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Dr. Naiya Bansal

Dr. Naiya Bansal

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Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu

Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu

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Dr. Himanshu Paul

Dr. Himanshu Paul

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Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab and Haryana and is one of the planned cities in independent India. It has the highest per capita income in the country and is one of the cleanest cities in India. It has taken great strides ahead in terms of modernization and the residents of Chandigarh are well aware of the advancement made in the field of science and technology. Today people have become world citizen connected to each other through social media like skype, twitter and facebook etc. So looking their best has become a priority.

Having healthy and thick hair enhances your beauty and if there is baldness, receding hairline or hair thinning due to any reason they do not hesitate to correct it. Hair transplant is one such surgery which helps to restore your hair as well as your looks and self-esteem. It is a minor surgery with minimal risk and great success rate, even the hair transplant cost in Chandigarh is nominal as compared to other places. Except chandigarh in India there are other cities which has got best hair treatment, Hair Transplant in Ludhiana is also more effective and resulting.

Hair Transplant Cost in Chandigarh

Hair transplant cost in Chandigarh is quite reasonable as compared to other metro cities and it falls between Rs 35.00 to Rs. 40.00 per graft. You will usually pay Rs. 35000 to Rs. 40000 for 1000 grafts.

Number of hair graftsMinimum CostMaximum Cost
1000 GraftsRs. 35,000Rs. 40,000
1000 – 1500 GraftsRs. 52,500Rs. 60,000
1500 – 2000 GraftsRs. 70,000Rs. 80,000
2000 – 2500 GraftsRs. 87,500Rs. 1,00,000

What is Hair Transpalnt?

Hair transplant is a procedure where the hair is moved from the area which is genetically resistant to balding like the back of the head called donor site to the area where there is baldness or scanty hair which is the top of the head called the recipient site.
Reason for hairfall:

• Alopecia which is genetic is the major reason for hair loss. Men start losing their hair in late twenties and thirties due to male pattern baldness.

• Stress can cause extreme hair loss and can also trigger the male pattern baldness.

• People experience hair fall due to lack of healthy and balanced diet; they have protein, omega 3 and vitamin deficiency.

• Some illness and medication can also trigger hair loss.

• Hair follicles can be damaged permanently by excessive use of styling products which can cause thinning and sometimes stop the growth of hair.

Hair transplant is a procedure that requires great expertise so that you may get natural hair growth which last for lifetime, for that you need a surgeon who is qualified and has enough experience to carry out the surgery. It makes sense to be realistic about the surgery and weigh all the pros and cons regarding it. There are various options available so choose properly keeping your budget in mind.


• There is no age limit for a person to opt for hair transplant. Hair loss pattern in young candidate is still not established so hair transplant does not look natural over the period of time as they keep losing hair and they may have to do more transplants in future.

• It is very important to have a steady supply of donor hair which can cover the area of hair loss as the final outcome of the surgery depends on the amount of hair available for transplant.

• The candidate must be healthy with strong immune system so that recovery is fast and they are strong enough to fight infection. They should discuss all their medical issues with the doctor beforehand so that the doctor can plan the treatment accordingly

Hair transplant is done on an outpatient basis. The patient is made to feel relaxed and is mentally prepared for the surgery. The scalp is washed and treated with antibacterial agent and the surgery is done under local anesthesia.

Hair transplant techniques

  1. Procedure For Follicular Unit Transplantation [FUT]:
    • For follicular unit transplantation which is also called strip transplantation thin strip of tissue is removed from the back of the head which is called the donor site using sharp scalpel. The site is then sutured or stapled closed and in the meantime the strip is dissected into follicular unit graft which are individual grouping of naturally formed hair follicles and using microscopic binoculars excessive fatty tissues are removed carefully without damaging the follicular cells which will be used for grafting.
    • The site for grafting is determined beforehand, even the density, pattern and the angling of the wound is preplanned so that the hair pattern looks natural. Finally the individual grafts are inserted in place by the technicians. This surgery leaves a thin linear scar which takes about two weeks to heal and the patient has to get the stitches removed by the doctor.
  2. Procedure For Follicular Unit Extraction [FUE]:
    • Follicular unit extraction is the method where the grafts are removed one by one from the donor area by using sharp rounded instrument called punches by hand. It leaves behind tiny open holes which heal naturally. The recipient site where the grafts will be inserted is marked according to density, pattern and angling of the wound beforehand so that the hair pattern looks natural.
    • The grafts are inserted using needles and sharp tiny blades. It takes about seven days to heal. This procedure is long and tiring. The advantage of FUE surgery is that it gives very natural result, there is no need to harvest large area of tissues from the scalp so there are no scars and it heals quickly with minimal pain and discomfort. The disadvantage is that it is time consuming and it is costlier.

Hair Transplant Techniques

FUE Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant

Robotic Hair Transplant

PRP Hair Transplant

Other Hair Transplants

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Facial Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant



  1. Is hair transplant permanent or not?
    Yes, hair transplant is permanent in nature, as the transplanted hair is generally extracted from the backside of your own head, where the hairs are genetically more durable.
  2. I am having a medical condition can I undergo a hair transplant or not?
    Yes, but at first a medical check-up is recommended to understand what complications you are facing.
    Some of the common conditions are High Blood pressure, Diabetes, Alopecia etc. The hair transplant surgeon will only suggest you to undergo the surgery if all the medical conditions are under control.
  3. Does the needle or drill will affect the skull or not?
    The drilling that is done in hair transplant surgery is only 0.3 mm deep which is sufficient enough to penetrate the upper layer of the skin of your scalp. So there are no chances of the drill to getting anywhere near your skull.
  4.  How much pain will I feel during hair transplant?
    You won't feel any pain while extraction or implantation of the grafts since you will be provided with local Anaesthesia during the surgery.
  5. Will it look natural or not?
    Yes, since the procedure involves transplanting your own hair, it gives the most ‘natural look’. This also depends on various factors:
    • The treatment that you choose (for e.g. FUE).
    • The quality of donor hair.
    • How experienced or qualified the specialist is.
  6. How long will the hair transplant procedure take?
    The timing of the procedure and how long it will take to complete it usually depends on the number of grafts to be implanted.
    Ex : If you require a transplant of 1500-2000 hair grafts, it will take 6- 8 hours for its completion.
  7. When can I resume my work?
    You can resume work from the next day itself unless and until you have to do any heavy field work as you have to be careful and protect the implanted Grafts from direct sunlight and dust. So wearing a protective headwear is recommended.
  8. Are there any post-surgery side effects?
    Absolutely no major side effects have been recorded yet, although there are some minor post-surgery side effects like swelling and redness in the implanted area. Though, with proper medication, this can be treated successfully.
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