What is the Liposuction Cost in India?

On this page, you will get detailed information about liposuction cost in India.

By Pankaj Kamble

Updated on 31st, Mar'20

The cost of Liposuction in India is affordable when compared to countries like UK, USA, Singapore, Germany etc. where the surgery costs go up to 8500$. In India factors like the low cost of living, experienced doctors, affordable costs contribute to the country being a popular choice for surgeries.

Sr. No.Countries that provide liposuction treatmentAverage Amount (in $)

Looking at the table above, you can conclude that liposuction cost in India is very affordable and economical even after giving high-end facilities.


The Liposuction cost in India is between $620 to $2500 which depends on the area of treatment and bulks of fats to be removed and the rates of liposuction treatment in India is comparatively very cheap and economical when compared to other countries.


In India, there are many cities that provide Liposuction; Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur etc. are some of the most preferred cities for undergoing treatments. You must be thing how much does liposuction surgery cost, below is the answer. 


The cost of the liposuction treatment is the above-mentioned cities in India is as follows:

Sr. No.Cities in India for Liposuction TreatmentMinimum amount of the liposuction treatment (in $)Maximum amount of liposuction treatment (in $)


If you are planning to undergo liposuction treatment in India then we even have a range of cost comparison between the high-end clinics and low-end clinic of liposuction in India.


However, the cost of the liposuction treatment is not the exact amount. But it will surely give you the rough estimated cost of the liposuction treatment in India. And the cost of liposuction treatment will basically depend upon the amount of fat that is to be removed from the body, surgeon's fees, the location of the clinic etc.


However, there are a number of factors that determine the cost of liposuction treatment. Factors like:

  • How many areas are supposed to be treated at one single time?
  • Which technique is undertaken to undergo liposuction treatment?
  • Anesthesia cost
  • Surgeon's fees
  • Operation room charges, if any
  • Lab fees
  • Service tax
  • Compression garments, etc.

To give you a glimpse about the cost of liposuction treatment in India, below are the details about the clinics or hospitals that provide liposuction treatment in India at the High-end and low-end clinics across various cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad etc.


Approximate Liposuction cost in India in High-end clinics

High-end clinic/hospitals in India will provide you high-quality treatment with some extra facilities like Pick up and drop services depending upon the location to the clinic, usage of advanced equipment's for the surgeries, EMI facility to pay for your treatment etc. You can see the areas in which liposuction treatment can be done for men and women and compare the cost in the table given below.


Below is the list of areas where liposuction can be performed along with the cost in India at high-end clinics/hospitals:

Areas of Liposuction treatmentEstimated Cost of liposuction in High-End clinics of India (in $)
Liposuction (Neck)$545
Liposuction (Arm)$625
Liposuction (Chin, Cheeks)$859
Liposuction (Breast)$935
Liposuction (Buttocks)$1565
Liposuction (Thighs)$2030
Liposuction (Abdomen)$2655


Approximate Liposuction cost in India in Low-end clinic/hospitals:

Do not get confused that the low-end clinics in India will not provide you the quality treatment. Let me tell you, the quality of the treatment will be at par with high-end clinics in India. The only difference is that the low-end clinics won't provide you the extra facilities like pick-up and drop service, EMI facility etc. nothing else will be compromised on the quality of the treatment. In the below table, you can see the cost of Liposuction treatment in the low-end clinics in India:

Areas of Liposuction treatmentEstimated Cost of liposuction in Low-End clinics of India (in $)
Liposuction (Neck)$343
Liposuction (Arm)$468
Liposuction (Chin, Cheeks)$625
Liposuction (Breast)$625
Liposuction (Buttocks)$1250
Liposuction (Thighs)$1720
Liposuction (Abdomen)$1875

By analyzing the table, you can see that the overall cost of liposuction treatment in India is not only economical, it is also on providing you with best quality treatment. As per your convenience, you can choose the city in India for your liposuction treatment.


Let me tell you, the clinics/hospitals that provide the best liposuction in India are also well equipped and established with:

  • Developed medical facilities
  • Good amount of space for patients to rest
  • Advanced and latest equipment's and techniques for the treatment

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