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100% Privacy Protection

100% Privacy Protection

We maintain your privacy and data confidentiality.

Verified Doctors

Verified Doctors

All Doctors go through a stringent verification process.

Quick Response

Quick Response

All Doctors go through a stringent verification process.

Reduce Clinic Visits

Reduce Clinic Visits

Save your time and money from the hassle of visits.

We are ClinicSpots

ClinicSpots is a comprehensive medical platform that connects the best medical facilities and doctors in India with patients worldwide. We enable patients to look search, compare, and arrange medical treatments with reputable facilities. We collaborate with several reputable hospitals in India, allowing us to give the best healthcare services and cater to patients in every niche.

What We do?

We at ClinicSpots avail medical tourism service for patients around the world. Providing patients with medical counseling to hospital assistance, we complete every procedure for our patients. We are also a recognised platform where patients can get their medical questions answered by medical professionals.

Our Mission

We at ClinicSpots want to help humankind live healthier and longer. Our mission is Innovation and Convenience rolled into one in the healthcare field. Our vision is to make healthcare accessible to everyone. Our Core values are convenience, quality care, and privacy for all the patients that come to us for medical assistance.

Our Leaders

Pankaj Srivastava

Founder & CEO

Mayuri Bhagat


Prerna Srivastava

Director HR

Vishaka Goyal

Sales Head

Our Team

Supriya Joshua

Accounts Head

Sonam Kalekar

Advertisement Head

Pankaj Kamble

SEO Lead

Prabhsharan Singh

Tech Lead

Ezaz Rehman

Growth Manager

Priyanka Dutta

Content Head







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Our Associations

Our Advisors

Sandeep Nayak

Director of surgical oncology Fortis

Amit Maloo

Startup advidor & Investor

Harikiran Chekuri

Startup Advisor

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