillofacial surgery of upper and lower jaw, facial region and oral cavity.

3. Apollo Hospital

Apollo Hospital

The hospital was established in presence of Prathap C. Reddy in 1996. The hospital is known as Architect of Healthcare in India. Apollo hospital is accomplished with great human resource and advanced technology. They believe to serve healthcare of international standard, they work hard for education, research and development towards healthcare. Apollo group has contact with private healthcare group and government authority of Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Tanzania, Mauritius, Bahrain etc. They have most advanced laboratories in the world. Apollo surgical science centre is specialized to perform Dental surgery, cardio, dental care, neurological, vascular, join- surgery, plastic surgery and general surgery.
Apollo hospital consists with the specialist for all dental needs, hospital provides endodontic for root canals, oral surgeons for minor surgeries, pedodontists, Prosthodontics in dental care. The hospital cater to every needs related dental implants and the price will definitely vary from full mouth to that of single tooth implant cost in delhi.
Address: Mathura Rd, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110076
You can have a look at the expert doctors serving dental care in Apollo Hospital as follows:

Dr. Adosh Lall: MDS, BDS

Dr. Adosh Lall

Doctor Adosh has completed his BDS dental surgeon, implantology, periodontist and MDS Iin periodontology and oral implantology. He has more than 22 years experience in this field. His area of interest is restorative dentistry, dental implants and root canal treatments. He has served as consultant periodontist too.

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Dr. Neeraj Verma: BDS, MDS ADV.C. (Orthodontics)

Dr. Neeraj Verma

Doctor Neeraj has done with BDS, MDS in orthodontics and dental implants. He has completed his fellowship from the USA and became the member of Indian Dental Association. Doctor Verma has more than 35 years experience for best dental implant in India. He has achieved many awards and honors in his dental career.

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Dr. Shivani Agarwal: BDS, MDS( conservative dentistry and endodontics)

Dr. Shivani Agarwal

Dr. Shivani Agarwal has accomplished with BDS and MDS in endodontist, conservative dentistry and endodontics, implantologist and cosmetic dentist. Doctor Shivani has more than 16 years of experience. She has a diploma in oral implantology and aesthetic dentistry from USA. Currently, she is offering her services in Apollo hospital Delhi.

4. Fortis hospital

Fortis hospital

The hospital was established in 2001 by Malvinder Mohan Singh, who is the owner of Fortis hospital. Fortis is India’s first leading healthcare group which is consists of 1803 beds, they operates world’s largest cardiac programs in the centre.
They are specialized in providing facilities orthopedics and neuro science, they are also serving cutting edge surgeries as dental , urology, cosmetology, ENT, minimal invasive surgery, ophthalmology and many more. Dentistry department of forties hospital includes paediatric dentistry, endodontic, orthodontic, Prosthodontics and maxillofacial surgery. Medical procedure in dental surgeries includes dental braces, dental implant surgery, oral cancer screening, wisdom tooth extraction and dental exams. Hospital is fully fitted to provide best dental implant in India.
Address: Sector - 44, Opposite HUDA City Centre, Gurugram, Haryana 122002
Further, we have suggested some dental doctors of Fortis Hospital:

Dr. Aman Dhillon: BDS, DDS

Dr. Aman Dhillon

Dr. Dhillon has completed her BDS from India and DDS from University of Pacific, San- Francisco. She served dental care in California for more than 7 years. She is expert in all field of dentistry and her area of interest is general cosmetic surgery. Currently, she is offering her dental care services in Fortis Hospital Gurugram.

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Dr. Navin Pahwa: BDS, MDS

Dr. Navin Pahwa

Dr. Navin Pahwa has done BDS and MDS dental implants. He was awarded by BDS from KLES institute (Belgium). Later, he pursued his specialization in Periodontics. With his expertise in Periodontics, he also specialized in De- pigmentation, flap surgery, gingivectomy, frenectomy etc. He has more than 14 years experience for dental implant in India.

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Dr. Sarika Kabra: BDS

Dr. Sarika Kabra

Doctor Sarika has completed BDS from VSPM dental college. She has accomplished internship from GDC Mumbai. Her area of interest is cosmetic and general surgery. She is having more than 12 years of experience in the field of dental care. Currently, she is serving as a consultant in dental department of Fortis Hospital.

5. Hinduja Hospital

Hinduja Hospital

Hinduja hospital was established in 1951 by Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja with approx 400 beds. Hospital is enhanced with world class infrastructure, advanced technologies and well developed laboratories. Hinduja is considered as one of the reputed hospitals in Mumbai. They have specialized departments for allergy,dentistry, breast cancer, cancer radiology, cardiology, cancer surgery, cancer urology and many more. Hospital is occupied with specialty clinics for breast cancer, dental implant, lupus clinic, collagen and lung. The dental department of Hinduja hospital provides gum treatment, replacement of lost teeth, prosthetic, root canal, ceramic laminates, metal free crowns and bridge works. Dental implant cost in Mumbai may differ from hospital to hospital and clinic to clinic. So, in order to know the complete cost you should consult your dentist beforehand.
Address: Veer Sawarkar Marg, Asavari, Shivaji Park, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400016
Below, we have expert team of dentist of Hinduja Hospital:

Dr. Suchetan Pradhan: BDS , MDS(prosthodontics), Msc. Laser Dentistry

Dr. Suchetan Pradhan

Dr. Suchetan Pradhan is a consultant dentist and implamtologist in Hinduja HOSPITAL. Doctor Pradhan has accomplished with BDS, MDS in Prosthodontics, Laser Dentistry (Germany). He has achieved European Master Degree in oral laser applications ( EMDOLA) from European Dental Union. He has more than 30 years of experience in dentistry.

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Dr. Satish R. Gokhale: BDS, MDS

Dr. Satish R. Gokhale

Dr. Gokhale is offering his services in Hinduja Hospital as Consultant Dental Surgeon. He is providing his dental services more than 40 years. His area of interest is Minor oral surgical procedure and dental general procedure, Periodontal surgery, management of dental treatment pre and post oral dental surgery and he known to offers best dental implant in India.

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Dr. Eric Mirza: BDS, MDS (Prosthodontics)

Dr. Eric Mirza

Doctor Mirza has completed his BDS from Mumbai and MDS in Prosthodontics from Mangalore. He has expertise in local anesthesia and dental extractions, bridges, surgical dental extractions, root canal, silver filling and many more. He is a consultant dental surgeon and prosthodontist in Hinduja hospital. He has membership of Indian Dental Association, Indian prosthodontic society and Indian society of oral implantologist.

6. Jaslok Hospital

Jaslok Hospital

Jaslok Hospital was founded in year 1973 in presence of erstwhile Mrs. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Hospital is fully fitted with 376 beds, which includes 67 ICU beds, more than 253 consultant and 495 qualified nurses to serve their best in healthcare. Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre has well developed radiology, oncology, gynecology, neurology, molecular medicine and biology, endocrinology, urology, gastroenterology, microbiology and dentistry departments. Rather than medical and healthcare services hospital looks for the care and comfort of the patients. This hospital is known to provide well equipped rooms with nurse call system, cuisine to international taste and nursing care.
Address: Dr. Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road, IT Colony, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026
Following are the list of doctors that provides best dental implant in India at Jaslok Hospital:

Dr. Jatinder Nath Khanna: BDS, MDS(oral and maxillofacial surgery)

Dr. Jatinder Nath Khanna

Dr. Khanna has rich experience of more than 36 years experience in dentistry. He has accomplished BDS and MDS in oral and maxillofacial surgery. His area of interest is orthognatic surgery, salivary gland surgery, maxillofacial trauma and surgery and facial deformities. Currently, he is serving as a director of dental surgery in Jaslok Hospital.

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Dr. Nirav Gimani: BDS

Dr. Nirav Gimani

Dr. Nirav has completed his BDS and Master of Clinical Dentistry and his post graduation program in esthetics from New York. He has 8 years of experience in Prosthodontics and cosmetic surgeries. His area of interest is Esthetic dentistry, restorstive dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

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Dr. Simone Currim: BDS, MDS, DNB, M. Orth. RCS

Dr. Simone Currim

Dr. Simone Currim has done MDS specialized in orthodontics from university of Mumbai. She has been member of the Royal College of Surgeon in Edinburgh. Her articles have been published in American Journal of Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. She has more than 17 years of experience in dentistry.

7. Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital

Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital

The hospital was founded in year 2001 by Dr. Devi Shetty. Narayana hospital is a multi specialist hospital providing their services in more than 30 specialties, which includes urology, nephrology, cardiology, gynecology, orthopedics and gastroenterology departments. They treat more 80,000 patients per month and perform surgeries. Hospital conducts approx 40 heart surgery every day. This is a first hospital in Asia which implants artificial heart. They have specialized and experienced team for Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Orthodontic, Preodontics and Endodontic. The hospital consists of well trained team of doctors in various field of dental care to serve their best dental implant in India.
Address: Hosur Road, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Bengalore, Karnataka 560099
Following are the list of doctors that provides best dental implant in India at Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital:

Dr. Abhay Santhalia: BDS, MDS( Prosthodontist and cosmetic surgery)

Dr. Abhay Santhalia

Dr. Santhalia has done BDS and MDS in prosthodontist , crown bridge implantologist and cosmetic dentist. The doctor is expertise in prosthodontist and cosmetic surgery. He has more than 13 years experience in providing services related to best dental implant in India. Right now, he serves as a dental consultant in Narayana Hrudayal Hospital.

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Dr. Abhishek Ghosh Dastidar: BDS, FAGE

Lilabati hospital

Doctor Ghosh is offers his services as a consulting endodontist, dental surgeon, root canal, rotary endodontics, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. He is a member of Indian dental association with 9 years experience in dentistry. His area of expertise is in general dentistry, crown and bridges and root canal treatments.

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Dr. Ayan Das: BDS, MDS

Dr. Ayan Das

Dr. Das has completed his diploma in oral implantology, BDS, MDS (conservative dentistry and endodontics), cosmetic surgery and dental surgeon. He has an approx 12 years of experience in dental career. Dr. Das is known as dental surgeon and he is expertise in cosmetic surgery, root canal and dentiostry.

8. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and research centre was founded in year 2009. The hospital is design to provide the international standard healthcare to the patients. They have provides world class medical, diagnostics and clinical services to patients. Hospital consists of 750 beds, more than 100 doctors approx 530 qualified nurses to serve healthcare. Children heart care, nervous system cancer, dental care, critical care, bone and join, cardiac service, physical medicine and rehabilitation care and other medical care is provided by the hospital. Hospital has highly experienced doctors to provide full range of dental care. Hospital has latest equipments and technologies to perform best dental implant in India.
Address: Rao Saheb, Achutrao Patwardhan Marg, Four Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053
Following listed we some of the doctors that offers dental services in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital:

Dr. Hrishikesh Pusalkar: BDS , MDS

Dr. Hrishikesh Pusalkar

Dr. Hrishikesh Pusalkar serves as a consultant dental surgeon in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. He has done fellowship in Dental implant from university of Tubingen (Germany). He has specialized in Prosthodontics, Crown Bridge and implantology; and provides his services as laser dentistry, Prosthodontics and dental implants. He has been serving more than 8 years in Kokilaben hospital and perform best dental implant in India.

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Dr. Rajesh Koppikar: MSD

Lilabati hospital

Dr. Rajesh Koppikar is a consultant dental surgeon in Kokilaben Hospital. He has done his MDS in dental surgery and is specialized in dental implants and periodontics. He is one of the experienced dental doctors in Mumbai, with more than 28 years of experience in the field of dentistry. With his rich experience, he is serves as professor and HOD of periodontics.

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Dr. Rishi Khosa: MDS(oral and maxillofacial surgery)

Dr. Rishi Khosa

Dr. Khosa is a dental consultant and maxillofacial surgeon in Kokilaben hospital. He has expertise in dental trauma and broken jaws, oral pathology, wisdom teeth removal, dental emergencies and facial deformalities. He is associated with oral and maxillofacial trauma services. He has approx 10 years of experience in the dental field.

9. Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital

Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital

This is one of a leading centre for best dental implant in India, which collaborates internationally to provide best dental care for long term. The hospital is completely dedicated to dental care services and the dental ceramic laboratory of the hospital is fully-fitted with latest equipments and highly qualified staff. Hospital is known to perform most complex type of dental implants in their centre. As we said earlier, hospital has specialization in dental care and they have various services for dental care in their centre such as dental implant, general dentistry, rhinoplasty, oral and maxillofacial surgery, facial feminization surgery, cleft lip and palate surgery and emergency dental care.
The hospital is precisely work towards dental implants, and known as one of the best dental hospital in India. Balaji dental hospital performs various types of dental implants in their centre, which includes All-on -4-dental implants, distraction and dental implants, BMP and dental implants, zygoma implants, sinus lift and dental implant procedure, dental implants for thin jaw bone, dental implant of bone graft.
Address: Kavignar Bharathidasan Rd, MIG Colony, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018
Following listed we some of the doctors that offers dental services in Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital:

Dr. SM Balaji: BDS, MDS, PhD, DSc(Hon)

Dr. SM Balaji

Doctor SM Balaji is known as one of the best oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He is a member of Indian Dental Association and a specialized dentist. He provides his services as dentofacial orthopedics, crowns and bridges fixing, Acrylic partial denture and cast partial denture. He has more than 26 years of experience in the field of dentistry.

10. FMS Dental Hospital

FMS Dental Hospital

The FMS Dental hospital was founded in 1994 providing various dental services under one roof. The hospital is recognized as ‘The Best Hospital of The Year’ and ‘The Legend of The Year’ (Dental Services) by The Times of India in 2017 and 2018. This is one of the best dental care centre in Hyderabad and also known as 2nd best dental centre in the world- GCR rating. The hospital has advanced technology in their diagnostic centre to give best dental implant in India. Dental implants, preodontics, orthodontics, endodontics and conservative dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic dentistry, Prosthodontics, laser dentistry and TMD clinics these are some of the dental services provided by FMS dental hospital.
Address: Ayanger Plaza, Adj. Central Bank of India, Bank Street, Koti, Hyderabad, Telangana 500001
Some of the doctors providing their services in FMS Dental Hospital are:

Dr. Dushyant Paul: BDS, MDS

Dr. Dushyant Paul

Dr. Dushyant has completed his BDS from Bangalore University and MDS in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He has completed dental implantology training in all- 4- technique from Portugal. He has also done an advanced implantology and zygoma implant training from Hong Kong. His area of interest is maxillofacial surgery. He has more than 13 years of experience in dental care field.

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Dr. Murali Krishna: BDS, MDS

Dr. Murali Krishna

Dr. Murali has completed BDS from Chennai and MDS from Bangalore. He is one of the best Periodontist in the city. His area of interest is gum related cosmetic surgery and bone grafting. Currently, he is serving as a consultant periodontist with more than 11 years experience for best dental implant in India.

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Dr. Shailaja Reddy: BDS

Dr. Shailaja Reddy

Doctor Shailaja offers her services as a consultant implantologist in FMS dental hospital. She has a rich experience of 25 years in dentistry. She has performed thousands of implants in her dental medical career. She is expertise in Pterigoid implants, all on 6 techniques and zygomatic implants. She has received advanced dental training from Portugal, Spain, France and London.

11. Access Dental Hospital

Access Dental Hospital

The hospital is one of the best dental hospital in India which consists of modern dental care services. Access hospital provides special practice to maintain higher degree of dental care in all procedure and provides range of general, cosmetic and restorative treatments. Hospital has up-to-date technology to serve best dental care. The hospital has various dental care services such as orthodontics, dental implants, root canal treatments, pediatric dentistry, soft tissue dental lasers, digital x-rays and intra oral cameras.
Address: MRK Rd, Golnaka, Alwal, Secunderabad, Telangana 500015
The doctors associated with Access Dental Hospital are:

Dr. Amit Rao: BDS, MDS

Dr. Amit Rao

Dr. Amit Rao has completed his BDS and MDS in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He is a member of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in India. He offers his services for oral surgery process, Chin Mentoplasty, Facial fracture treatment and maxilla fracture treatment. With more than 16 years experience, currently he is working as a consultant in Access Dental Hospital in Hyderabad and provide best dental implant in India.

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Dr. Sushil Kumar Cirigiri: BDS, MDS (conservative dentistry and endodontics)

Dr. Sushil Kumar Cirigiri

Dr. Sushil has completed his BDS and MDS in conservative dentistry and endodontics. He has specialization in Endodontics and Implantology. He provides his services for dental filling, cosmetic dentistry, crowns and bridge fixing, oral and maxillofacial surgery, conservative dentistry, flap surgery and many more. With more than 17 years of experience, he became the Head at Dental Access Hospital (2003-2018).

12. VINN Hospital

VINN Hospital

This multi-specialty hospital has contributed greatly to the field of medical services and consider as one among the best dental hospital in India. The hospital is fitted with world-class infrastructure and advanced technology.
The hospital is providing medical facilities such as cardiology, endocrinology, dermatology, nephrology, gyneacology, radiology and imagiology, gastroenterology, pediatrics and dentistry. They have various specialized surgical department for bariatric surgery, ENT, dentistry, orthopedics, oncology, neuro surgery, anesthesiology, pediatric surgery etc. The dentistry department of VINN hospital includes oral and maxillofacial, wisdom teeth removal, dental implant placements, craniofacial surgery, reconstructive surgery, surgical management of facial deformities.
Address: Railway Station Road, Uma Nagar, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016
You can avail the services of the following dentists in VINN Hospital :

Dr. Ajay: BDS, MDS (Prosthodontics)

Dr. Ajay

Dr. Ajay has completed his BDS and MDS in Prosthodontics and implantology. He is a member of Indian Dental Association. Though his specialization is in Prosthodontics and implantology, he also provides his services for dental filling, dental sealant, facet dental, ceramic crown, dental crown, tooth extraction and best dental implant in India.

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Dr. Kamran B. Syed: BDS, MDS(oral and maxillofacial surgery)

Dr. Kamran B. Syed

Dr. Kamran Bokhari Syed has more than 13 years experience as oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He has done MSD in oral and maxillofacial surgery and his fellowship UK and Ireland. He is expert in oral cancer, dental implants, orthognathic, wisdom teeth removal and facial trauma. He has actively published many article and journals on dental healthcare.

13. S G Dental Care

S G Dental Care

Since 1983, S G centre has been providing dental services to people. They dedicatedly serve orthodontic, surgical dentistry, root canal treatment and general surgery. Senal extraction, habit breaking appliances, expansion appliances and various services are provided under orthodontic department. In surgical dentistry, they have Dental extraction, biopsies, fraction of jaw bone, impacted molar surgery and surgery for pathological lesions. And root canal treatment consists of complete denture, partial denture, fixed bridges, crowns and implants in S G Dental Care centre.
Address: Palm Spring Apts 89, 1st Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Next to Indian Bank, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020
Following doctors offers their service in SG Dental care:

Dr. B.R. Ramani: BDS, MDS

Dr. B.R. Ramani

Doctor Ramani is one of the finest implantologist and periodontist in Chennai. He has more than 36 years of experience in dental field. He is a specialized dental surgeon, periodontist and implantologist. He is a member of International Academy of Periodontology and American Association of Periodontology.

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Dr. Vaishnavi Swaminathan: BDS

Dr. Vaishnavi Swaminathan

Dr. Vaishnavi is known as one of the finest dentist in Chennai. She has completed her BDS and her area of interest is dental implants in India, he is serving dental care in SG Dental Care., fixing crown and facial trauma. She is a member of Indian Dental Association.

14. Dentalign


Dentalign is providing their services since 2007. The centre is equipped with the latest technology and qualified staff to serve best dental care. The centre is full fledge to serve root canal treatments, cosmetic dentistry, braces, dental implant and much more in dental care. Centre has special departments for orthodontics, general dentistry and implants. They serve orthodontics treatments for both teen and adults. In general surgeries, they perform cosmetic surgery, preodontics, endodontic, wisdom tooth extraction and denture. Dentalign is known to provide best dental implant in India.
Address: Ground floor, Ivanhoe, Near Sapna book house, 80 feet road, Indiranagar, Banglore, Karnataka 560038.
These are the dentists you can consult at Dentalign centre:

Dr. V. Ravinder: BDS, MDS, MOrth

Dr. V. Ravinder

The doctor has completed his fellowship in orthodontics from Edinburgh. He has done MDS in orthodontics and certification in oral implantology. He has membership of Indian Orthodontic Society, American Dental Association and The Royal College of Surgeon of Edinburgh. He has expertise in orthodontics, implantology and dentofacial orthopedist. With is 19 years of experience currently he is working in Dentalign.

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Dr. Aditi Chandra: BDS, MDS

Lilabati hospital

Dr. Chandra has completed BDS and MDS in conservative dentistry and endodontics. She has a specialization in endodontics. She offers her services for root canal, tooth whitening and dental impants. She has worked with many dental care centers as endodontics dentist and currently is serving in Dentalign dental care centre.

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Dr. Nikhar Ravinder: BDS, MDS

Dr. Nikhar Ravinder

Dr. Nikhar Ravinder has done BDS and MDS in dentofacial orthopedics and orthodontics. She is a member of American Association of Orthodontics and world Federation of Orthodontists with 16 years experience in this field. She has specialization in orthodontist, dental surgeries and dentofacial orthopedist. She offers her services for metal braces fixing, tooth colored filling, impacted tooth extraction and best dental implant in India.

15. RR Dental Hospital

RR Dental Hospital

The hospital was founded in 1995, RR Dental Hospital is occupied with an experienced panel of doctors and consultants. The hospital offers cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment, vedio imaging and dental x-rays, orthodontics, and smile designing. There are various procedures done in the hospital in the dental department such as root canal treatment, dental implants, veneers, orthodontic treatments, filling of decay teeth and many more. The hospital gives high quality treatments with hygienic dental equipments of international standard and known as one of the best dental implant clinic in India.
Address: Vadapalani,Opp. to Hotel Ambika Empire, Behind Vadapalani Murugan Temple, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026.
Here listed are the doctors that provides dental care in RR Dental Hospital:

Dr. Sanjay Rajan: BDS, MDS

Dr. Sanjay Rajan

Dr. Rajan has completed MDS in oral and maxillofacial prosthodontist. With experience of 25 years, he is a member of Indian Prosthodontic Society and Indian Dental Association. He is specialized in endodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics and orthodontics. The doctor provides his services in endosurgery, dental filling, cosmetic dentistry, artificial teeth and many more.

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Dr. Subha Priyadarshini: BDS

Dr. Subha Priyadarshini

Dr. Priyadarshini has completed her BDS and started offering cosmetic dentistry. At present, she works for RR Dental Hospital. She is member of Indian Dental Association. She has approx 13 years of experience in dental field.

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Dr. B Kayal Vizhi: BDS, MDS

Dr. B Kayal Vizhi

Dr. Vizhi is a member of Indian Dental Association and Indian Prosthetic Society. He is specialized in prosthodontist. She has more than 26 years of experience and currently works in RR hospital. She is known to treat palate surgery, presurgical orthodontics, laser surgery, ceramic crown and bridge fixin, fixed partial denture and teeth implants in India and many more.

16. Ridgetop Dental International

Ridgetop Dental International

The Ridgetop Dental International has team of highly trained doctors who come with rich background of education and experience. The centre has specialized services for best dental implant in India, orthodontists, cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment, Crown Bridge and restorative dentistry. The centre offers various types of implants such as All on 4 dental implants, dentures and dental implants. The denture implants are consists of implant supported removable denture, complete denture and hybrid implant supported denture. The centre is considered as one of the best dental hospital in India.
Address: Second Block, Kormanagala, Near Kendriya Sadan, Bengalore, Karnataka 560034
Following are the dentists serving at Ridgetop Dental International:

Dr. Jayshree Hegde: BDS, MDS

Dr. Jayshree Hegde

With rich experience of 26 years, Dr. Jayshree is a member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Indian Association of conservative and Endodontics and Indian Dental Association. He is providing his services as dental implant fixing, dental filling, ceramic crown, cosmetic makeover, teeth whitening and many more.

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Dr. Datta: BDS, DDS

Dr. Datta

Dr. Datta has completed BDS from Bangalore and Doctor of Dental Surgery from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He offers his services in Mucogingval surgery, fixed partial denture, cosmetic dentistry, artificial teeth and cast partial denture. He has more than 23 years of experience in dental care.

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Dr. Dipesh D Rao

Dr. Dipesh D Rao

Dr. Rao has completed with BDS and MDS in oral and maxillofacial surgery and fellowship in cleft lip and palate from Bangalore. He is an expert in oral and maxillofacial surgery and achieved gold medal for it. He is also a member of International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

What is the Dental implants cost in India?

The dental implants cost in India is approx Rs. 30,000- Rs. 50,000 this may vary considering the company of an implant chosen. There are many companies that provide best dental implant in India.

The below table will help you compare dental implant cost at different countries: The average price for tooth implant are as follows:

Dental implant cost comparison:

Countries Endosteal Sub Periosteal Transosseous
INDIA Rs. 26,990 ($400) Rs. 31,038 ($460) Rs. 37,111 ($550)
USA Rs. 2,42,911($3600) Rs. 3,10,387($4600) Rs. 4,41,964($6550)
UK Rs. 2,02, 426 ($3000) Rs. 2,36,164 ($3500) Rs. 3,50,872 ($5200)
SINGAPORE Rs. 32,388 ($480) Rs. 42,509 ($630) Rs. 50,606 ($750)
THAILAND Rs. 30,363 ($450) Rs. 37,111($550) Rs. 43,859($650)
Countries Endosteal Sub Periosteal Transosseous
INDIA Rs. 26,990
Rs. 31,038
Rs. 37,111
USA Rs. 2,42,911
Rs. 3,10,387
Rs. 4,41,964
UK Rs. 2,02, 426
Rs. 2,36,164
Rs. 3,50,872
SINGAPORE Rs. 32,388
Rs. 42,509
Rs. 50,606
THAILAND Rs. 30,363
Rs. 37,111
Rs. 43,859

Dental implant cost comparison:

Countries Root Form Plate Form
INDIA Rs. 40,485 ($600) Rs. 22,941 ($340)
USA Rs. 4,85,823 ($7200) Rs. 3,44,125 ($5100)
UK Rs. 3,84,610 ($5700) Rs. 2,76,649 ($4100)
SINGAPORE Rs. 59,378 ($880) Rs. 37,111 ($550)
THAILAND Rs. 45,883 ($680) Rs. 33,737 ($500)

As you can see from the above table, we have given cost for various types of dental implants in different countries. There is a huge difference in terms of cost. The table shows that in India the price of the implants are far less as compared to other countries though not comprise on the quality. Dental impants cost in India for endosteal dental implant cost is approx Rs. 25,000 , sub periosteal- Rs. 30,000, transosseous and root form –Rs. 40,000 and plate form dental implant – Rs. 23,000. USA, UK, Thailand and Singapore is providing same dental treatment but at a higher cost. Like that there are various countries who offers dental treatments, but the quality and cost will be vary from country to country.

As far as best dental implant company in India is concerned, Osstem is considered to be the top brand available in the country.

Biocare, Alpha bio and BEGO are the various other brands for dental implants. Though, these brands provide quality dental implants but with different quality parameters the dental implants cost in India varies.

When you plan dental implants in any country, you always need to know about the doctors, consultants’ fees and the implants cost. But when you plan to come for dental implants here in India, you will know that the dental implants cost in India is less as compare to many other countries.

Though, the dental implant price and the dentist fees for dental implants are less in India that doesn’t mean the clinics here in India doesn’t use advanced technologies and don’t have latest techniques to treat dental problems.

Clinics in India is fully equipped with world class-and advanced technologies with highly qualified and experienced dentist to deal with issues related to teeth. People from other countries to choose India for dental treatments.

Though, cost of full mouth dental implants in India would further vary depending on an array of factors mentioned earlier.

There are many patients from the countries like Kenya, Sri Lanka, Congo, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzaniya New zealand, Australia etc. come to India for dental implants. Because they find dental implant in India better than other countries in terms of service quality and the tooth implant cost in India.

What makes you an ideal candidate for dental implants in India?

The ideal candidate for dental implants should have a stable oral and general health. The candidate should have healthy gums which are free of periodontal disease and adequate bone in your jaw is needed to support the dental implants. People who are medically unstable who cannot go for any elective surgery, could not have dental implants. Major loss of bone can create a problem in dental implants, because the implants need bone for support. Those who smoke can also go for dental implants but it won’t be that successful as compared to a non-smoker.

Procedure of best Dental implant in India

In an initial stage the implant post is placed in the jawbone and is usually done under a local anesthetic. During this process, new bone cell will grow on and around the implant post, ensuring it cannot move and that it is strong enough to support a restoration.

To assist healing you need to make sure that after surgery- dental appliances should not be worn for the first few days after surgery as it is advised not to put pressure on the site. Using the appliance right away helps in adjusting it. Hence, it doesn’t touch the implant, thus putting less pressure on the implant.

In the second stage of surgical procedure, it takes place between three and eight month later, at which the implant will be exposed and evaluated. This is a process to ensure if the implant post has successfully locked into the jawbone. At this point, it may be necessary to make some changes.

If the implant has failed to lock in, then it may need to be removed. In this stage changing the implant and placing it at a different area is an option.

At this stage, your final prosthesis will be constructed. The fee for the final teeth is usually separated from the surgical fees.

Post operative care :

  • You should take care of the surgical area that will help to promote optimum healing. You will be provided with instructions, and it is helpful to make sure they are handy in the days following surgery.

  • If you are ever not sure about any of the instructions, or are concerned that healing may not be proceeding normally, then you should call your dentist.

  • If your surgery involves i.v. sedation or a sedative you may feel lightheaded or a little faint immediately after surgery, so make sure you are accompanied by an adult who can drive you home.

  • You will be advised to take it easy for the first day or two after surgery and avoid operating any machinery or drive for the first twenty-four hours.

Risk associated with a dental implant procedure :

The risk associated with dental implant can be in the surgery or the tooth restoration.

Surgical risk can include

  • Bleeding

  • Infection

  • Swelling

  • Pain

  • Temporary facial bruising

  • More severe but rare problems are

  • Bone fracturing in areas where the jaw is thin

  • Muscle spasms

  • Injuries to the temporomandibular joint

  • Damage to tooth roots which may later need root canal treatment or need to be removed.

  • Nerve damage as the surgical site is generally very close to a sensory nerve. This is mostly in the lower jaw. The damage can cause numbness, pain or a tingling sensation in the lips, chin and tongue. This numbness is usually temporary, but occasionally it may be permanent.

  • Sinus or nasal perforation during implant surgery

  • Sinus infection

Above all complications are usually resolved when treated appropriately.

They can be treated at the clinic with medications and procedures during the surgery or at home with medications such as.

  • Pain medication to reduce pain

  • Antibiotics to avoid or treat infection

  • Steroids to avoid inflammation

You could have some side effects after the dental implants such as:

  • You might be facing localized facial bruising after best dental implant in India.

  • You could have swelling in the mouth or on the side of the face.

  • Stiffness or soreness could be seen on your face.

  • Bleeding should not be uncontrolled, and if it seems heavy or fails to stop within a few hours, then you should contact to your dentist for the help or an advice

You will be provided with detailed written instructions on how to deal with any discomfort. This may include ice pack to help reduce the swelling, pain medication to help with any discomfort, and methods to control the bleeding. If you feel any excessive discomfort, then contact your doctor for advice.

Long term success of dental implants relies on good oral hygiene. It is important to regularly brush and floss the implants. And return to your dentist for check- ups and cleanings. The success rate of dental implants in India is generally very high due to the advances in the field of dentistry here.

This is what exactly dental implants in India could do?

- Replace one or more than one teeth without affecting other tooth.
- Provide support for denture
- Support the bridge and crown

Frequently Ask Question (FAQs)

Q. Are Dental implants safe?

Yes, dental implants in India are always safe. Since we have qualified and experienced doctors that provide advanced treatment with quality implants.

Q. What is Dental implant surgery?

- In dental implant surgery doctor place titanium to the root of you tooth, into the jawbone beneath the gum line that allows you doctor to mount replacement teeth or a crown bridge into that area

Q. What is the tooth implant price in India?

- Basically, the implant cost is approx Rs. 41, 000 – 61,000 for single teeth implant. Dental implants cost in India vary with various factor mainly it is depends on which brand of implant you have selected. Doctor’s consultant fees are added in the implant provided by the company, you don’t have to pay extra

Q. How painful the Dental implant procedure?

- No, dental implant procedure is not painful as it is performed using local aneasthesia to numb the mouth. But you may face some discomfort after the implant procedure during the healing period

Q. Is it better to get a Dental implant or a bridge?

- It is depends upon the age and the area of implant and the nature of jaw bone and gums. But one of the major issue in dental implant is your jaw grow vertical and your teeth grow with your jaw hence they fit against with each other and the gum around the implant will stay at its height so the implant may look submerged with other teeth. That can create problem of the angulations. On other hand the bridges are supported by the natural teeth, if you have enough space in your jaw bone for restored teeth than bridge will be a good idea. But it is always depends upon your dental medical condition. Doctor can help you in this case to select the best option for your dental care

Q. How long is recovery time for dental implants?

- Dental implant is a surgical method so it takes time to heal and recover completely. The dental implants procedure takes 1-2 hours but the healing of the implants takes time. It depends on your jaw bone how it grow and can take 2 or 3 months to heal completely

Q. How do I choose the right clinic for dental implants?

- If you are searching for best dental implant in India, clinicspots is the perfect place for you. The site will guide you and help you choose the right and affordable dentists

Q. Who requires dental implants?

- If you have lost your teeth or looking for replacement of teeth then you can have dental implants. For dental implants you should have stable medical condition with healthy gums. Age and your life style are the various factors which also matters if you want to undergo dental implants.

Q. What is the benefit of dental implants?

- Missing tooth creates problem and can affect your chewing ability. Replacing missing teeth with the help of dental implants is always advisable as you can chew again and cosmetic dentistry further can enhance your smile.

Q. What are the risks in Dental implants procedure?

- You can face several problems in dental implants such as swelling, pain, sinus infection and jaw fracturing of thin jaw and many more. These conditions can easily be cured with the help of your dentists.

Ask your question below, our experts will reply to you:

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Questions & Answers (19)

Verified User (posted anonymously)

3rd October, 2019 at 08:08 pm

I would like to know the cost of full upper and lower arch implants incl Pterygoid basal implants to address low bone density ceramic zirconia implants if an option with zirconia crowns at least in the long run

Verified User (posted anonymously)

13th September, 2019 at 11:55 pm

Best Dental Implant in India

Verified User (posted anonymously)

3rd September, 2019 at 12:12 am

Front 2 tooth broken very small part need to correct it what is the procedure and cost

Team ClinicSpots replied

4th September, 2019 at 03:15 pm

Hello, As you have mentioned that your front 2 teeth are broken it can be rebuilt by composite build up. There is no need for a dental implant in your case. Further, the cost of composite build up starts from Rs. 2,000 and can increase depending upon the clinic and the dentist’s experience. Hope our answer helps you.

Verified User (posted anonymously)

2nd September, 2019 at 08:27 am

Sir I have 14 good teeth Five on top in the front Eight on bottom in the front and one on bottom in back I want seven implants on top and six on the bottom I plan on coming to India in December and would like to have an estimate in USD Thanks Joe Smith

Benard Waweru

27th August, 2019 at 09:58 am

Looking to get a full mouth dental implant Please send me all available information and quotesrnThank you

Team ClinicSpots replied

31st August, 2019 at 11:50 am

Hello Benard, A dental implant is a procedure where an implant is used to replace a single missing tooth, several missing teeth or all of the teeth. When it comes to tooth replacement there are three options: 1) complete or partial dentures 2) fixed dental bridge or 3) dental implant. A single implant with a prosthesis (Cap/Crown) will cost from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000 depending upon the type of company of dental implant and the prosthesis material. Whereas, a bridge implant would cost from Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 30,000 depending upon the material used. But it is advisable to get a dental implant as it has a life span of 10 years or more. However, considering the average life span of a bridge, the doctor might need to replace the bridge, which will again cost you approx Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 40,000. This increase in cost is because sometimes the dentist might need to make a longer bridge if bone loss has occurred around the supporting teeth, which will add to the expense. So, over 10 years the bridge might cost you Rs. 21,000 to 70,000 which is more than or equal to the cost of the implant. ***the cost of the implant may differ as it also depends on the clinic and the implantologist’s experience. Hope our answer helps you.


26th August, 2019 at 01:00 pm

Have plans to care about my teeth in 3 month I will love to get estimate for 6 or 8 implant and other info rnTyrnPaul

Verified User (posted anonymously)

26th August, 2019 at 04:53 am

I want to ipmlant 2 teeth How cost for this treatment

Team ClinicSpots replied

4th September, 2019 at 03:26 pm

Hello, The basic cost of a single implant ranges from Rs. 30, 000 to Rs. 50, 000. As you have mentioned that you need to get two of your teeth implanted, the cost might vary from Rs. 60, 000 to Rs. 1, 00, 000. Note: The cost will differ depending upon your health condition, clinic and the implantologist’s experience. Hope our answer helps you.

Verified User (posted anonymously)

24th August, 2019 at 04:51 pm

I have done a 3d scan of my mouth which I can send over along with pictures I will need 3 extractions 1 3 teeth implant and 1 1 tooth implant Possibly a bone graft What kind of grafting techniques do you have what is the duration for treatment and cost


19th August, 2019 at 07:41 am

Can a hyperthyroid patient ever gets dental implant?

Verified User (posted anonymously)

14th August, 2019 at 07:56 pm

Dental Implants required for Arthritis patient rnPlease let me know the cost and time to implantation

Verified User (posted anonymously)

6th August, 2019 at 12:45 pm

I want to know the cost for the Dental implant surgeryrnI have around 8 teeth that needed the implant

Verified User (posted anonymously)

26th July, 2019 at 09:09 am

Hi this is Amin l looking for good and professional implant dental thanks

Verified User (posted anonymously)

21st July, 2019 at 05:13 am

I am visiting India for one week. Can I have three implants done? if so how much is the cost & what type of implant?


5th July, 2019 at 01:31 pm

I am 36 years old and i want to do dental implant for myself. I need to know something about the clinic in india and the price as well

Sandeep Singh

14th June, 2019 at 11:37 am

Best dental implant hospital in Chandigarh and panchkula.

Team ClinicSpots replied

31st August, 2019 at 12:59 pm

Hello Sandeep, For your ease of search we have mentioned below few best dental implant clinics in Chandigarh and Panchkula: Chandigarh 1. Dental Lifeline Address: House No. 28 Ground Floor, Near Tagore Theatre, Sector 18-A, Chandigarh Timings: Monday to Saturday: 10 AM – 2 PM | 3 PM – 8 PM 2. Advanced Dental & Medical Care Address: Sco 156, Sector 37 C, Sector 37, Chandigarh Timings: Monday to Sunday: 10 AM – 2 PM | 5 PM – 8 PM 3. Life Care Dental and Implant Centre Address: 1st Floor, Above Canara Bank, Mani Majra, Chandigarh Timings: Tuesday to Sunday: 10 AM – 2 PM | 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM 4. Kapoor Dental Clinic Address: Sector 7-C, Sector 7, Chandigarh Timings: Monday to Saturday: 10 AM – 1:30 PM | 5 PM – 7:30 PM 5. Bhatnagar Dental & Orthodontic Clinic Address: Hno.3512, Sector 38-D, Sector 38, Chandigarh Timings: Monday to Saturday: 10 AM – 1 PM | 4:30 PM – 8 PM Panchkula 1. Takkar Dental Clinic Address: House No.496, Sector 9, Panchkula, Haryana Timings: Monday to Saturday: 8:30 AM – 1 PM | 4:30 PM – 8 PM 2. Dr. Sanjay Kalra's Multi Speciality Dental Clinic Address: Sco 13, Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana Timings: Monday to Saturday: 10 AM – 2 PM | 5 PM – 8 PM 3. Dr Neelam Shourie's City Dental Clinic Address: 713, Haryana Forest Colony, Sector 11, Panchkula, Haryana Timings: Tuesday to Sunday: 9:30 AM – 8 PM 4. Tooth Care Dental Clinic Address: 219 sector 10, Panchkula, Haryana Timings: Monday to Sunday: 9:30 AM – 9:30 PM 5. Panwar Dental Clinic & Implant Centre Address: 1348-P B-, Sector 20 Rd, Panchkula Timings: Monday to Saturday: 9:30 AM – 8 PM Hope our answer helps you.

Sayani halder

9th May, 2019 at 10:22 pm

The best dental hospital in West Bengal

Team ClinicSpots replied

15th May, 2019 at 11:51 am

Hello Sayani Halder, We have listed some of the best Dental Hospitals you can refer: 1)West Bank Hospital Address: 120 / 1, Andul Road, Howrah, West Bengal - 711109, Howrah, West Bengal 2)B P Poddar Hospital and Medical Research Limited Address: 71/1 Humayun Kabir Sarani,New Alipore, Block – G, Kolkata 700053, Kolkata, West Bengal 3)P N Memorial Neuro Centre and Research Institute Ltd Address: DESUN Hospital And Heart Institute Desun More, Kasba Golpark, EM Bypass Kolkata-700107, India, Kolkata, West Bengal 4)Fortis Hospitals Limited Address: 730, Anandapur, E.M. Bypass Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700107, Kolkata, West Bengal 5)Charnock Hospital Private Limited Address: Tegharia, Rajarhat, Kolkata, West Bengal For any further inquiries feel free to message us back. Hope this answers your query.


4th February, 2019 at 08:15 am

I would like to know the price for a full mouth to be done with implants my back Mollers have been removed already

Team ClinicSpots replied

4th September, 2019 at 03:41 pm

Hello Jennifer, The cost of full mouth dental implant for one jaw is approximately Rs. 175, 000 ($2,430.5). So it will be approximately Rs. 350, 000 ($4,861.1) for both the jaws. Note: the cost can increase depending upon your health condition, clinic and experience of the implantologist. Hope our answer helps you.

Verified User (posted anonymously)

27th December, 2018 at 07:30 am

Currently my age us 57 in car accident I lost my 12 teeth want to do implant what will be the estimate cost and visa procedure to come to India

Team ClinicSpots replied

22nd March, 2019 at 03:04 am

Yes for sure you can go for dental implant in India, the cost of a single implant will be approx 30000 to 50000 and as you want to implant for 12 teeth will be nearly 350000 to 750000 and it may vary with factors such as your age and health condition. Your age is 52 years so the cost of the implant may be slightly increased. Following are steps you have to follow to get medical visa : Step 1. You apply for a medical visa at the Indian Embassy or e-visa. Step 2. You send us the passport photocopy of patient and attendant. Step 3. Our Hospital will send the medical visa invitation letter to the Indian Embassy. A copy of the invitation letter will be emailed to you too. Step 4. You need to show a copy of the invitation letter during your visa interview. Step 5. Once you get the medical visa and book air tickets, please send a copy, then we will book the doctor's appointment. At any step you need our assistance, please let us know.

Verified User (posted anonymously)

25th December, 2018 at 02:14 pm

Thanks for sharing the huge information regarding dental implantation treatment

Team ClinicSpots replied

25th December, 2018 at 04:14 pm

We are always happy to help :)