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10 Best Hospitals in Istanbul - Updated 2023

Looking for the best hospital in Istanbul? Here is a compact list for you of the 10 Best Hospitals in Istanbul.

  • Cancer
  • Orthopedic
  • Neurology
  • Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery
  • Nephrologyy
  • Hair Transplant Procedure
  • Gynecologyy
By Arya Kamat 15th Jan '22 6th July '23
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Here are the top 10 list of hospitals in Istanbul

In recent years, medical and health tourism has experienced rapid growth across a wide range of worldwide markets. Istanbul is listed as one of the best cities in the world for healthcare quality due to the availability of numerous motivating factors, including an advanced health care system, the involvement of the best doctors and specialists, being a top tourist attraction city on a global scale, and having the essential tourist attractions, archaeological sites, and museums. Istanbul is also an excellent destination for health tourism.

The fact that hospitals in Istanbul and the healthcare system are well-known throughout the world is due to their practicality. When it comes to medical and health tourism in Turkey, Istanbul's hospitals are the most popular destinations, especially for those travelling from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Surgeries and the Cost of treatments in Istanbul are extremely affordable when compared to other world-famous destinations. So apart from low prices, Istanbul is a popular medical and health tourism destination due to its all-inclusive quality services and over 300 modern and high-quality hospitals with excellent doctors and staff.

If you are traveling or already live in Istanbul and require medical advice from one of the city's hospitals, we have below created a top list of hospitals in Istanbul for you. All of the hospitals listed below have been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI).

Before we take you through some of the most prominent clinics in istanbul, you can also visit our page on leading Turkish doctors.


1. Memorial hospital Istanbul (Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital)

Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital, one of the world's largest health care centers, offers an exceptional viewpoint on healthcare. Memorial Bahcelievler has accomplished its aim of providing ethical and high-quality care services at worldwide standards by adhering to the principles of humanism and environment protection, the hospitality approach that brings the future into the modern-day.

  • Outstanding technology, well-known academic staff, patient-centered service understanding, the healing power of art, and modern architectural designs
  • Total of 72,000 meter square area, as well as diagnostic and treatment units outfitted with cutting-edge technology
  • 15 operating theatres, 231 inpatient rooms, 49 intensive care units, 31 perception beds, and 340 beds withhold regions


2. Avicenna Hospital Istanbul


Avicenna Hospital, Atasehir, founded in 1998, is one of the most well-known medical centers for providing affordable, high-quality healthcare services to patients all over the world. Avicenna is a top-rated private Istanbul hospital.

  • The hospital, which is spread over 10,000 square meters, has a capacity of 100 beds and 4 operating rooms.
  • With 44 healthcare experts in various medical fields, the hospital promises to provide global healthcare services.


3. Medicana Hospital

Medicana Bahcelievler hospital was established in the year 2004 and is one of the best hospitals in Istanbul. Medicana International Istanbul Hospital serves a critical demand in Istanbul and surrounding cities by being the only hospital that provides advanced cancer treatment.

  • There are 14 beds in the medical and surgical intensive care units, 13 beds in the cardiovascular critical care units, 7 incubators in the neonatal intensive care unit, and 7 beds in the coronary intensive care unit.
  • The hospital employs 24/7 interpreters in English, Russian, Arabic, Kurdish, and Somali.


4. Medipol Hospital Istanbul

Medipol University Hospital is one of the biggest private hospitals in Istanbul, in terms of service quality. The hospital is a health complex comprised of four centres they are General, Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology, and Dental. The Hospital is well-known for its cutting-edge technology systems, and instruments.

  • The hospital has a capacity of 470 beds, including 133 intensive care beds outfitted with cutting-edge technology and systems.
  • The hospital has 25 operating rooms  equipped with laminar airflow and HEPA-filtered ventilation.


5. Liv hospital Istanbul

Liv Hospital (Leading International Vision) has pioneered dependable and high-quality healthcare services with innovative technology and a focus on customised treatment.

  • Liv Hospital Ulus in Istanbul takes a patient-centered approach to provide patients with superior clinical treatment.
  • Capacity of 154 beds8 operating rooms, and 50 clinics, the hospitals provide a comprehensive variety of health care services in all major medical specialties.
  • The cost of Liv hospital is reasonable with other hospitals, and the hospital's primary mission is to provide a healing environment for patients.


6. KOC hospital Istanbul

Koc University Hospital opened as a training and research facility in September 2014. The hospital has proven itself as one of the best for cancer treatment in Istanbul with the successful completion phase of the Health Sciences Campus.

  • 404 single inpatient rooms, 73 intensive care units, 13 surgery rooms, and 14 interventions rooms are available.
  • The hospital is always equipped with everything necessary to perform organ transplantation successfully, including the provision of kidney, liver, and pancreas transplants.


7. Anadolu Hospital

Anadolu Medical Center is a not-for-profit organisation located in southern Istanbul, away from the city's hustle and bustle. Initiated on the model of the best hospital of Istanbul. The Anadolu hospital began as a specialised cancer centre before evolving into a multidisciplinary facility that is now a world leader in cancer treatment and bone marrow transplantation.

  • Anadolu Medical Center is the global leader in oncology therapies and bone marrow transplantation in Turkey, andone of Europe's finest centres.
  • Includes 201 beds and cutting-edge technologies such as IMRT and Cyberknife


8. American Hospital Istanbul

American Hospital is a super specialty hospital that covers the majority of specialties, including cardiology, dermatology, ENT surgery, gastroenterology, and many more. It is well-known for its IVF treatments.The American hospital Istanbul cost is affordable and reasonable.

  • Each year, almost 120,000 outpatients and 20,000 in patients are treated. Each year, almost 10,000 surgeries are performed.
  • Hospital has 200 beds, 62 intensive care units, and 12 surgical rooms.


9. Cevre Hospital Istanbul


Cevre Hospital is a private hospital in Istanbul that specializes in aesthetic operations, bariatric surgeries, dermatology, urology, general surgery, and infertility, among other specializations.The hospital's rooms are all private and comfortable.

  • Each year, Cevre Hospital treats more than 500 international patients.
  • The hospital has a staff of 25 doctors and capacity of 76 beds.


10. Acibadem Istanbul Hospital


Acibadem Bakirkoy Hospital, the first hospital of the Acbadem Healthcare Group on Istanbul's European side, opened in 2000.

  • The hospital equipped with 102 beds.
  • Specially constructed delivery rooms (LDRP) accommodate all post-partum demands at Acibadem Bakirköy Hospital and may simply be converted into fully equipped delivery rooms.
  • 7 operating theatres
  • There are 27 intensive care beds on-site, as well as a heliport for emergency transfers.


11. Kolan International Hospital Istanbul


Kolan International Hospital, Istanbul is a unit of the Kolan Health Group and is situated at the heart of the Istanbul. A total of more than 3,300 employees are employed by the Kolan group.

  • Each year, the team treats more than one million patients. It had 174 beds, six operating rooms and a 58-bed intensive care unit.
  • International patients  are assisted by a dedicated team with hotel reservations, airport pickup and drop-off, and visa assistance, among other services.


12. Florence Nightingale Istanbul Hospital


Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital, Turkey's first green hospital, opened its doors in 2013 as the country's first green hospital. Florence Nightingale Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Istanbul. It has been at the forefront of the healthcare business. 

  • The Nightingale Hospital contains 219 patient beds, 51 critical care beds, 11 operating rooms, all of which are equipped with laminar airflow, and two delivery rooms, among other amenities.
  • To facilitate interactive medical education and scientific activities, all operation rooms can be connected to a 300-seat conference room as well as international hubs via audio-visual technology.
  • An EOS gadget – which was launched for the first time in Turkey – is among the latest equipment that has been installed in this structure.


13. Medicana International Istanbul Hospital


Medicana International Istanbul Hospital takes a patient-centered approach and has met the WHO and UNICEF Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative requirements (BFHI). It is largely viewed as one of the best IVF treatment in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • The hospital contains 8 operating rooms and 26 observation beds, as well as 17 internal and surgical critical care, 9 KVC critical care units, and five coronary intensive care beds.
  • The hospital has 10 incubators and newborn critical care units.
  • To ensure patient comfort, the hospital offers a variety of accommodations, including CIP, VIP, and basic patient rooms.


14. Emsey hospital


Emsey Hospital is a general hospital with excellent technological resources and treatment choices in all therapeutic fields of medicine, including Basic Medicine, Surgical Medicine, and Internal Medicine. Emsey Hospital, as one of the world's best healthcare institutions, is equipped with cutting-edge medical technology.

  • Capacity of 254 beds, nine operating theatres, three delivery rooms, water births facilities, helipad, and a 10,500-square-meter for parking.
  • The hospital is well-known for its cancer therapy, cardiac surgery, gynecology, in vitro fertilization, and obesity surgery, among other specialties.


15. Hisar Intercontinental Hospital

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital is one of Istanbul's most prestigious private medical centres. Hisar is a multifunctional hospital equipped with all the utilization of modern medicine: cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment technologies are available.

  • The hospital is equipped with world-class infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies, and a heliport for domestic and international patient transfers.
  • The hospital is equipped with 170 inpatient beds, 36 critical care beds and 7 operative rooms capable of performing a variety of specialist procedures.


These are the top hospitals in Istanbul. The large majority of medical tourists travel to Istanbul and Turkey for dental care, cancer therapy, optical care, and a variety of other procedures and treatments. Among these, hair transplant in Istanbul and cosmetics has recently risen to prominence as a global trend. The primary reasons are the high quality of service at extremely low pricing, the world-class clinics equipped with the newest technology and economical healthcare. Generally, the cost of treatment in Istanbul, both in public and private hospitals, is significantly lower than in many other nations. 

Turkey was ranked among the top 10 medical tourism destinations in the world last year. Numerous health centers in Istanbul have developed into industry leaders in their respective areas. As with numerous other world-class cities, Istanbul is a known center for cosmetic and aesthetic surgery clinics and plastic surgeons. In recent years, plastic surgery in Istanbul has grown at a fast pace on global markets. Istanbul is an excellent choice due to its low prices, excellent service, world-class facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology, and high-quality, inexpensive healthcare.

Istanbul has served as and continues to serve as a gateway between East and West since ancient times. It is renowned for its warmth and its people's welcome. According to professionals, Istanbul offers a high level of quality and a competitive price for medical tourism and officials are counting on the sector's profits to grow every year.

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