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Liv Hospital


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Since it was founded in 1993, the medical park has become one of the most exceptional and opulent things that people of eminence admire as the best hospital. It is divided into several multi-groups and managed by multi-specialty hospitals.

 The medical park group is being included under any number of different methods at this exact moment, and it is stated that it is the one that promotes a safer and equally healthy way of life. 

Although people in modern society do not generally live better lives, being healthy makes the body more stable in various situations. 

An international commission has jointly accredited the hospital. People in Istanbul receive treatments using the enormously expensive variety of treatments available there.

The medical park includes a variety of multi-services as a key component of providing patients with the best possible care. As there are several highly advanced multi-purpose machines involved in treating patients, it creates a very remarkable impact on the organization. 

There are the following listed treatments involved: 

  1. Cardiology & CVS center is part of the core area at medical park group Istanbul, turkey, as CVS cardiovascular surgery is a vital operation with advanced technology.
  2. Nuclear medicine
  3. Obesity bariatric medicine
  4. Rhinoplasty en Turquie.
  5. Neurology neurosciences.
  6. Oncology
  7. Fertility & IVF treatment
  8. Bone marrow transplant center
  9. Organ transplant center.
  10. Stroke center


Ulus Mahallesi, Canan Sk., Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey, Istanbul 34340, 44km away from hospital

Doctors in Liv Hospital

Dr. Makbule Eren

Dr. Makbule Eren

Liver Transplant

Dr. Leyla Kandur

Dr. Leyla Kandur




FLAT OFS _ HAL/ defterdar ortakçlar Caddesi, No: 78 Eyüb/Istanbul 34050 stanbul/Istanbul.


The largest group hospital in Turkey, Medical Park Hospitals Group, which became a Turkish business hospital in 1993, provides healthcare services in 28 hospitals across 17 cities.

Know More

  • To construct the work in a very effective way as getting the primary source of treatments, the center important location where the medical park is kept in a very particularly highly advanced method.
  • Other locations in the medical group park have been kept up as essential components of the workplace.
  • Because of their superior level of technological productivity and quality, they offer contemporary multi-specialty treatments.
  • Modern facilities include opulent suites that are outfitted with modern technology.
  • It has 27 separate hospitals and was named first for the best organ transplant for the third time, doing more than 600 transplants annually, or one-fifth of all kidney transplants.

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