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Hair transplant in UK

We will discuss Hair Transplant UK on this page.

Let’s start off with the short briefing on what is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is a surgical method which helps to move hair from a portion of the scalp where hair is available to the area with baldness, using different surgery techniques the surgeon carries out at the best UK hair transplant clinic. The country has developed better medical facilities and infrastructure as compared with the rest of the countries and this is one of the reasons why many people choose hair transplant UK. Rise in pollution and unhealthy diets are the two major reasons behind hair loss. If you are looking for Hair transplant in UK then you are at the right place as we are here to guide you towards clinics that provide best Hair transplant UK.

As hair transplant is an important decision, one can’t go with just any clinic because it can involve the risk of quality. Hair transplant UK offers you the best quality services which guarantee complete customer satisfaction that won’t make you regret your decision ever. UK hair transplant clinics have world’s best surgeons with decades of experience, to give you your desired natural look with their advanced hair transplant technologies.

Why should you go for hair transplant in UK?

  • Hair transplant UK is expensive but there are no compromises on the treatment.
  • You won’t ever regret having your hair transplant in UK.
  • There are highly experienced and qualified Hair Transplant surgeons UK.
  • Cost is charged as per graft.
  • Wide range of hair transplant techniques.
  • UK hair transplant clinics offers various packages to make sure that it fulfils the patient’s requirements and suits their budget.

What to do before going for hair transplant in UK?

  • Always make wise decision without any panic.
  • Find the right UK hair transplant clinic.
  • Know your budget.
  • Documents you need to carry
    1. Your ID
    2. Visa
    3. Medical report

UK Hair Transplant Clinics

Hair Transplant London

As you know that London is the capital city of United Kingdom, the quality and the standards of living are high in this city. London has the most advanced medical facilities when compared to other cities in the UK, thus many people choose to have Hair transplant UK.If we talk about the hair transplant London cost then we have to agree, the charges are high but the quality of service that is provided by the best hair transplant surgeon UK is second to none.

Hair transplant London is one of the most trusted places among the patients for hair transplant.

Below is the list of Hair Transplant clinics London.

1. London Hair Loss Clinic

London Hair Loss Clinic

The London hair loss clinic provides best hair transplant and aesthetic surgeries in London. The cost is pretty affordable here and you will be getting the best quality hair transplant treatment at a low price. You can get desired results as per your requirement. Many people choose London Hair loss clinic as it is regarded as one of the best Hair Transplant clinic London.To know more fill up the enquiry form.

10 Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 9PF, UK
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2. The Harley Street Healthcare – hair transplant clinics

The Harley street healthcare clinics are regarded as one of the best hair transplant clinic in London. They have many branches of their clinic in major cities such as Birmingham’s Victoria Square, Manchester Street and more, you can visit any clinic which you find convenient to travel.

The Harley street healthcare clinic has served more than thousands of satisfied patients. Many patients claim that this is the best hair transplant clinic UK.To know more fill up the enquiry form.

LONDON, 22 Harley St, London W1G 9PL, United Kingdom.
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3. Harley hair street clinic

Harley hair street clinic

The Harley Street Healthcare clinicis the most popular clinic for FUE hair transplant UK. You can prefer to undergo Hair transplant treatment from Harley Street Hair Clinic as they have highly experienced and qualified doctors to perform best hair transplant UK.

They are surely a value for money franchise. You cannot compromise on the quality of the hair transplant treatment and hence need to choose the best hair transplant clinic UK. You can also checkout the prices by filling up the enquiry form as the Harley hair street clinics have affordable rates for hair transplant in London.To know more fill up the enquiry form.

75 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 9RS.
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4. HGC (Hair Growth Centre), London

HGC (Hair Growth Centre), London

Let me start off with saying that HGC Hair centres are widely renowned due to their excellent services, with more than 65 staff members who provide best possible facilities and care to their patients. They have carried more than 2000 hair transplant surgeries which make them one of the best clinics

for your hair transplant UK.HGC’s clinics treat patients of all age groups, both men and women although it is not recommended patients below 25 years to undergo Hair transplantation.To know more fill up the enquiry form.

14th floor, Wembley point, Wembley, London HA9 6DE United Kingdom United Kingdom

44 Chippenham Road, London W9 2AF, The United Kingdom

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5. Ziering Hair Clinic

Ziering Hair Clinic

The Ziering Medical is a private organization founded by Doctor Ziering himself. At Ziering hair clinics, there are many different non-surgical treatment methods for hair transplant. Ziering is one of best clinics for hair transplant in UK. You will be ensured with proper healthcare and facilities at Ziering Medical, they also are equipped with advanced medical equipments. To know more fill up the enquiry form.

The Triangle, 5-17 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 0LG
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Hair Transplant Glasgow

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and makes up to 3rd most of the population in the United Kingdom. The medical sector is booming here in Glasgow but due to the weather conditions and pollution many people in Scotland often witness hair fall. There are some of the best hair restoration clinics in Glasgow who intend to give the best hair Transplant in Glasgow. Glasgow is a place where at various clinics, you can get cheap hair transplant UK. Here are some of the clinics listed below.

1. Hair Transplant Glasgow

Hair Transplant Glasgow

Hair Transplant Glasgow was founded in 2013 by Alex McGee and has an experience of more than a decade in the field of Hair Transplant surgeries. Hair transplant Glasgow are one of the best hair transplant centres in the United Kingdom. Hair transplant Glasgow is very popular for FUE treatment with

latest technologies and painless surgery. You can choose from a wide range of surgery methods such as FUE, FUT, DHI and more. They even offer discounts that you won’t able to resist. To know more fill up the enquiry form.

Hair Transplant Glasgow, 69 Buchanan Street,Glasgow G13HL.
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2. The Glasgow Clinic

The Glasgow Clinic

The Glasgow Clinic has proven medical team and modern equipment to provide best hair transplant UK. They specialize in Follicular unit extraction hair transplant technique (FUE) which is most modern and effective technique available. The doctors here at the Glasgow clinic have more than 20 years of experience. To know more fill up the enquiry form.

234 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 4QY
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3. DHI Medical Group – Glasgow, Hair Transplant, Hair Restoration

DHI Medical Group – Glasgow, Hair Transplant, Hair Restoration

The DHI Medical group was founded in 1970 by KonstantineGiotis. The doctors at DHI have more than 2 decades of experience in hair transplant surgeries. DHI are also renowned for FUE hair transplant in Glasgow. Here at the DHI, you can get the lowest price compared to other hair

transplant Glasgow costs. They claim to produce high quality treatment, ensuring safety and perfect results.To know more fill up the enquiry form.

15 Royal Crescent,Glasgow, G3 7SL
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4. FUE clinics Glasgow

FUE clinics Glasgow

As the name of the clinic says, the FUE clinics in Glasgow are one of the best centre for FUE hair transplant UK. If you have male pattern baldness and aren’t sure which clinic to choose, then you can definitely consider FUE clinics as they provide best possible Hair transplant surgeries with desired results and

also take proper care even after your surgery. The cost of the treatment is also affordable when you compare other clinics for hair transplant Glasgow prices.To know more fill up the enquiry form.

St Enoch Sqaure, Glasgow, Scotland, G1 4DB.

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5. Capital Clinic

Capital Clinic

At Capital Clinics, the surgeons have an experience of more than 25 years. This is one on most important reason why you should choose quality over price, because the quality of the treatment should not be compromised. This is the main motto of Capital Clinic, which is considered as best hair transplant clinic UK by their large number of Satisfied Patients.To know more fill up the enquiry form.

26 Wilson Street, Glasgow, G1 1SS
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Hair Transplant Manchester

Manchester is world famous and one of the major cities in England. With vast industrial estates present, the revenue of the city is blooming too. Since Manchester is widely popular around the world, it has become the medical hub for hair transplant UK. Due to the climate and pollution in the air because of numerous industries in Manchester, people tend to get hair fall at a relatively younger age, thus there is an increase in demand for hair restoration clinics in Manchester.

we are listed few of the best clinics for hair transplant Manchester.

1. Farjo Hair Institute

Farjo Hair Institute

Farjo Hair Institute is an award winning Hair Transplant brand. They are regarded as the specialist of hair transplant in Manchester. The cost is on the higher side as the quality of the treatment is at the top notch and considered value for money by many of their clients. You can also choose Farjo clinics

because they offer best hair transplant Manchester cost. To know more fill up the enquiry form.

70 Quay St, Manchester M3 3EJ, UK
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2. Hair Repair clinic

Hair Repair clinic

The hair repair clinic offers quality hair transplant UK, they have server many patients including people around the world. They have other branches in London, Glasgow, Nottingham and Sheffield. The surgeons have more than a decade of experience in the field of hair transplant. You should consider

hair repair clinic surely if you plan for FUE Hair transplant Manchester.To know more fill up the enquiry form.

57 Harley St, W1G 8QS, UK
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3. Crown clinic

Crown clinic

Crown Clinics are United Kingdom’s leading brand in hair restoration. They also provide eyebrow and eyelash transplant too. They are considered as best hair transplant clinic Manchester. Dr. Shahmalak is the head of the crown clinic Manchester, and carries out majority of the hair transplant surgeries.To know more fill up the enquiry form.

Ground Floor, Global House, 16 Bailey Lane, Manchester Airport,M90 4AB, UK.
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4. MHR Clinic | Medical Hair Restoration & Transplants

MHR Clinic | Medical Hair Restoration & Transplants

The medical Hair restoration clinics are one of the oldest yet equipped with advance facilities and machinery. They have more than 40 years of experience in the field of hair transplant UK. If you decide to undergo hair transplant treatment at MHR clinic, I bet you won’t be regretting it. Many celebrities have

chosen MHR for hair restoration; some of them include the likes of England cricketer Michael Lumb , footballers likes Jose Enrique and Ryan Giggs, leading football referee Mark Clattenburg and more. The quality of the treatment is the first priority of MHR and thus regarded as the best clinic for Hair transplant Manchester.To know more fill up the enquiry form.

2 Cherry Tree Farm, Cherry Tree Lane, Rostherne, Knutsford, WA14 3RZ, uk

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5. Vinci Hair Clinic

Vinci Hair Clinic

The Vinci clinics are famous for Men and female pattern baldness treatments. Their clinics have great ambience and make you fell just as if you are at home. The surgeons are highly qualified and well experienced to perform any type of hair transplants. The Vinci brand has been featured on many TV channels and other newsletters. To know more fill up the enquiry form.

TV channels and other newsletters. To know more fill up the enquiry form.

49 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2AP, UK
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Hair Transplant Birmingham

Birmingham is a metro city in the west midlands of England. FUE clinics are the most preferred choice for hair transplant UK. Birmingham is the hub for hair restoration as it covers the entire Midlands. Birmingham is one such place where you find best hair transplant clinic UK. Below are some of the trusted hair transplant clinics Birmingham.

1. Este world Medical Group Birmingham

Este world Medical Group Birmingham

Although recognized mainly for Plastic and cosmetic surgeries, the este world clinics also have experienced hair transplant surgeons UK who are dedicated in providing best medical facilities and care for their clients. The este world clinics have served more than 2000 patients worldwide, many people from

different countries such as Afghanistan, Mexico, Spain and many others. You can get different types of hair transplant methods which include surgical or non-surgical. To know more fill up the enquiry form.

9 Portland Road First Floor, Birmingham B16 9HN, United Kingdom.
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2. Skin and Follicle Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Clinic

Skin and Follicle Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Clinic

Skin and follicle clinic in Birmingham are known for their non-surgical hair transplant techniques. The clinic offers the most state of art facilities which makes you comfortable and feel just like your own home. It is the only clinic who provide robotic hair transplant in Birmingham. To know more fill up the enquiry form.

214D Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16, UK
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3. Elite Hair Restoration

Elite Hair Restoration

The elite Hair restoration centers claim to be the best for hair transplant in UK. Their clinics are spread nationwide. The EHR have highly qualified ISHRD surgeons who also have experience in non-surgical treatments. They serve people from all age groups; most patients with male pattern baldness or

female pattern baldness choose EHR centers. To know more fill up the enquiry form.

Cornwall Buildings, 45 Newhall Street, Birmingham B3 3QR, United Kingdom
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4. HIS Hair Clinic

HIS Hair Clinic

The HIS Hair restoration clinics are well known for FUE hair transplant treatment in Birmingham. The medical team of HIS hair clinics is well qualified and has an experience of over two decades. Many people over there in England choose HIS as the treatment is of high quality. The hair transplant cost is higher

but the final result of the treatment is worth the cost. To know more fill up the enquiry form.

Branston Court, Branston St, Birmingham B18 6BA, UK

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5. Optima Hair Specialist LTD

Optima Hair Specialist LTD

The Optima Hair specialists are based in the heart of Birmingham city. They are the experts in restoration of lost hair. You can choose from a wide range of treatment methods such as FUE, FUT hair transplant techniques. One of the best clinics in regards for hair transplant cost UK. You can get

various discounts at optima hair specialists LTD. To know more fill up the enquiry form.

26 Highfield Rd, Birmingham B15 3DP, UK.
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Hair Transplant Liverpool

Choosing the best hair transplant clinic in Liverpool for the desired result is the first step towards hair transplant Liverpool. Below are top 2 UK hair transplant clinic listed which have experts to help you get a natural look.

1. Liverpool Skin Clinic and Hair Transplant Centre

Liverpool Skin Clinic and Hair Transplant Centre

LSC hair transplant clinic is famous for FUE hair transplant treatment; their staff includes highly skilled and trained doctors. Even after your hair transplant the LSC clinics will take care of you. They provide different types of treatment techniques such as stem cell therapy, eyebrow transplant, FUE

hair transplant and other cosmetic surgeries. To know more fill up the enquiry form.

203-205 Rose Lane,Mossley Hill, Liverpool L18 5EA, United Kingdom.
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2. Nu Cosmetic Clinic

Nu Cosmetic Clinic

Although the name says cosmetic clinic, the NU Clinics provide the best hair transplant UK. The level of care provided by them is of high standard and very pleasing. Many people from England visit NU clinics for their quality of the treatment. You can visit for free consultation by filling up the enquiry form below.

40 Rodney St, Liverpool L1 9AA, UK
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How much does a hair transplant cost UK?

The most important factor to ponder about is the Hair transplant cost UK.

Hair Transplant Cost UK

So how much is the cost of hair transplant UK?

The average cost of hair transplant UK ranges between £ 1,000 to £ 30,000. Cost is a major factor to be considered as the charges are based on a few parameters, such as how many grafts need to be extracted and implanted, how much time is needed and who is performing the surgery. However, as a guideline for best hair transplant UK, to give you a fair idea of the charges as per grafts then you could expect to pay anywhere between £3,000 – £7,000 for 500/1,200 grafts and £6,000 – £9,000 for 1,200/2,880 grafts.

Hair transplant cost UK depends on four factors,

  • Stage of baldness.
  • The type of procedure.
  • Grafts to be implanted.
  • The clinic you choose for the treatment.

There are clinics to suit everyone’s pocket. There are some clinics where nurses operate the surgery to keep the costs down whereas there are other clinics which charge high amount but they give quality surgery under the presence of an expert. Hair transplant cost UK is comparatively expensive but offers quality treatment. We all agree that quality matters. Hair transplant cost UK really bothers your pocket than you can go for hair transplant Dubai, a good option to consider which provides quality treatment.

FUE 45 / graft FUE 3$ / graft FUE 6€ / graft FUE 10 AED/ graft FUE S$6 /graft
FUT 50 / graft FUT 5$ / graft FUT 10€ / graft FUT 15 AED/ graft FUT S$10 /graft

Types of hair transplant in UK

There are two different types of hair transplant procedures

  • FUT
  • FUE

1. FUT treatment :

Follicular unit transplantation is a traditional hair transplant procedure which involves transplantation from the donor area {back or side of the scalp} and moved to the affected area {bald surface}.

During the procedure, Patient is anesthetized and strip from the back of the scalp is extracted. Then, the strip is cut into separate follicular grafts. Surgeon makes tiny holes in the scalp and the follicular individual grafts are placed.

FUT treatment

Advantages of FUT:
The major benefit of FUT, It helps to transplant large number of follicle units say for 4,000 grafts in just one session whereas FUE treatment allow only about 2,000 grafts in a particular session.

Disadvantages of FUT :

  • FUT treatment leaves behind a linear scar at the donor area.
  • It takes a long duration to heal the scalp as it involves stitches in surgery.

Another hair transplant treatment is FUE which is most lovable transplant procedure

2. Follicular Unit Extraction :

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE is the most preferred choice of hair transplant patient. FUE hair transplant UK consumes less time to heal as compare to FUT surgery. Most attractive thing of this treatment is the scars of the surgery are almost invisible to the naked eye.

Individual hair follicles are extracted from the back and side of the scalp and extracted follicles are implanted as grafts on the bald area.

Advantages of FUE

  1. In FUE treatment, you won’t get linear scar after the surgery.
  2. It gives a natural look to the hair.
  3. It recovers quickly.
  4. It involves less amount of pain.
  5. Advantages clearly reflect FUE hair transplant cost UK.

Disadvantages of FUE
It is costly as compared to FUT process as every graft is extracted individually which involves time and efforts of the surgeon.

3. PRP treatment at early stage of hair loss :

PRP – PRP stands for “Platelet - Rich Plasma”. It is sourced from your own blood supply. In your blood, you have – Red cells, White cells, Platelets and Plasma.

  • Red blood cells carry oxygen through to our cells.
  • White blood cells, fight disease and infection throughout the body.
  • Platelets repair damaged or injured cells via growth factors.
  • Plasma carries nutrients, vitamins, etc

PRP is a concentration of healing platelets and nutrient rich plasma.

When you experience hair loss + thinning – Your hair follicles are starved of blood supply.

A reduction in blood supply causes hair follicles to grow a weaker strand of hair. To prevent hair loss, you have various options, such as

  1. Reduce DTH levels in the body – Using prescriptions drugs and pills every day.
  2. Reduce the damage that DTH creates, by restoring blood supply to the follicle

Now, the question pops up: How to boost blood supply to your scalp?
Options you are blessed with,

  1. Drugs and Chemicals prescribed by the expert.
  2. Laser therapy which supply blood to the scalp.
  3. Massage of Derma Needling – Encourages blood flow to the area
  4. PRP injections – No daily drugs, No daily chemicals, No Lasers

PRP treatments directly deliver enriched blood supply to your hair follicles. PRP is made from your blood supply, the red and white cells are removed creating PRP.

PRP Treatment

Procedure of PRP is explained through the following diagram

PRP Procedure

  • PRP requires 1 x 60 minute treatment every 2 – 3 months.
  • PRP is done only at the early stage of hair loss.

How long does a hair transplant last?

Hair transplant is a permanent surgery to restore the lost hair. As we know that generally no human being can have hair fall from their back side of the scalp. This is why, the hair of the back side are permanent (they are hormone independent). In hair transplant process, hair grafts from the back side are taken and planted in your bald surface, which retain their nature.

It clearly states, the new hair which comes out from the planted roots, also are permanent in nature.

What is the difference between FUT and FUE hair transplant Treatment?

Differecne between FUT & FUE

FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation is also known as strip procedure. You don’t need to shave your head for the procedure. A donor strip is cut from the back of the head. It leaves a linear scar. It costs less.

FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction requires the patient to shave their head. Small grafts of 1-3 hairs are removed with a FUE needle.

FUE hair transplant UK does not produce a linear scar. An experienced surgeon can do 1500+ grafts in a day. It’s a low pain surgery with amazing results.

Whom should I trust for best hair transplant UK?

To help you out with this, we have listed some of the best hair transplant clinics UKwith the choice of multiple cities in UK.UK hair transplant clinic is famous for its quality service which makes them stand out of the clutter. Along with the quality, cost matters to everyone. So, Hair transplant UK prices are worth to the treatment.

What are the components that influence hair transplant cost UK?

  • Nation
  • Hair transplant cost UK is relatively less affordable than other countries. You must be surprised why is it so? Equipment, permitting, leasing a centre, pay rates and wages to the staff and work support and cost of different utilities are comparatively different in each country, which are straightforwardly associated with running the facilities and clinics over the world which significantly influence Hair transplant cost UK

  • Increase in demand for the hair transplant
  • Need among the population often creates demand. Having said that, the need of hair transplant over the world is increasing every year. As the world is driving toward modernization so does the interest for the hair transplantation for the general population to look great is likewise increasing.

  • Master Surgeon
  • Higher the amount of experience the specialists have, higher are the expenses and transplantation costs extracted from the clients. The well experienced specialists have high conference expenses all over the world. Experience and popularity of the surgeon plays an important role in hair transplant cost UK

  • Hair Transplantation Clinics
  • Big fame clinic services are more expensive as compared to the other less popular clinics. The moderateness of the healing centers and facilities may rely upon the quantity of tasks they perform every day.

  • The group
  • Each specialist is encompassed by a talented group which helps the specialist to carry out hair transplantation procedure. To maintain the run of highly skilled and experienced team the cost for the surgery also becomes expensive and less affordable.

  • Latest Technique
  • In the present world, the health care industry is innovation driven and the treatment is reliant on the techniques that are being utilized. In a lot many countries, the treatment is performed via robots which adds to the value factor of the surgery.

  • Package
  • Medical field enterprises are presently encouraging the treatment with the option of airport pick up, accommodation facility and follow up examination bundled in a complete package.

  • The Ensured Success Rate
  • Popular healing centers have higher achievement rate and offer desired hair transplant result, these clinics charge for their quality service and brand esteem they have made throughout the years.

Post-transplantation care

  • Do not rinse your hair at least for 24 hrs after the surgery.
  • Avoid sun exposure.
  • Go for only prescribed shampoo.
  • Ask an expert for sprays and cream to deal with the itching scalp.

Frequently Asked Questions

People who suffer from severe hair loss are the eligible candidates for the hair transplant surgery. Both men and women can go for the hair restoration.

Hair transplant surgeons suggest, if you are prone to get scars then you should avoid having hair transplant.

Hair transplant can be done to the person of age above 21, according to surgeons, suitable age to get hair transplant is around 30.

Hair transplant does not hurt because you will be given a local anesthesia before the surgery to prevent the pain.

  1. If you have allergy from any drug or taking any medication, inform your doctor in advance.
  2. No smoking, no alcohol, no multi-vitamin, no blood thinners tablet 8 days before surgery.
  3. Some patients are using monoxide to control hair fall. Stop its use at least 2–3 weeks before the procedure.

Blood test is a must before the surgery to know the health status of the hair transplant patient.

To be very frank, you won’t get instant result. According to best hair transplant surgeon UK, it takes around 9 – 12 months to see the desired result.

Desired Result After Hair Transplant

We have tried to explain side effects through pictorial representation to clarify the information.
Side effects such as Hair shedding, Bleeding, Infections, Pain, Itching, Swelling, Numbness, Bruising around the eyes, Scarring, Hair thinning, Bald patches Cysts and Hiccups can be experienced after the hair transplant surgery.

Before going for the surgery, you must have an idea of what could go wrong in a hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant is a safe surgery but still involves a small amount of risk such as excessive bleeding, infection, an allergic reaction to the anesthesia.

- Keep your surgeon in touch.
- Visit clinic without panicking.

- Get a confirmed appointment by just filling the required details above.
- You will be assisted by calls from Clinicspots.
- Our responsible team will make sure that you don’t face any issue right from the doctor appointment to the end of the treatment.

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