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Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai

We live in an age where everyone is connected with the help of social media and looking presentable has become a compulsion especially in urban areas because of which plastic surgeon in Mumbai are in great demand.

Plastic surgery is a vast field of medicine that incorporates reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery. Here, the doctor not only repairs and reconstructs physical defects but also provides aesthetic surgery to remove or improve the shortcomings related to your physical appearance.

There is no doubt that Mumbai is the best city when it comes to medical treatment. It has top class hospitals and clinics and the best medical practitioners.

The residents of Mumbai are very progressive and in sync with the world in terms of fashion and lifestyle. They are savvy, modern and in tune with the latest developments.

It has been noted that they are very open to the idea of consulting the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai for finding the best solution to rectify their defects.

The services offered by the top plastic surgeons in Mumbai are:

  • Skin grafts for burn victims
  • Treatment for cleft palate and lip
  • Cancer reconstruction
  • A bone fixation and tissue repair for maxillofacial and hand trauma
  • Surgical cosmetic surgery such as scar revision, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or reduction, facelift and liposuction
  • Non-surgical cosmetic surgeries include chemical peels, Botox injections and laser resurfacing


  1. What is the role of a plastic surgeon?
    As mentioned earlier, a plastic surgeon not only provides cosmetic procedures but also specializes in reconstructive techniques. 
    Many plastic surgeons specialize in reconstructive surgery where they provide treatment to people who have damaged their skin, muscles and bone due to injury, accident or illness. They treat people with defects such as circumstantial or congenital deformity. 
    Their work involves rebuilding the patient's face or bones so that they regain their natural appearance or help restore the functions of the body part.
    Others are cosmetic plastic surgeons who help maintain or regain the aesthetic beauty of a person. They offer treatments which help to enhance your outer appearance.
  2. Is plastic surgery a costly procedure?
    It depends on the type of treatment you are opting for. But on the whole, plastic surgery in Mumbai cost is highly competitive and you can avail the best treatment at very nominal rates. You can get the best deal for plastic surgery costs in Mumbai for the face.
    The cost of the treatment greatly depends on the experience and popularity of the plastic surgeon in Mumbai and the location.
    Beware of low-cost plastic surgery in Mumbai as the clinics are not registered and the infrastructure is also poor where they pay little attention to your safety.
  3. Are plastic surgeons in Mumbai the best in the country?
    You see, Mumbai the financial capital of India attracts the best doctors and surgeons including plastic surgeons as they get a great opportunity here. The plastic surgeon in Mumbai caters to celebrity clientele which comprises of actors and models. Also, Mumbai being a world city has a lot of expatriate living here and there is a high influx of international tourists who are open to the idea of having cosmetic treatments while visiting this wonderful city. 
    Apart from this, the plastic surgeons here are excellent in their field having vast knowledge and know about of all the procedures while maintaining the privacy of the patients.

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